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Allianz MediAdvantage Medical Card

Receive Second Medical Opinions from medical experts when you're not sure with your doctor's diagnosis and get the best overseas medical treatment for severe illnesses such as cancer, heart surgery and organ transplant with coverage from Allianz MediAdvantage

    Get Covered for Overseas treatment Up to USD 4 million with Allianz MediAdvantage

    Get Covered for Overseas treatment Up to USD 4 million with Allianz MediAdvantage

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    How much you can claim for hospital bills

    • Annual Limit
      The claims on your medical card cannot exceed this amount in a single policy year.
      from RM4000000 up to RM8000000 Annual limit from USD1-2 million (assuming USD1 = RM4)
    • Lifetime Limit
      Know your lifetime limit, your medical card expires if you reached this amount.
      from RM8000000 up to RM16000000 Lifetime limit from USD2-4 million (assuming USD1 = RM4)
    • Pre-Hospitalisation Diagnostic Tests
      This covers the costs incurred for diagnostic X-ray, laboratory examination and scans.
      As Charged Overseas
    • Room & Board
      For the days that you spend in a hospital room instead of your own bed.
      As Charged Overseas
      • Pre-Hospitalisation Consultation
        What's covered for medical consultation prior to hospitalisation or day care.
        As Charged Overseas
      • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
        Worsening conditions may require critical care in the specialised hospital ward.
        As Charged Overseas
      • Hospital Services and Supplies
        Charges for the sterilised bandages, intravenous drips, blood packs and other services while hospitalised.
        As Charged Overseas
      • Surgical Fees
        How much your medical card covers for surgical procedures, minor and major.
        As Charged Overseas
      • Anaesthetist Fees
        Some surgeries require the use of anaesthetic drugs to put you to sleep before the procedure.
        As Charged Overseas
      • Operating Theatre Fees
        All the costs involved for use and set up of the operating room for your surgery.
        As Charged Overseas
      • In-Hospital Physician Visits
        This is the limit for the visits from the hospital doctors that are covered by your medical plan.
        As Charged Overseas
      • Prescription Drugs
        For all the medicine and antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.
        up to RM200000 up to USD50,000 per policy (assuming USD1=RM4)
      • Outpatient Cancer Treatment
        Charges covered for consultation, examination tests and prescribed drugs if you are diagnosed with cancer.
        As Charged Overseas out-patient
      • Day Surgery
        For surgical procedures that do not require you to spend the night in a hospital bed.
        As Charged Overseas
      • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
        Amount covered for treatment requiring medical evacuation or repatriation to Malaysia.
        As Charged Overseas
      • Ambulance Fees
        Charges for local ambulance services to and from the hospital.
        As Charged Overseas ground or air ambulance
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    How much your premiums may cost

    • Fresh Graduate

      At the age of 21, Farah, a non-smoker who just started working, wants to have the best financial protection for medical treatment at an affordable rate.

      Suggested PremiumRM150.00
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    • School Teacher

      Freddie, a 30-year-old kindergarten teacher, believes that there are better options overseas when it comes to medical treatment.

      Suggested PremiumRM200.00
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    • Business Traveller

      At the age of 45, Zul often travels for business. He needs a medical card that offers overseas coverage to suit his busy schedule.

      Suggested PremiumRM300.00
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    Actual premium rates will be determined by Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad and may vary from what is suggested based on age, sex, occupation, lifestyle habits and other factors.

    How to Claim

    To make a claim for this product you will need your Medical Insurance details on hand. You will also need to download and complete the Claim Form.

    Fill in your claim form and be sure to attach a Medical Report which can be provided by the doctor who attended to you. Also, include all supporting documents listed below. Once you are ready, either submit the form via your agent or directly to the nearest Allianz Life Branch.

    Document Checklist

    • Claimant Statement
    • Medical Report
    • Certified copy of NRIC (front and back)
    • Review
    • Original Tax Invoice(s)
    • Original Official Receipts(s)
    • Diagnostic Report/ Test Result/ Copy of Referral Letter
    • E-Payment Authorization Form
    Medical Assistance Hotline & Services
    Allianz Customer Care Hotline


    Am I eligible to apply for this insurance?

    Minimum Entry Age
    At least 15 days of age
    Maximum Entry Age
    At most 65 years of age
    Maximum Renewal Age
    At most 75 years of age

    Frequently Asked Questions about Allianz MediAdvantage Medical Card

    Things you might want to know

    Allianz MediAdvantage, Overseas Medical Treatment Made Possible

    Even though our healthcare system is the best in the world in terms of costs and access, believe or not, some of our local healthcare providers are not equipped with the latest technology and even experts in the field. 

    We often read news of people having to collect donations to support for their treatment outside of Malaysia, because our healthcare facilities and expertise are limited for their special cases.

    Worry not as Allianz MediAdvantage has got you covered with a medical card plan that is specially designed to cover your overseas medical treatment with a lifetime limit of up to USD4,000,000.

    Allianz medical card gives you the flexibility to choose your preferred overseas healthcare providers, medical experts and type of plan that suit your needs and budget. That's not all, your family members or any companion who is travelling with you will be covered as well. 

    What does this Allianz medical card cover?

    Allianz MediAdvantage allows you to have an overseas second medical opinion, concierge service, hospitalisation and surgical coverage one you're diagnosed with any one of these diseases: 

    • cancer
    • heart valve surgery
    • intracranial and specific spinal cord surgery
    • coronary artery bypass surgery
    • live-donor organ and bone marrow transplant

    Allianz MediAdvantage, the medical card with seamless overseas treatment experience

    When you sign up for Allianz MediAdvantage, you get more than just financial protection but seamless overseas treatment experience as well, such as:

    Up to USD4 million overseas medical treatment benefit

    You no longer have to worry about medical costs and focus on your health instead. Should the treatment that you need to recover, from doctors, hospitals to medical technologies only available overseas, your high lifetime limit coverage will support you financially. 

    Second medical opinion coverage

    This Allianz medical card allows you to seek a second medical opinion from medical experts to confirm your diagnosis and suggest options on the best treatment plan.

    Seamless overseas treatment experience

    There are a lot of things to prepare before and during your overseas treatment, not forgetting the additional costs of your family member(s) or a living donor who will be travelling with you. Allianz Third Party Administrator (TPA) will arrange the overseas treatment, travel and accommodation for you and your travel companion. 

    Hospitalisation indemnity benefit

    Allianz will fund your miscellaneous expenses of up to USD200 per 24-hour confinement so you won't burn a hole on your wallet.

    Post overseas medical treatment benefit

    Use this medical card to cover your in-country medication benefit expenses once you have returned from your overseas treatment. Should you need to undergo overseas follow-up care with the overseas doctor, Allianz TPA will assist you.

    Is there any exclusion for this medical insurance plan?

    There are some generic, medical and expenses that are excluded from this medical insurance plan. Some of them are listed below:

    • expenses derived from diseases or medical procedures which are not covered by Allianz MediAdvantage
    • expenses of diseases or injuries resulted from wars, terrorism, riots, floods, volcanic eruption, nuclear or catastrophic phenomena and epidemics
    • treatment for pre-existing diseases
    • treatment for AIDS or HIV
    • expenses incurred not from the approved hospital stated in the medical insurance policy
    • expenses incurred in the purchase or hire of wheelchairs, special beds, air conditioning appliances, air cleaners and any other similar items
    • expenses incurred without following the Claim Procedures

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