OCBC Al-Amin Premier Fixed Deposit-i

Premier rates on your Fixed Deposit-i and OCBC Premier Banking Membership when you apply online and deposit a minimum of RM300,000 - exclusive benefits await you!

    • RM300000 minimum deposit
    • Islamic
  • You DepositDeposit PeriodEffective Profit Rate
    more than RM300000 to 12 months4% p.a.
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Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Additional Statement Request
RM10.00 per document


Are you eligible for this OCBC Al-Amin Premier Fixed Deposit-i?

Minimum age
18 years old
Open To
  • New applicants with minimum RM300,000 deposit

Frequently Asked Questions about OCBC Al-Amin Premier Fixed Deposit-i

Things you might want to know

What should I know about OCBC Al-Amin Fixed Deposit-i

This Islamic fixed deposit account has been specially tailored for those of you who would like to both grow your wealth and protect your money.

Exclusively for new OCBC Premier Banking Members with a minimum initial deposit is RM300,000 and profit rates of 4.00% p.a.! Sign up by 31st of December 2016 to enjoy these special rates.

Premier Member, Premier Benefits!

Of course, OCBC takes the world Premier seriously. All Premier Banking Members will have a One Premier Team dedicated to making your banking experiences the best of the best. From managing your money to providing you with the latest details in wealth, they will have your money growing in no time. 

Also, take advantage of the cards that are only available to Premier Banking Members. The OCBC Premier Membership Card will give you access to the over 60 Premier Centres across South East Asia, that are at your disposal for all your banking needs. Make withdrawals in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Indonesia with no charge at all OCBC ATM's with the Premier Debit  MasterCard. 

Finally, go on a journey with the OCBC Premier Voyage Card, a metal card, that gives you the most exclusive travel benefits. Claim free flights, a travel accident cover of USD1 Million, and complimentary access to the KLIA Flight Club whenever you want!

What if I’m not a Premier Banking Member?

Worry not! To become an OCBC Premier Banking Member, you are required to have at least RM300,000 or more in either investments, deposits or both with OCBC Bank.

So, by crediting RM300,000 as an initial deposit with the OCBC Al-Amin Premier Fixed Deposit-i, you are on your way to a Premier Banking Membership already!

How will I receive the interest?

Well depending on the tenure that you choose to grow your fixed deposit, if you choose to deposit your money between a 1 and 12-month tenure, you interest will be credited into your OCBC Savings Account upon the maturity of your tenure.

For a tenure, longer than that your interest will be credited in 6-month increments from the effective start date of your Fixed Deposit-i Placement.

Can I withdraw from OCBC Al-Amin Fixed Deposit-i?

To enjoy these special promotional rates you cannot make any withdrawals from your Fixed Deposit-i account. 

No profits will be credited to you for withdrawals before 3 months. For withdrawals after 3 months you'll only be entitled to half the agreed rate for the completed months

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