Hong Leong Islamic CM Flexi Property Financing-i

Break away from conventional fixed finance mortgages with this Islamic house financing based on the Shariah principle of Murabahah

Hong Leong Islamic CM Flexi Property Financing-i
Up to 35 years
Profit Rate
from 4.6% p.a.
Financing type
Semi-Flexi islamic financing
Profit Type
Floating profit rate
Lock In Period
3 years
Margin of finance
up to 90%
Approval in
30 days

Profit Rate

The interest paid based on the home loan amount borrowed

You borrowEstimated Profit Rate
more than RM400,0004.6% p.a.
*Effective profit rate will be determined by Hong Leong Bank upon approval.


Minimum Annual Income
Minimum Age
  • 24 to 70 years old
Who can apply
  • Malaysians
  • Foreigners

Fees & Charges

Late Penalty Fee
1% p.a. p.a. of the outstanding amount
Processing Fee
Early Settlement Fee
Subject to terms of agreement with bank
Redemption Letter Fee
RM50 per request
Letter for EPF Withdrawal Fee
RM20 per request
Cancellation Fee
RM2000 for cancellation before loan disbursement
Insurance Types
  • Fire Takaful
  • MRTT

More Information

What do I need to know about Hong Leong CM Flexi Property Financing-i?

Hong Leong CM Flexi Property Financing-i is based on the Shariah principle of Murabahah and Tawarruq concept. Tawarruq refers to the act of purchasing an asset with deferred price, then selling it to a third party to obtain cash.

In practice this means that Hong Leong Islamic Bank will purchase the house and allow you to buy it from them by installment. As a capped profit rate is placed on the financing amount you can be assured that no matter what happens in the money markets you will have a safe ceiling on your profit rate.

Open to Muslim and non-Muslim alike, the margin of financing for this Islamic home financing is 90%, meaning that subject to a credit check you may be approved to up to 90% of the property's value. Also, this financing offers high Debt Servicing Ratio (DSR) of up to 80%.

How do I make my repayments?

Your monthly installments are calculated based on an agreed Profit Rate, which is determined by the IBR (equivalent to BR). You can start paying once you have made your first drawdown. Hong Leong Islamic Bank allows you to start paying the monthly instalment even the property is still under construction. 

There are several ways you can perform your monthly instalment payment: fund transfer via cash and cheque deposit machine or over-the-counter; or Standing Instruction from your Current/Savings Account-i, MEPs, mobile apps and Internet banking.

Do I need a Takaful cover?

By taking MRTT into your financing margin, you will be covered should any unexpected event prevent you form making payments on your house financing. Fire Takaful coverage is compulsory.

What documents do I need to make an application for this Islamic home financing?

Salaried employee:

  • NRIC photocopy
  • Salary Slips (latest 3 months)
  • EA form / EPF statement (latest 2 years)
  • Latest Borang BE (supported with tax payment receipt)
  • Bank statement/ saving passbook (latest 3 months)
  • Letter of Employment


  • NRIC photocopy
  • Bank statement/ saving passbook (latest 6 months)
  • Latest Borang B (supported with tax payment receipt)
  • Commission statements (latest 6 months)
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