Lonpac MediSecure Plus 2015 Medical Card

Never have to worry about insufficient funds for medical needs again. The Lonpac MediSecure Plus 2015 will ensure you're able to pay the medical bills.

Lonpac MediSecure Plus 2015 Medical Card
Annual Limit
up to RM2.2m
Lifetime Limit
Not applicable
Room & Board
up to RM2,200
Coverage Age
From 30 days
No. of Panel Hospitals
Investment-Linked Plan


How much you can claim for hospital bills

Annual Limit
from RM165k up to RM2.2m
Lifetime Limit
Not applicable
Pre-Hospitalisation Diagnostic Tests
As charged within 31 days prior to hospital admission or surgery
Room & Board
from RM330 up to RM2.2kper day
Surgical Fees
As charged 
Consultation & Diagnostic Procedures
As charged within 31 days prior to hospital admission or surgery
Pre-Hospitalisation Consultation
As charged within 31 days prior to hospital admission or surgery
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
As charged 
Hospital Services and Supplies
As charged 
Anaesthetist Fees
As charged 
Operating Theatre Fees
As charged 
In-Hospital Physician Visits
As charged max 2 visits per day
Post-Hospitalisation Treatment
As charged within 60 days from discharge
Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Treatment
from RM25k up to RM240kper disability
Outpatient Cancer Treatment
from RM25k up to RM240kper disability
Organ Transplant
As charged 
Ambulance Fees
As charged 
Home Nursing Care
As charged 
Medical Report Fee
As charged 
Permanent Total Disablement
from RM82.5k up to RM1.1m


Additional benefits with this insurance

Up to RM44,000
15 days cancellation refund

How to Claim

Who do I contact if I have a question or emergency?

Lonpac Customer Care Hotline

There are a few ways to make a claim when it comes Lonpac. However the first order of action when you need to make a claim is to first notify the insurer of the reason for the claim, either via phone, fax, letter, email or on the website claim inquiry form. 

Next you will need to download the claim form that Lonpac sends you, have a written statement ready and attach it to the form along with;

  • A copy of your NRIC
  • Medical Reports 
  • Hospital Reports
  • Original receipts and Itemized bill
  • Original Bank or Credit Card statements
  • Referral Letter

Once you have all of these together, send it off with either the Adjuster or directly to Lonpac and await their approvals. You will get an Offer Letter and Discharge Voucher, only then will the claim be executed. 


Minimum Entry Age
At least 30 days of age
Maximum Entry Age
At most 70 years of age

More Information

What is the Lonpac MediSecure Plus 2015 Medical Card?

Lonpac MediSecure Plus 2015 Medical Card is one of the three MediSecure, medical insurance policies offered by Lonpac Insurance. 

The Plus policy comes with 6 different plans within it for you to choose from according to your budget, needs and medical history. 

This way you will get to pick the Lonpac plan you want and be prepared for its commitments without being blindsided by high premiums.

It is a major medical insurance policy that provides a ‘Top-Up’ facility for those of you who find that your hospitalization and surgical insurance isn’t enough to meet the current costs of healthcare.

Lonpac insurance premiums and deductible

As it is with countless other medical insurance plans, this Lonpac insurance comes with a deductible per disability concept, which is the expense which you will need to bear before your coverage kicks in. 

This amount along with the insurance premiums depends on which plan you pick out of the 6.

Insurance premiums for this medical card vary, according to age as well as plan. Also, the premiums will auto adjust along with your age unless otherwise instructed.

Since this is a policy that only works to your benefit, every three years from the date of issuing most of the limits that come with the plan will steadily increase. 

This means, you will still get to keep your affordable premium rates, but the Room and Board Limit, Deductible Per Disability, Disability Limit and Annual limit will all increase.

What are some of the medical card exclusions?

Unfortunately, the Lonpac insurance policy does not cover pre-existing conditions, as well as issues or illnesses that occur due to them. 

Otherwise, with its ‘Top-Up’ policy, this medical card covers most things as long as you can cover the cost of the difference if it is not already offered.

Another circumstance where the policyholder is not covered occurs when you have traveled overseas for more than 3 months or 90 days consecutively.

Who can apply for Lonpac MediSecure Plus 2015 Medical Card?

Pretty much anyone over the legal age can pick up Lonpac MediSecure Plus 2015 Medical Card whenever they feel the need to. 

While this is not medical insurance that encompasses family, parents or spouses, but any one person can purchase the policy for them. 

Therefore, parents who want to get this Lonpac insurance for their kids, you may do so as long as they are over the age of 30 days. 

They are eligible for the coverage up to the age of 19 years unless they are still studying, in which case the age band is extended to 23.

The maximum entry age for this particular medical card is 70 years old, and can be renewed up to the age of 100, so it is also an ideal plan for seniors.

Please also take note that this Lonpac insurance is available to foreigners and Permanent Residents (PR) of Malaysia. 

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