MPI Generali Multi Medi-Plus Medical Card

MPI Generali Multi Medi-Plus Medical Card protects you wherever you are, even when overseas. Enjoy comprehensive coverage for you and your family.

MPI Generali Multi Medi-Plus Medical Card
Annual Limit
up to RM125k
Lifetime Limit
up to RM450k
Room & Board
up to RM500
Coverage Age
From 30 days
No. of Panel Hospitals
Investment-Linked Plan


How much you can claim for hospital bills

Annual Limit
from RM50k up to RM125k
Lifetime Limit
from RM150k up to RM450k
Pre-Hospitalisation Diagnostic Tests
As charged within 60 days before hospitalisation
Room & Board
from RM120 up to RM500per day up to 150 days
Surgical Fees
As charged 
Pre-Hospitalisation Consultation
As charged within 60 days before hospitalisation
Second Medical Opinion
from RM2k up to RM5kwithin 60 days before hospitalisation
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
As charged per day up to 30 days
Hospital Services and Supplies
As charged 
Anaesthetist Fees
As charged 
Operating Theatre Fees
As charged 
In-Hospital Physician Visits
As charged 
Post-Hospitalisation Treatment
As charged within 60 days from discharge
Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Treatment
from RM15k up to RM30kper year
Outpatient Cancer Treatment
from RM15k up to RM40kper year
As charged 
Day Surgery
As charged 
Emergency Accidental Outpatient Treatment
As charged within 24 hours and follow-up treatment up to 30 days
Accidental Death
from RM3k up to RM5k
Emergency Dental Treatment
As charged within 24 hours of accident and up to 14 days follow up treatment
Ambulance Fees
As charged 
Cash Allowance at Government Hospital
from RM60 up to RM150per day up to 150 days
Insured Child Guardian Benefit
from RM60 up to RM250per day up to 30 days for child below 15 years old
Home Nursing Care
from RM5k up to RM10k
Medical Report Fee
from RM100 


Additional benefits with this insurance

15 days cancellation refund
Hospital Accommodation
Up to 150 days
Family discount
Up to 10%

How to Claim

Who do I contact if I have a question or emergency?

MPI Generali Customer Care Hotline


Minimum Entry Age
At least 30 days of age
Maximum Entry Age
At most 60 years of age
Maximum Renewal Age
At most 100 years of age

More Information

With the ever-increasing costs of healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medicine, it is no longer sufficient to have minimum medical coverage from your employer. 

Don’t forget that for a lot of companies, the insurance coverage has an annual group limit. 

So, if in some weird event that a dozen employees fell sick, filed medical claims and exhausted the annual limit, you may not be covered if you’re the next person who got sick and needed some medical attention. 

This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to have your own medical card.

What is MPI Generali Multi Medi-Plus Medical Card?

MPI Generali Multi Medi-Plus is comprehensive medical insurance that protects you and your family, whether you’re at home or abroad. 

What are the benefits of this medical insurance?

While we appreciate the hard work of fellow Malaysians working in the public hospitals, there could be times when you would prefer to avoid the crowd or have slightly more dedicated medical personnel to attend to your needs.

MPI Generali Multi Medi-Plus covers specialist consultations, surgeon fees, anesthetist fees, operating theatre fees, in-hospital physician visits, physiotherapy and even emergency dental treatment as charged, as long as you don’t exceed your annual or lifetime limit.

What is special about MPI Generali Multi Medi-Plus?

Doctors are humans too, and sometimes they make mistakes. 

Unless it’s an emergency, it’s always good to get a second opinion before committing to a surgery which could permanently affect your body in the future. 

This medical card provides coverage for a second surgical opinion so you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Apart from that, you and your family members will have worldwide coverage 24 hours a day, regardless of whether you’re on holidays or for business travels. 

Is there an age limit to get covered with this insurance plan?

Anyone between 30 days old to 59 years old, based on last birthday, can apply for medical this insurance policy. 

You may renew your insurance policy until you’re 70 years old, with the final year of your policy being your 69th birthday.

Who is this MPI Generali medical card for?

Considering the policy provides coverage both in Malaysia and abroad, the MPI Generali Multi Medi-Plus medical card policy is great if you and your family love to travel abroad frequently.

What if I decide to change my mind after purchasing? Can I get a refund?

The insurance plan comes with a 15-day “free-look” period. 

In other words, once your coverage has been activated, and the insurance policy documents have been sent to you, you may choose to terminate or cancel the plan within 15 days if you think this is not the right medical insurance for you.

How can MPI Generali help me with hospitalisation?

If you’re suffering from a condition that is covered under the insurance policy, MPI Generali’s appointed Managed Care Organisation (MCO) will help you with the admissions at any of the panel hospitals. 

The important phone numbers will be stated in your policy book, so it’s also best to save these phone numbers in your mobile phone (as well as your family’s mobile phones) in case anything unfortunate happens. 

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