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Protect your home against the perils of fire. Whether its your building or your contents, this investment needs to covered against fire among the other damages that could harm your property.

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    How much you can claim for Takaful Malaysia myFire

    • Home Property
      Total amount covered for damages to the building, not exceeding the property value.
      Flexi Covered under Fire Insurance
    • Home Contents
      Value claimable for house contents if damaged is caused by any of the events covered.
      Flexi Covered under Fire Insurance
    • House Repairs
      For repairs to house property that are caused by events covered under this plan.
      Not Covered
    • Rent Insurance
      Landlord insurance if you cannot collect rent because the house is uninhabitable.
      Not Covered
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      Coverage Type

      Events covered under your home insurance policy

      Subsidence & Land Slip
      Water Tanks Or Pipes
      Impact Cover
      Aircraft & Aerial
      Subterranean Fire
      Hurricane, Cyclone, Typhoon & Windstorm
      Earthquake or Volcano
      Riot Strike
      Falling Trees & Branches

      How to Claim

      There are several things you need to take note of in order to successfully make a claim with Takaful Malaysia. Firstly, remember to notify the insurance company at the earliest possible moment of an incident that warrants a claim. Download or have Takaful Malaysia email you a claim form to fill in. Print this form and attach it to any necessary identification documents and reports that you may or may not collect in the process of putting your home back in order. 

      If your home was struck by a peril resulting in fire or a similar result, remember to make a full report with the fire brigade and collect a copy of this report to include with your claim forms. Similarly, if you have experienced a theft, make a police report and ask for a copy to include with your claim form. However, if the damage is not too bad, you may not need either of these reports. 

      Take pictures of the damage or loss of your property, depending on the severity of the damage, Takaful Malaysia will either recommend or appoint adjusters to assess the situation. They will also be able to give you estimates on how much you will need to claim, and how much you will need to spend on repairs. 

      Photographs taken, or witness reports, will also be used to confirm the cause of the damage. 

      For further information, you could always contact Takaful Malaysia customer support team whenever you need.

      Home Insurance Claim Hotline


      Am I eligible to apply for this insurance?

      Frequently Asked Questions about Takaful Malaysia myFire

      Things you might want to know

      What is the Takaful myFire?

      Takaful Malaysia understands that there are more than a few ways to lose your house, and not all of them are intentional. Therefore, you can now sign up for home insurance, specifically against fire and the likes of it as well. Protect you home from all angles with more coverage options.

      How does this insurance work?

      With this cover being a Fire insurance, Takaful Malaysia will cover your building, contents, furniture and among other things, machinery from perils pertaining to Fire. The certificate can be extended to suit your needs and can include coverage for other items, areas with a small nominal fee.

      Coverage will include protection against, Fire, Lighting, and Explosions of domestic gas cylinders in your home or somewhere near by that causes a fire in your home. This certificate is flexible enough for you to decide how much you want to insure your property against each one of those perils.

      Is there anything else that the policy can cover?

      There is the option of extending your coverage to include more building and content benefits not usually affected by fire damage. These optional benefits include;

      • Flood
      • Bursting and overflowing of water tanks
      • Impact Damage
      • Malicious Damage
      • Riots and Strike

      The benefits listed are available to regular home owners who simply want to boost their protection.

      However, if you are a home owner in a high-risk area, or are a landlord responsible for the fixing of your tenants’ home, then you might want to consider checkout some of these other optional benefits. Including;

      • Loss of rent – for tenants who fail to make payments for extended periods of time.
      • Coverage or Architects’, Surveyors’ and Engineers’ fees.
      • Removal of Debris.

      Those last two benefits are mostly, contingency plans, in case some fees are just too high.

      How much can I insure my home for?

      Fortunately, this decision is left in your capable hands. Remember that you should never over or under-insure your home, and consult both an insurance agent and an adjuster before making the final decisions.

      Generally speaking, you will need to know your home current market value at loss, the size of your home per square foot and local construction costs in your area. It is with these three variables that you will be able to determine an estimated amount to insure your home for. When in doubt, simply calculate the size of your home per square foot, multiplied by the local cost for construction per square foot. This way, you will have an estimated figure as to who much you might need to spend on rebuilding.

      Is there are no claim benefit?

      There is! Unusual as it is, there is a no claim benefit for this protection plan. Takaful Malaysia is the first Takaful Provider that consistently will award 15% cashback when no claim is made over the coverage term.

      Can I cancel my coverage?

      Yes, you can cancel your policy anytime with this plan. Simply provide written notice a couple months before hand. If you had not made any claims prior to cancellation, then you will be partially refunded for the premiums paid.

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