Kurnia Householder Plus Insurance

A house isn't a home without its contents, and it takes years to collect them. Protect these assets with a bullet proof insurance plan to ensure if your home were robbed or subjected to a fire, then you will have the funds you will need to rebuild your sanctuary.

Kurnia Householder Plus InsuranceContent Insurance
Home Repairs
Not Covered
Rent Insurance
Not Covered
Death Benefits
TPD Benefits
Personal Liability


How much you can claim for Kurnia Householder Plus Insurance

Home PropertyTotal Amount Covered For Damages To The Building, Not Exceeding The Property Value.
Not Covered
Home ContentsValue claimable for house contents if damaged is caused by any of the events covered.
min. RM25k
House RepairsFor repairs to house property that are caused by events covered under this plan.
Not Covered
Rent InsuranceLandlord insurance if you cannot collect rent because the house is uninhabitable.
Not Covered
Jewellery & ValuablesAmount covered for loss and damage to your jewellery and other personal valuables.
up to RM5kOptional Benefit
Alternative AccomodationCash amount that you can claim for alternative accomodation if the house becomes uninhabitable.
up to RM7.5kRM250 per day, up to 30 days
Death BenefitInsured amount for death of persons covered under this plan.
up to RM10kper person up to 5 immediate family members
Total & Permanent Disability BenefitInsured amount for total and permanent disability of persons covered under this plan.
up to RM10kper person up to 5 immediate family members
Personal LiabilityCoverage for damage or injuries to another person at your house i.e. third party insurance.
up to RM75k

Coverage Type

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Subsidence And Land Slip
  • Water Tanks Or Pipes
  • Explosion
  • Impact Cover
  • Aircraft And Aerial
  • Earthquake Volcano
  • Theft
  • Riot Strike

How to Claim

Who do I contact if I have a question or emergency?

Home Insurance Claim Hotline

There are several things you need to take note of in order to successfully make a claim with Kurnia Insurance. Firstly, remember to notify the insurance company at the earliest possible moment of an incident that warrants a claim. Download or have Kurnia email you a claim form to fill in. Print this form and attach it to any necessary identification documents and reports that you may or may not collect in the process of putting your home back in order.
Some of the documents that you need is;

  • Your NRIC copies for identification
  • Copy of your Home Grant
  • Copy of your Insurance Agreement
  • Photo evidence of the damage caused
  • Witness Statements to corroborate the incident
  • and a Written description of the incident that occurred.

Once you have all of these together, simply pack it up and send it on to Kurnia Insurance to activate your claims and funds to begin rebuilding your life.


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