Alliance Bank Fixed Deposit

No more queuing at the Bank, Alliance lets you manage and monitor your fixed deposit account online anytime, anywhere.

Alliance Bank Fixed Deposit
Min. Deposit
Daily Interest
Early Withdrawal

Fixed Deposit Calculator

Interest Rate

What you earn based on the amount that you have in your account

You DepositDeposit PeriodEffective Interest Rate
min. RM5,0001 month2.75% p.a.
min. RM5002 months2.85% p.a.
min. RM5003 months2.95% p.a.
min. RM5004 to 5 months3% p.a.
min. RM5006 to 11 months3.05% p.a.
min. RM50012 months3.1% p.a.
min. RM50013 to 23 months3.1% p.a.
min. RM50024 monthsNegotiable

Fees & Charges

Lost of Fixed Deposit Certificate
  • RM5 Service Charge


Minimum Age
  • 18 years old
Who can apply
  • Malaysians
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Associations
  • Government Bodies
  • Trustee

More Information

What do I need to know about Alliance Bank Fixed Deposit?

Alliance FD is open to everyone aged 18 years or over. 

To be very clear, it's also open to corporations, partnerships, trustees, government bodies, sole proprietors, associations, clubs, and societies.

It's not expensive to get started, the most minor deposit commitment is RM500 for a maximum of five years. 

If you prefer a one-month tenure, the required minimum deposit will jump to RM5,000.

How does the bank pay out my interest?

Interest can be credited into an account with Alliance Bank or collected in the form of cash or cheque over the counter at a Branch.

If your fixed deposit term is less than one year, interest is paid at maturity (when it ends). For terms over one year interest can be paid out every six months.

Can I withdraw the money before the end of the deposit term?

Generally, when you open a Fixed Deposit account, you're committing to invest your money for a set amount of time. 

If withdrawals are made before the first three months are up you won't get any interest. 

Once your account is three months old you'll get half of the interest earned if you close it before the end of the committed term.

Is there an option for partial withdrawal of money?

No, not with this Fixed Deposit account. 

How do I open this Alliance Fixed Deposit account?

For a private individual, well, you just need your Identification Card. 

If you’re under eighteen you need a parent or guardian to accompany you to open the account.

For Corporate, Associations or Clubs, please bring along the necessary documents such as Forms 24 and 49, Company or Board or Club’s resolution, and Business Registration Form. 

Two Authorised Signatories need to attend to sign-up.

Is this Alliance Bank FD secure?

Yes, this deposit is protected by PIDM. Your money is automatically insured for up to RM250,000.

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