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AXA Affin 360 CancerCare

Let AXA Affin take care of your day to day expenses if you are diagnosed with an illness such as Cancer.

    • No Claim Bonus
    • Early Stage Critical Illness Payout
    • Refund Within 15 Days Cancellation
    • RM100000 Minimum Sum Assured

Life's Too Short to Pay the Wrong Insurance. Get Free Consultation Now!

Life's Too Short to Pay the Wrong Insurance. Get Free Consultation Now!

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Who do I contact for any inquiries?

AXA Affin Customer Care Hotline
  •  +60321708282
  • Coverage

    What can I claim from this insurance policy?

    Coverage Type 
    • Cancer



    Are you eligible to apply for this insurance?

    Minimum Age
    At least 15 days of age
    Maximum Age
    At most 65 years of age
    Maximum Renewal Age
    At most 85 years of age

    Frequently Asked Questions about AXA Affin 360 CancerCare

    Things you might want to know

    What is the 360 CancerCare?

    The AXA Affin 360 CancerCare is a critical illness insurance policy specifically made for the illness of cancer. It is meant to act as a financial shield against the instability of having hospital and medical bills piling up, and to ensure that your main focus is fighting the cancer and not worrying about cost.

    360 CancerCare literally will provide you with 360% of your sum assured if you are diagnosed with cancer and require therapy, treatment, financial support, and even a second medical opinion. It has your back with nursing care, psychologist consultation, transport and more.

    What are the exclusions?

    Since this is a cancer specific policy it will not cover any illness other than cancer. Also it will not cover any indication or symptoms of cancer prior to or within 60 days of the issuing of this policy or renewal date.

    Another exclusion for the coverage of cancer if it arises or is caused by a pre-existing illness, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ( AIDS) or Human Immuno-Deficiency ( HIV). As such AXA Affin reserves the right for applicants to undergo a blood test to ensure the non-existence of both AIDS and HIV.

    Are there any other benefits?

    Much of the benefit offered by this policy is in regards to your financial needs but it also ensures that you will have access to information, and guidance in a difficult time. Of course, you should have enough funding to go for therapy and seek out alternative treatment, but you will also have access to psychological treatment, child care services, nursing care, nutritionist services, fitness coaches and hair care or wigs.

    AXA Affin wants to be there for you emotionally and to ensure that you will be mentally prepared for the shock of cancer should you have it.

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