Hong Leong Senior Savers Flexi FD

Let your retirement fund earn money for you every day - enjoy your interest as you go with regular monthly profit payments.

Hong Leong Senior Savers Flexi FDMonthly Interest Paid
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Interest Rate

What you earn based on the amount that you have in your account

You DepositDeposit PeriodEffective Interest Rate
min. RM10,00012 to 60 months1.75% p.a.

Fees & Charges

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    Minimum Age
    • 50 years old

    More Information

    What is Hong Leong Bank Senior Savers Flexi Fixed Deposit?

    Hong Leong Bank Senior Savers Flexi FD is a great fixed deposit designed especially for folks aged over 50 who would like to maximise their retirement savings whilst maintaining full flexibility to access their cash when they need it.

    What are the features of this Senior Savers Flexi FD?

    Firstly, you must be a Malaysian citizens of at least 50 years of age to open this fixed deposit account. 

    You can open an Individual or Joint Account with your identification card and a minimum deposit of RM10,000. Investment terms run up to 60 months.

    The bank will credit the interest earned every month into your Hong Leong Bank Savings or Current Account. 

    Yes, you'll need to have a Hong Leong Bank Account to sign up for this FD, but that's easy to set up.

    Can I withdraw some of my money before maturity?

    If you wish to make premature withdrawal of your money before the fixed deposit reaches its maturity, you will no longer receive interest on the withdrawn amount.

    Is this a secure deposit?

    Yes. It's protected by PIDM against losses made on your money due to the bank's nonperformance. The cover is free and you're good for up to RM250,000.