RHB My1 Full Flexi Home Loan

A flexible mortgage plan allows you to enjoy interest savings by depositing extra money and withdrawing excess cash anytime at zero costs. Suitable for new purchases and refinancing!

RHB My1 Full Flexi Home Loan
Up to 35 years
Interest Rate
from 4.6% p.a.
Loan type
Full-Flexi loan
Interest Type
Floating interest rate
Lock In Period
3 years
Margin of finance
up to 90%

Interest Rate

The interest paid based on the home loan amount borrowed

You borrowEstimated Interest Rate
RM250,000 - RM399,9994.75% p.a.
RM400,000 - RM599,9994.7% p.a.
RM600,000 - RM999,9994.65% p.a.
RM1,000,000 - RM1,999,9994.6% p.a.
more than RM2,000,0004.6% p.a.
*Effective interest rate will be determined by RHB upon approval.


Minimum Annual Income
Minimum Age
  • 18 to 70 years old
Who can apply
  • Any nationality
  • Expatriates: MM2H programme (Malaysian spouse)
  • Salaried employee
  • Self-employed

Fees & Charges

Late Penalty Fee
1% p.a. of the outstanding amount
Withdrawal Fee
No Fee
Processing Fee
Early Settlement Fee
1% within 3-year retention period
Redemption Letter Fee
RM50 per request
Letter for EPF Withdrawal Fee
RM20 per request
Cancellation Fee
1% on total approved amount if cancelled after acceptance of the Letter of Offer
Insurance Types
  • Fire Insurance
  • Houseowner Insurance
  • MRTA

More Information

Tell me about RHB My1 Full Flexi Home Loan.

My1 Full Flexi Home Loan by RHB is based on a floating interest rate, which is pegged to the movement of RHB’s benchmark lending rate. What makes this home loan so flexible is, (1) its linkage to a Current Account, and (2) an interest rate that is calculated on daily rest. 

This flexible home loan allows you to make extra payments on top of your monthly instalment as well as partial prepayment at a multiple of RM1,000 to reduce interest costs and principal outstanding. Ultimately, you will shorten your home loan tenure faster than you think!

Subject to credit check and approval, RHB can provide up to 90% margin of financing to purchase your house, completed or under construction. If you prefer to move into the new house at zero cost, you can throw in another 5% to let RHB cover MRTA, legal and valuation fees. 

Can I withdraw the excess money paid into my home loan account?

Absolutely and at zero cost. But, in order for you to be able to access that piled-up cash deposited into your home loan account, you need to make additional payments on top of your monthly instalment. 

For example, if your monthly instalment amount is RM1,000 and you have been consistently topped up an extra RM500 over 12 months or so period, you will be able to withdraw that additional payment anytime you want it. 

But remember, there is a difference between making additional payments and prepayment. For the latter, you cannot withdraw part of the money deposited as you are redeeming (partially or fully settled) the home loan.

Are there fees and charges I should be aware of?

This RHB home loan package has a transparent fees and charges structure from the beginning. You don't need to pay for the home loan processing fee, monthly maintenance fee and cash withdrawal fee. 

There are some penalties you should be aware of, nonetheless. These are the late payment fee, home loan cancellation fee and an early settlement fee within a 3-year lock-in period.

Can I add any insurance plan to it?

You are advised to take up Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) just by adding 5% to your financing margin. This insurance policy will cover you in the event you are not able to commit your monthly instalment due to fatality or permanent disability. 

Fire Insurance, however, is compulsory for every homeowner and this insurance cost usually is borne by RHB.

Am I eligible to apply?

Let’s check: If you are 18 years old and above and holding an NRIC, then you are eligible.

For foreigners or expatriates, you are required to be under the MM2H programme as you need to apply for an MM2H visa if you are married to a Malaysian.

What documents do I need to submit together with the application form?

Property documents:

Copy of Sale and Purchase Agreement or Booking Receipts

Salaried employee:

  • Copy of your NRIC or passport
  • Latest 3 months' salary slip
  • Latest 3 months' salary crediting statement
  • Latest EPF statement
  • Latest BE Form + Tax payment receipt


  • Sole Proprietor & Partnership – Form A & D
  • Private Limited – Form 24 & 49
  • Latest Form B + Tax payment receipt
  • Latest 6 months' current account statement
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