Tokio Marine Medic Partner Plan Medical Card

High medical costs can get out of hand. At an affordable price, Medic Partner will provide payment for bills at panel hospitals or clinics in Malaysia.

Tokio Marine Medic Partner Plan Medical CardAffordable Plans
Annual Limit
up to RM180k
Lifetime Limit
Not applicable
Room & Board
up to RM500
Coverage Age
15 days - 65 years
No. of Panel Hospitals
Investment-Linked Plan

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How much you can claim for hospital bills

Annual Limit
from RM45k up to RM180k
Lifetime Limit
Not applicable
Pre-Hospitalisation Diagnostic Tests
As charged per day
Room & Board
from RM160 up to RM500per day up to 150 days
Surgical Fees
from RM17.5k up to RM80k
Pre-Hospitalisation Consultation
As charged per day
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
As charged per day up to 75 days
Hospital Services and Supplies
As charged 
Anaesthetist Fees
from RM5k up to RM25k
Operating Theatre Fees
As charged 
In-Hospital Physician Visits
As charged per day up to 150 days
Post-Hospitalisation Treatment
As charged within 60 days after discharge
Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Treatment
from RM4k up to RM7k
Outpatient Cancer Treatment
from RM4k up to RM7k
As charged within 100 days upon discharge
Organ Transplant
As charged 
Day Surgery
As charged 
Emergency Accidental Outpatient Treatment
As charged per day
Accidental Death
from RM1k up to RM5k
Medical Assistance Services
from RM1.8m per lifetime
Emergency Dental Treatment
As charged per day
Ambulance Fees
As charged 
Cash Allowance at Government Hospital
from RM60 up to RM175per day up to 150 days
Insured Child Guardian Benefit
from RM90 up to RM300per day
Home Nursing Care
from RM70 up to RM120per day up to 60 days


Additional benefits with this insurance

15 days cancellation refund
Hospital Accommodation
Up to 150 days

How to Claim

Who do I contact if I have a question or emergency?

Medical Assistance Hotline & Services
Tokio Marine Customer Care Hotline

Just payoff a hefty medical bill but doesn't know how to reimburse from your insurer? Let us guide you step by step.

1) Provide Tokio Marine with details of the event that you're claiming on within 30 days of discharge to avoid any undesired complication throughout the claim process.

2) To report a claim, you'll definitely need a claim form. Get it filled up accordingly and your attending doctor's input is required too on the second part of the form.

3) Here are the supporting documents that Tokio Marine needs for verification:

  • Medical report
  • Original bill with items breakdown
  • Original payment receipt
  • Referral letter for pre-hospitalisation and consultation if applicable
  • Police report if any

4) Next and final step is to send all of them over to any of the Tokio Marine branches and you're done! 

You can reach Tokio Marine via phone at 03 2783 8383 or via email at [email protected]


Minimum Entry Age
At least 15 days of age
Maximum Entry Age
At most 65 years of age
Maximum Renewal Age
At most 75 years of age
Coverage Expiry Age
At most 75 years of age

More Information

What is the Tokio Marine Medic Partner Plan?

To simply put it, the Medic Partner insurance plan is the plan for everyone. It has benefits for everyone and the coverage you need. Within the policy there are various plans that you can choose from, this way you can find the plan that stays within your budget and gets you the best coverage.

Who can apply for this policy?

The short answer is, anyone. If you are over the legal age of 18 and can afford the premiums, then you are more than welcome to pick up this plan. However, you will receive optimum coverage up the age of 65.

But fret not, after 65, if you would like to continue the policy, you may renew it until the maximum age of 100. This particular plan is most beneficial for families, with a 10% discount on the published individual premium if you have 3 or more members in the family.

The condition for families to apply, is that all your children are over 15 days old. They can remain under the umbrella of the plan until the age of 18 or 23 as long as they are still studying.

What does it cover specifically?

For the most part you will be covered in terms of medical expenses, consultations, and hospital services as well. You will be also covered in the case you require out-patient care, the plan covers kidney dialysis treatment, cancer care and home nursing.

You will also have special benefits, coverage for your ambulance fees, organ transplants, and child care for parents who need time to recover and recuperate. On top of that, you have 24-hour worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance Service.

What are the other benefits of the plan?

Besides the family discount benefit, you get to enjoy a renewal rebate of 10% on the published individual premiums, on the condition that no claims have been made for 12 months. There is also the nifty detail of having a medical card, for admissions and discharge at medical centers and hospitals.