CIMB Ijarah Financing-i

Islamic home loan based on Ijarah Muntahiyah Bittamik concept - a property is leased to you with ownership transferring at the end of the loan term

    • Up to 35 years
    • Term Islamic financing
    • Floating Profit Rate
    • 0 years lock in period
    • Up to 90% margin of finance
    • 30 days approval
  • You BorrowEstimated Profit Rate
    RM200000 - 10000003.35% p.a.

    *Effective profit rate will be determined by CIMB upon approval.

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Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Late Penalty Fee
1% p.a. of the outstanding amount
Processing Fee
No Fee
Early Settlement Fee
Subject to terms of agreement with bank
Redemption Letter Fee
RM50.00 per request
Letter for EPF Withdrawal Fee
RM20.00 per request
Insurance Types
  • MRTT


Are you eligible for this CIMB home financing?

Minimum annual income
Minimum age
18 years old
Maximum age
70 years old
Who can Apply
  • Malaysians
  • Permanent Residents

Frequently Asked Questions about CIMB Ijarah Financing-i

Things you might want to know

What is this CIMB Ijarah Financing-i?

CIMB Ijarah Financing-i is a Syariah compliant home loan based on the concept of Ijarah Muntahiyah Bittamlik where a bank leases property to a customer, and ownership is transferred once the financing is complete.

Subject to credit approval CIMB can finance up to 90% of the value of the property. You can also opt for an additional 5% in financing with zero moving cost that covers legal fees, valuation fees, and MRTT.

This CIMB finance-i loan covers properties which are completed or under construction. Where a property is under construction you only need to service interest payments until work is complete.

What obligations do I have under this home loan agreement?

Following conventional Islamic banking, your monthly installments are calculated based on the Profit Rate at which the bank is entitled to earn money. This is determined by the IBR (equivalent to BR), and may be influenced by change in the market.

Luckily for you, the profit rate is capped at around 10.57% - this provides a buffer any sudden hikes in the IBR which might result in higher repayments.

Any special benefits with the CIMB Ijarah Financing-i?

Definitely - there'll be a few fee discounts depending on your circumstances:

  • 20% reduction on stamp duty for new home financing
  • 100% stamp duty waiver for conversion from conventional housing loan.

What does the Insurance cover?

By signing-up for GMTP insurance, you will be covered should any unexpected event occur prevents you from making your mortgage repayments. 

Takaful coverage will pay out as detailed in the reducing sum schedule in the event of your death or Total Permanent Disability. In short, if something happens to you, your family will not be homeless.

What are the risks that I might run into?

Your monthly repayments may increase a certain amount if IBR changes. Heck, they might decrease too, but that's wishful thinking and a little unlikely. The point is that property financing linked to a variable interest rate always carries some risk.

As always, you need to keep your payments up to date too. If you miss your mortgage repayments you run the risk of foreclosure.

What advantages do I get with this home loan?

With a capped floating profit rate (CPR) at 10.57% you are assured that your repayments won't rise above a certain level. That is quite a high level though. 

An Islamic rebate system, Ibra, is applicable to those who wish to settle their loans early. The savings from this can be seen as a gift for paying your dues sooner than expected! There is no processing fee and/or monthly maintenance fee to be paid.

Who can apply?

Malaysians and permanent residents are allowed to apply for this loan. This includes foreigners who are here in Malaysia on the MM2H scheme.

What documents are needed when I apply for this home loan?

If you are an employee earning a salary:

NRIC photocopy
Latest 3 months’ salary slip
EA form / EPF statement (last 2 years)
Sales & Purchase Agreement / Booking receipt from developer

If you are self-employed:

NRIC photocopy
Latest 3 months' salary slip
Sales & Purchase Agreement / Booking receipt from developer
EA form / EPF statement (last 2 years)
Business registration A&D
Last 3 months bank statement

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