Affin Bank

Affin Bank FD Plus

A fixed deposit account pegged to KLIBOR. Enjor higher interest rates by simply parking RM10000 into your account and RM1000 in CASA accounts.

  • You DepositDeposit PeriodEffective Interest Rate
    more than RM100001 month3.19% p.a.
    more than RM100003 months3.36% p.a.
    more than RM100006 months3.48% p.a.
    more than RM100009 months3.55% p.a.
    more than RM1000012 months3.61% p.a.

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

There are no fees associated with this product.


Are you eligible for this Affin Bank FD Plus?

Current Account required
Savings Account required

Frequently Asked Questions about Affin Bank FD Plus

Things you might want to know

Start your saving plan on the right foot with a high interest earning Fixed Deposit by Affin Bank. Enjoy bigger and better interest rates with longer deposit periods – starting as low as 3.13% for 1 month deposits and up to 3.62% for 1 year deposits.

What’s more, this FD is pegged to KLIBOR interest rates so even if there are any big changes to the interest rates offered by banks in the market, Affin Bank will keep your profits returns on interest competitive.

Why save with Affin Bank FD Plus?

Everyone needs some liquidity investments. No point putting all your eggs in one basket – say a piece of property in the Klang valley which is a bubble that can’t decide if it wants to burst.

Affin Bank FD Plus is a unique account that accepts a flat deposit of RM10,000 or more, but gives you high interest rates that are well worth your investment. Choose a tenure that fits your needs, so you’ll never miss out on the returns you deserve when you need to break your deposit.

What are the requirements for this FD?

A deposit amount of RM10,000 is a must. All you need besides is a current account or savings account with Affin Bank with a minimum of RM1,000 deposited – so that your profits can be credited to your account once your FD matures.

What are the benefits of this Affin Bank Fixed Deposit account?

Your savings don’t stop there! Apply today and you’ll also get a free Affin Bank debit card issued to you. Enjoy convenient transactions at the counter or online, and get up to 0.5% cashback credited back to you!

How safe is my cash?

All your fixed deposit investments are insured for up to RM250,000 under PIDM, so you don’t have to worry a minute about losing an of your cash when you deposit with Affin Bank!

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