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AXA Affin HOPE Medic

Allow AXA Affin to soften the blow to your finances when you are hospitalised or in need for surgery. Focus instead on your recovery with no co-insurance or lifetime limit.

    • Hospital Accommodation Up To 150 Days
    • 5 Years No Claim Bonus At 20%
    • 15-Day Cancellation Refund


How much you can claim for hospital bills

  • Annual Limit
    The claims on your medical card cannot exceed this amount in a single policy year.
    from RM50000 up to RM500000
  • Lifetime Limit
    Know your lifetime limit, your medical card expires if you reached this amount.
    Not Applicable
  • Pre-Hospitalisation Diagnostic Tests
    This covers the costs incurred for diagnostic X-ray, laboratory examination and scans.
    Not Covered
  • Room & Board
    For the days that you spend in a hospital room instead of your own bed.
    from RM100 up to RM500each day, up to 150 days per disability
    • Consultation & Diagnostic Procedures
      from RM1000 up to RM5000per disability
    • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
      Worsening conditions may require critical care in the specialised hospital ward.
      As Charged each day, up to 60 days per disability
    • Hospital Services and Supplies
      Charges for the sterilised bandages, intravenous drips, blood packs and other services while hospitalised.
      As Charged
    • Surgical Fees
      How much your medical card covers for surgical procedures, minor and major.
      As Charged
    • Anaesthetist Fees
      Some surgeries require the use of anaesthetic drugs to put you to sleep before the procedure.
      As Charged
    • Operating Theatre Fees
      All the costs involved for use and set up of the operating room for your surgery.
      As Charged
    • In-Hospital Physician Visits
      This is the limit for the visits from the hospital doctors that are covered by your medical plan.
      As Charged max 2 visits per day
    • Diagnostic and Physiotherapy Procedures
      What's covered when diagnosing your condition and to get your back on your feet again.
      As Charged
    • Post-Hospitalisation Treatment
      This covers your follow up treatment after your discharge from hospital or day care surgery.
      from RM2000 up to RM10000
    • Prescription Drugs
      For all the medicine and antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.
      As Charged
    • Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Treatment
      Charges covered for consultation, examination tests and prescribed drugs if you are diagnosed with kidney failure.
      from RM50000 up to RM400000per lifetime
    • Outpatient Cancer Treatment
      Charges covered for consultation, examination tests and prescribed drugs if you are diagnosed with cancer.
      from RM50000 up to RM600000per lifetime
    • Emergency Accidental Outpatient Treatment
      Cover for emergency outpatient treatment and follow up due to an accident.
      As Charged
    • accidentalDeath
      Coverage benefit for family if policyholder passes away due to an accident.
      from RM50000 up to RM500000
    • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
      Amount covered for treatment requiring medical evacuation or repatriation to Malaysia.
      up to RM500000
    • Ambulance Fees
      Charges for local ambulance services to and from the hospital.
      from RM350 up to RM0per disability
    • Insured Child Guardian Benefit
      Reimbursement of expenses for parents or guardians of children who are admitted into the hospital ward.
      As Charged not applicable for select plans
    • Home Nursing Care
      How much you're allowed to claim for care from a government-licensed nurse at your home.
      from RM3000 up to RM6000per lifetime
    • Medical Report Fee
      Charges for medical report for diagnostic tests, treatment and surgery.
      from RM50 per report
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How much your premiums may cost

  • Budget Planner

    James is 21 and doesn't have job stability. He's looking for a medical card with the most affordable premiums.

    Suggested PremiumRM703.00
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  • Business Traveller

    He's just past forty, but he's not slowing down just yet! Fikri wants the best health policy to keep up with his busy lifestyle.

    Suggested PremiumRM2922.00
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  • Homemaker

    Mei Li just had her second child, but she doesn't have a medical card yet. At age 36, she's looking for something in the mid-range.

    Suggested PremiumRM1480.00
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Actual premium rates will be determined by AXA Affin Life Insurance Berhad and may vary from what is suggested based on age, sex, occupation, lifestyle habits and other factors.

How to Claim

Nothing matters more than your personal health, which is why AXA Affin keeps all medical claims processes straightforward and simple. Keep your medical card with you at all times for easy admission to any AXA Affin panel hospital. You'll only have to worry about the charges which aren't covered by the HOPE Medic plan.

For any additional medical claims, remember to keep all bills and hospital receipts. Download the Claim Form and Medical Claim Medical Report (to be filled by the treating doctor) from AXA Affin's website here. Then submit all these documents to the following address:

AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad
8th Floor Chulan Tower
No 3 Jalan Conlay
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Your claims will be processed by AXA Affin's Claims Centre. If approved, you'll get reimbursed for your bills via cheque or Giro transaction to your bank account. 

For any questions about your medical cover you can also contact AXA Affin's customer service at 1 300 88 1616.

Medical Assistance Hotline & Services
AXA Affin Customer Care Hotline


Am I eligible to apply for this insurance?

Minimum Entry Age
At least 15 days of age
Maximum Entry Age
At most 65 years of age
Maximum Renewal Age
At most 81 years of age

Frequently Asked Questions about AXA Affin HOPE Medic

Things you might want to know

Though Malaysia has come a long way from a third-world country into one of the fastest-growing economies in the region, with rapid infrastructure development and mega-projects promising to help elevate the standard of living in urban and suburban areas, the level of safety and security leave a lot to be desired.

This is despite us having one of the best and perhaps among the more expensive healthcare system in the Asia Pacific region. It is therefore a wise choice to invest in a health insurance coverage that could help protect you from financial difficulties when faced with hefty medical bills when you require treatment.

What is this policy all about?

The AXA Affin HOPE Medic is a medical insurance that offers high annual limit on the total amount that you can claim for life. It provides comprehensive medical care up to the age of 81, or up to the basic plan’s maturity date, whichever is earlier. The policy also offers a range of plans that offer protection of up to RM500,000 per year.

What are the benefits of this medical insurance?

Some of the more generous insurance companies out there offer medical insurance plans with no lifetime limit. The AXA Affin HOPE Medic is one of them, but with one exception – your annual limit is renewed on a yearly basis, regardless of whether you have made a claim in the previous year or not. This allows you continuous and uninterrupted access to healthcare facilities if anything unfortunate happens to you.

Do note that the no lifetime limit” does not apply to “Special Benefits” under the policy’s Schedule of Benefits. There will be a lifetime limit for out-patient kidney dialysis, out-patient cancer treatment and home nursing care.

Will I be expected to pay part of the hospital bills?

There is no co-insurance in this policy, so in terms of payment for your medical bills, there is no such thing as “partial payment. Your medical fees will be paid in full by AXA Affin, as long as you stay within your eligible room and board limit.

You will also be given a medical card which you can use for hospital admissions and to pay your hospital bills. No cash needed.

Do I get any incentives if I didn’t make any claims?

AXA Affin rewards you for being healthy. You get to enjoy up to 20% discount on your insurance premium if no claims were made for at least 2 consecutive years. In other words, you get higher value for your premiums paid.

Who is eligible to purchase this insurance policy?

For new applicants, any healthy Malaysian below the age of 66 is eligible to apply for this insurance policy, subject to final approval from the insurance company.

Once approved, HOPE Medic covers you until you’re 81 years old, ensuring continued access to quality healthcare well into your retirement years. 

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