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MSIG Ladies Lifestyle

Sometimes, 'ladies first' shouldn't only be a gesture. Considering women are more prone to critical illnesses, take on this insurance policy to protect yourself from the unknown and be prepared for what might be inevitable.

    • No Claim Bonus
    • Early Stage Critical Illness Payout
    • Refund Within 15 Days Cancellation
    • RM100000 Minimum Sum Assured

Life's Too Short to Pay the Wrong Insurance. Get Free Consultation Now!

Life's Too Short to Pay the Wrong Insurance. Get Free Consultation Now!

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Contact Info

Who do I contact for any inquiries?

MSIG Hotline
  •  1800886744
  • Coverage

    What can I claim from this insurance policy?

    Coverage Type 
    • Cancer


    • Major Organ Related Illnesses

      End Stage Kidney Disease
      Medullary Cystic Disease
      Not Covered
      Systemic Lupus Erythematosus With Lupus Nephritis
      Not Covered
      End Stage Liver Disease
      End Stage Lung Disease
      Not Covered
      Fulminant Viral Hepatitis
      Not Covered
      Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
      Chronic Aplastic Anemia
      Not Covered
      Terminal Illness
      Major Organ Transplant
      Bone Marrow Transplant

    • Heart Related

      Heart Attack
      Other Serious Coronary Artery Disease
      Not Covered
      Heart Valve Surgery
      Surgery To Aorta
      Severe Cardiomyopathy
      Not Covered
      Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
      Angioplasty And Other Invasive Treatments For Major Coronary Artery Disease
      Not Covered
      Artery Disease
      Not Covered

    • Brain Related

      Brain Surgery
      Not Covered
      Benign Brain Tumor
      Alzheimer's Disease Or Irreversible Organic Degenerative Brain Disorders
      Not Covered
      Loss Of Independent Existence
      Motor Neuron Disease
      Multiple Sclerosis
      Muscular Dystrophy
      Paralysis Or Paraplegia
      Not Covered
      Parkinson's Disease
      Progressive Scleroderma
      Not Covered

    • Infection Related

      Bacterial Meningitis
      Not Covered
      HIV Due To Blood Transfusion
      Occupationally Acquired HIV
      Not Covered
      HIV Due To Infection
      Not Covered
      Full Blown AIDS
      Not Covered

    • Accident Related

      Major Burns
      Major Head Trauma

    • Sensory Loss

      Deafness Or Total Loss Of Hearing
      Loss Of Speech
      Blindness Or Total Loss Of Sight


    Are you eligible to apply for this insurance?

    Minimum Age
    At least 15 years of age
    Maximum Age
    At most 60 years of age
    Maximum Renewal Age
    At most 54 years of age

    Frequently Asked Questions about MSIG Ladies Lifestyle

    Things you might want to know

    What is the MSIG Ladies Lifestyle?

    Ladies Lifestyle by MSIG Insurance is a critical illness plan made especially for women. The plan is not meant to be sexist, but women have enough to deal with as it is, and MSIG intends to lend a hand and help out with some of their burdens.

    What does the plan cover?

    Like most critical illness plans, this one too covers many aspects and types of critical illnesses. From cancer to heart disease to liver failure, these are just some of the medical maladies that will be covered under the plan protection, should you need it.

    Aside from that however, the policy also has optional coverage for certain illnesses, in particular Maternity Risks and Congenital Abnormalities of New Born Babies as per the list below;

    • Down’s Syndrome
    • Neonatal Death
    • Spina Bifida
    • Tetralogy of Fallot
    • Hydrocephalus
    • Absence of Two Limbs
    • Tracheoesophageal Fistula Oesophageal Atresia
    • Transposition of Great Vessels
    • Ano-rectal Atresia
    • Cleft Palate
    • Patent Ductus Arteriosus
    • Hereditary Muscular Dystrophy

    Other than that, you will have 24-hours personal accident coverage anywhere in the world and snatch theft losses. Should you require any facial reconstructive surgery, or dental surgery due to an accident, then, you can also claim a reimbursement from MSIG insurance for your medical expenses.

    How do the premiums work?

    This particular policy comes with a set of 2 plans, each with a different range of coverage and premium. Its, to make the plan more affordable or more comprehensive depending on your preferences. Therefore, you will have a choice as to how much premium you are willing to pay.

    There will be a few options on how to make your payments, including a monthly standing instruction to the bank or if you’d prefer to make a personal deposit or online transfer.

    What are some of the exclusions?

    Of course, the policy will not cover a few things, one of them being a pre-existing condition or illness and anything that occurs as a result of that. Another thing that you might want to take note of, is that there is a 30-day waiting period where the policy will not cover you if diagnosed with a critical illness.

    Following that, the optional coverage for Maternity Risk and Congenital Anomalies in New Born Babies will only kick in 10 months after the inception of the policy order. So remember these terms and see if they work with your life planning schedule before you take up the plan. 

    Also, if you are planning to go overseas on a vacation, remember that you will have coverage there as well, but only for 3 consecutive months, please let MSIG know if you plan on travelling for a longer period of time.

    What if I wanted to cancel the plan?

    That in itself is a decision up to you. However, there is a 15-day cooling period from the inception of your policy where you can change your mind and return it. It is in this instance that you will get a refund for any premiums paid before then.

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