AXA Affin SmartCancer Cash

Be prepared for every situation when it comes to cancer with AXA Affin SmartCancer Cash. Gain financial stability & assurance that give you the will to fight back.

AXA Affin SmartCancer Cash
Min Sum Covered
No. of Illness
Entry Age
20 years - 59 years
Max Cover Age
Not applicable
Early Stage Coverage


What can I claim from this insurance policy?

  • Cancer
Women Related
  • Women Cancer
  • Women Carcinoma-In-Situ

Contact Info

Who do I contact for any inquiries?

AXA AFFIN Customer Care Hotline


Minimum Entry Age
At least 20 years of age
Maximum Entry Age
At most 59 years of age
Maximum Renewal Age
At most 100 years of age

More Information

What is the AXA Affin SmartCancer Care all about then?

AXA Affin SmartCancer Care is critical illness insurance that provides you with financial stability, assurance and maybe a bit of hope in the face of cancer. 

More specifically, gender-specific cancers that affect both men and women. 

This critical illness insurance offers lump sum cash payouts to help ease your financial burdens, where cancer is involved along with a 30% payout if you are in the early stages of cancer.

How does the coverage of this AXA insurance work?

There are four critical illness insurance plans to choose from this AXA insurance, each with varying premiums and range of protection. 

They range from a coverage of RM50,000 to RM125,000. However, all of the health insurance plans follow the same principals, depending on the specific types of cancer you have.

If you are diagnosed with a generic type cancer, then AXA Affin will issue you 100% of your Sum Assured in a lump sum payment, upon diagnosis. 

However, if you are diagnosed with one of the following gender-specific type cancers;

  • Breast Cancer
  • Fallopian Tubes Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Uterus Cancer
  • Vagina/Vulva Cancer
  • Testicular Cancer
  • Penile Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer

Then you will receive a 200% payout of your Sum Assured based on the plan you choose.

Similarly, you will also get a lump sum cash payout from AXA Affin if you have detected your cancer in the early stages. 

Both Generic and Gender-Specific type cancer will have an equal payout of 30% of your sum assured.

Any restriction?

Well, you might want to take note that some of the payout options or benefits come with a restriction. 

For example, if you were to receive a 30% payout for early stage cancer, that later spreads. The payable amount for Generic or Gender Specific Cancers drops to 70%.

How much are the premiums of my critical illness insurance?

Premiums for this AXA Affin critical illness insurance are charged monthly. However, they are not completely fixed and are subject to change within reason of the Insurer. 

On that note, they can range from RM130 to as high as RM3,000 depending on the plan you choose.

Can I cancel my AXA Affin SmartCancer Care and get a refund?

Unfortunately, this depends entirely on when you decided to cancel your AXA Affin SmartCancer Care. 

There is a 15-day cooling period from the time you either purchase the plan or renew the plan, in which you can choose to cancel your critical illness insurance. 

If you choose so to do, then you are guaranteed at least a 90% refund of your premiums paid. After that the percentage drops every month. 

So choose carefully when deciding to cancel your AXA Affin policy.

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