AXA eCritical Early Care

An online coverage plan that assists you financially during your recovery period should you be diagnosed with any 50 conditions of Early and Advanced Stages illness. No medical check-up required!

AXA eCritical Early Care
Min Sum Covered
No. of Illness
Entry Age
15 days - 60 years
Max Cover Age
80 years
Early Stage Coverage


What can I claim from this insurance policy?

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Who do I contact for any inquiries?

AXA AFFIN Customer Care Hotline


Minimum Entry Age
At least 15 days of age
Maximum Entry Age
At most 60 years of age
Coverage Expiry Age
At most 80 years of age

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Why do I need AXA eCritical Early Care?

The medical costs in treating critical illnesses can outstrip our finances especially when we’re not expecting and prepared for it. And even when you already have medical insurance in your hands, more often than not, the policy does not offer coverage for any type of critical illness.

This is where a critical illness insurance policy such as AXA eCritical Early Care comes in handy. Not only is this policy readily available online, you also don’t need to undergo a medical check-up before applying.

How does this critical illness policy work?

AXA eCritical Early Care is a non-participating yearly renewable standalone critical illness plan that provides financial coverage should you be diagnosed with any of the 50 conditions of Early and Advanced stages critical illnesses, up to the age of 80.

With the basic sum insured between RM50,000 to RM250,000, AXA AFFIN Life Insurance will pay you 50% of the basic sum insured in the case where you’ve been diagnosed with an Early Stage critical illness.

Whereas upon Advanced Stage critical illness diagnosis, you’ll get a lump sum 100% of the basic sum insured, less any approved claims under Early Stage. And you’re also only allowed to make one (1) claim for each critical illness stage.

This plan will be terminated once 100% of the basic sum insured is fully paid.

The maximum aggregate amount payable on critical illness benefit under this plan is subject to RM2,000,000 per life.

What coverage can I claim from this insurance policy?

With AXA eCritical Early Care, be rest assured that you will be covered from any Heart, Brain, Ear, Eye, Limbs, Kidney, Liver, Lung, Muscle and other related illnesses. Check out the table below for more detailed list of coverages:

Coverage Illness
Heart Related Cardiomyopathy
Coronary Artery Disease
Heart Attack
Brain Related Alzheimer's Disease
Brain Surgery
Brain Tumour
Head Trauma
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson's Disease
Ear Related Loss of Hearing
Eye Related Loss of Sight
Limbs Related Loss of Use of Limbs
Kidney Related Kidney Failure
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus With Lupus Nephritis
Liver Related Fulminant Viral Hepatitis
Liver Disease
Lung Related Lung Disease
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Muscle Related Muscular Dystrophy
Others Aplastic Anaemia
Chronic Relapsing Pancreatitis
Full Blown AIDS
Loss of Independent Existence
Organ / Bone Marrow Transplantation
Progressive Scleroderma
Resurgent Poliomyelitis
Terminal Illness

When does the coverage start?

Once your policy has been issued, the coverage shall begin after the waiting period, you can expect the coverage for the listed Critical Illness Event under Early Stage, Heart Attack, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery and Cancer to start 60 days waiting period after the issue date. However, for other critical illness events, the coverage will start a 30 days waiting period from the issue date.

What happens if I’ve been diagnosed with more than one covered critical illness at the same time?

AXA AFFIN Life Insurance will pay for only (1) claim for either the covered critical illnesses under the Early Stage or Advanced Stage. If you submit more than one claim with different critical illness conditions or different stages of critical disease, AXA AFFIN Life Insurance will then pay for the highest amount of claim.

What happens if I pass away during the policy’s term?

The AXA eCritical Early Care does not provide coverage for death. Hence, no benefit will be payable during the policy’s term if you pass away.

How do I make a claim to AXA AFFIN?

You can make a claim to AXA AFFIN by downloading the required documents available online at or give a call to AXA AFFIN Customer Care Hotline at 1300-88-1616, or visit their nearest branch. The documents you should submit include:

  • Life Claim Form V6 (by claimant)
  • Life Critical Illness - Heart Related (by doctor)
  • Life Critical Illness - Brain and Nerve (by doctor)
  • Life Critical Illness - Other Illnesses (by doctor)
  • Life Consent Form
  • NRIC of the insured
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