Chubb My Home Insurance

Take care of your assets, with the Chubb My Home Insurance. For coverage beyond the building and protection for your most prized possessions, collectibles and even your most important devices.

Chubb My Home InsuranceAsset Coverage
Home Repairs
Rent Insurance
Death Benefits
TPD Benefits
Not Covered
Personal Liability
Not Covered


How much you can claim for Chubb My Home Insurance

Home PropertyTotal Amount Covered For Damages To The Building, Not Exceeding The Property Value.
FlexiMax up to property sum assured amount
Home ContentsValue claimable for house contents if damaged is caused by any of the events covered.
House RepairsFor repairs to house property that are caused by events covered under this plan.
As Chargedup to total sum assured.
Rent InsuranceLandlord insurance if you cannot collect rent because the house is uninhabitable.
up to 10%of total sum assured
House MirrorsCost to replace house mirrors that are damaged during any insured event.
up to RM500per piece per occurrence
Domestic Worker PropertyValue insured for property belonging to the domestic worker under your care.
As Chargedup to contents sum insured
Removal Of PropertyCost to move property from your house due to events covered.
up to 15%of total sum insured
Death BenefitInsured amount for death of persons covered under this plan.
up to RM100k
Public LiabilityCoverage for public claims due to damage or injuries caused by your house property.
up to RM500k

Coverage Type

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Thunderbolt
  • Flood
  • Water Tanks Or Pipes
  • Explosion
  • Impact Cover
  • Aircraft And Aerial
  • Subterranean Fire
  • Hurricane Cyclone Typhoon Windstorm
  • Earthquake Volcano
  • Theft

How to Claim

Who do I contact if I have a question or emergency?

Home Insurance Claim Hotline


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