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What happens when I miss a payment?

Missing a loan or credit card payment will leave a negative mark on your repayment history. This data will be tracked by the credit bureaus and have it displayed on your profile for up to 12 months. Banks will refer to this information when considering approving your new credit facility. Having a record of irregular and missing payments in the past can hurt your overall credit score, thus slimming your chances of approval.

How to regain control over my finances?

Inability to follow through with your monthly payments can be linked to socioeconomic reasons such as being laid off work, salary cut, sudden illnesses or accident that keeps you away from work. If you are looking to recover from a financial setback and improve your credit health, myRinggitHealth will help you create a personal financial recovery plan that is tailored to your priorities and goals.

Is it easier to plan financial recovery with myRinggitHealth?

Your journey to financial recovery with myRinggitHealth will be smooth sailing compared to other subscription-based tools as this digital financial manager is FREE of charge, provides a comprehensive report of your credit history, gives step-by-step tips to tackle your financial stress, and recommends specific financial products that best fit your needs. Plan your financial recovery and get your personal finances back on track today.

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