Liberty Houseowner and Householder

Protect all the aspects of your home from the building, to the contents to even the people around it. Liberty allows you to customise your coverage to meet your needs including the extension of your coverage and public liability.

Liberty Houseowner and Householder
Home Repairs
Not Covered
Rent Insurance
Not Covered
Death Benefits
Not Covered
TPD Benefits
Not Covered
Personal Liability
Not Covered


How much you can claim for Liberty Houseowner and Householder

Home PropertyTotal Amount Covered For Damages To The Building, Not Exceeding The Property Value.
Home ContentsValue claimable for house contents if damaged is caused by any of the events covered.
House RepairsFor repairs to house property that are caused by events covered under this plan.
Not Covered
Rent InsuranceLandlord insurance if you cannot collect rent because the house is uninhabitable.
Not Covered
Electronic DevicesThis covers damage and loss of electronic devices for events covered under this plan.
As ChargedOptional Cover
Jewellery & ValuablesAmount covered for loss and damage to your jewellery and other personal valuables.
As ChargedOptional Cover
House ValuablesInsured amount for select house valuables that are covered under your plan.
As Charged
Door LocksFor charges to replace house doors and locks due to damage.
As ChargedOptional Cover

Coverage Type

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Thunderbolt
  • Flood
  • Subsidence And Land Slip
  • Water Tanks Or Pipes
  • Explosion
  • Impact Cover
  • Aircraft And Aerial
  • Hurricane Cyclone Typhoon Windstorm
  • Earthquake Volcano

How to Claim

Who do I contact if I have a question or emergency?

Home Insurance Claim Hotline

In the case your home becomes victim to a disaster and you need to make claims with Liberty, there are a few things that you need to get done for that to happen. There is a 14-day window for you to make all your claims for home insurance, so remember to take pictures of all the damages and get all your affairs in order before you head over to a Liberty Branch to process your claims. 

You will need to gather the following list of documents, in pairs, if you need to make claims for both your house building and its contents. 

  • Police report
  • Fire brigade report
  • Proof of ownership
  • Contractor´s quotation for repairs
  • Construction drawings
  • Proof of ownership, such as purchase invoices, shipping documents, payment receipts, etc (for Contents Claim)
  • Jewelry items with dealers certification
  • Replacement quotations.

Draft out a written description of the even that took place with a list of things you need to make claims for, and head on over the the nearest Liberty Branch. There you will need to fill in a claim form and depending on the total claims that it amounts to, you might be assigned an Adjuster. Simply add the Adjuster's report along with the claim form and you can submit your claims for processing.


More Information

What is the Liberty Houseowner and Householder?

Property prices and home loans are all the rage these days, with people either spending too much or not having enough money to spend. But to those of you who already have a home, and need an insurance policy to cover it, this Liberty home protection plan is the one for you.

Protect your house and home with this policy that not only covers your building, but all the assets inside.

How much does it cover?

The Houseowner and Householder Insurance means that the policy will cover both the building and its contents. So, the two parts to this insurance plans will set you for life, with only one premium. The building protection will allow for coverage against;

  • fire, lighting, explosions of domestic origin,
  • impact damage from air-crafts, road vehicles, or animals,
  • water pipes and tanks damage,
  • windstorm, earthquakes, and floods,
  • and theft

Second part of the protection plan will include coverage for your home contents such as household goods, appliances, furniture, kitchen equipment and various personal effects. You can choose what you insure based how valuable they are to you and your spending budget.

Can I get additional coverage?

There are a few optional covers that you can pick up to extend your coverage with a little extra premium. In the case of your building cover, you can choose to get extra protection against, subsidence, landslips, riot, strike and malicious damage. You can also, pick up a liability to third parties cover just in case.

On that note, for the content insurance, you can choose to pay a little extra to insure the small but expensive things, like jewellery, cash, gold, silver, precious stones, mirrors, locks and keys.

How long am I covered for?

This particular home insurance plan, has an annual coverage cycle that you need to renew every year, to ensure continued protection.

How much is my premium?

The premium amount of your home insurance will be heavily based on your selected coverage and what you want insured. There will be a separate premium for the two sides or your protection including, goods and services tax (GST) of 6%. The total amount will be your payable monthly commitment.

Can I cancel my policy?

If you decided that you would rather not have this coverage plan, then there is a simple procedure in which, you can cancel your policy. Simply provide Liberty Insurance with a written notice prior to cancellation. Depending on when you make the cancellation, especially if you had not made any claims, then you will receive a portion of your premiums refunded to you at the insurers discretion.

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