Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered Conventional Housing Loan

An easy to own term home loan suitable for everyone of any income bracket. Set monthly repayments give you control over your financial commitments.

    • Up to 30 years
    • Term loan
    • Floating Interest Rate
    • 3 years lock in period
    • Up to 90% margin of finance
    • 30 days approval
  • You BorrowEstimated Interest Rate
    more than RM5000003.27% p.a.

    *Effective interest rate will be determined by Standard Chartered upon approval.

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Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Late Penalty Fee
1% p.a. of the outstanding amount
Processing Fee
Early Settlement Fee
2% within 3-year retention period
Redemption Letter Fee
RM50.00 per request
Letter for EPF Withdrawal Fee
RM20.00 per request
Cancellation Fee
2.25% of the loan amount if the bank pays for legal fees. Otherwise it's 0.5%.
Insurance Types
  • Fire Insurance
  • MRTA


Are you eligible for this Standard Chartered home loan?

Minimum annual income
Minimum age
21 years old
Maximum age
65 years old
Who can Apply
  • Any nationality
  • Salaried employee
  • Self-employed

Frequently Asked Questions about Standard Chartered Conventional Housing Loan

Things you might want to know

Tell me about Standard Chartered Conventional Housing Loan.

If you're looking for a hassle-free mortgage loan, Standard Chartered Conventional Housing Loan is an ideal home loan choice. True to its name, this home loan is a conventional term home loan with an interest rate pegged to the BR

Being a term loan, you have the convenience of paying your home loan monthly instalments in a fixed amount throughout the term of up to 35 years. That way, you can plan ahead in certainty for your monthly expenses.

This term loan is suitable to part-finance residential properties, whether completed or under-construction. The minimum loan amount is RM500,000 - although not among the lowest quantum but fairly minimum for high-end and upscale residential properties of your dream!

What are the benefits of this conventional home loan?

Some people value certainty in what they do; this is the philosophy behind this conventional home loan. If you are a fixed income salaried employee, earning paycheque at a regular time of the month, then you are going to appreciate this term home loan feature.

The advantage to this traditional loan is that the interest rate is 0.05% lower as compared to the Standard Chartered MortgageOne Home Loan and there is no setup fee and monthly maintenance fee to worry about. Just the regular monthly instalment.

Who can apply for this conventional term home loan?

Any individuals (Malaysians and non Malaysians) aged 21 years and above, not exceeding 65 years old at the time of application can apply for this Standard Chartered home loan. In order to qualify for any of the borrowing amount, your monthly repayment should not exceed 40% of your monthly salary.

Do I need an insurance policy?

A Fire Insurance policy is compulsory. However, a Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance is optional but highly advised. You can also sign up an optional home insurance, which is underwritten by MSIG.

What documents I need to prepare for this home loan application?

Property Documents:

  • Complete the application form
  • A copy of SPA / Booking Receipts / Letter of Offer from Developer

Salaried Employee:

  • Copy of MyKad (front and back)
  • Latest 1-month salary slips AND bank statement
  • Latest EPF statement OR Borang B / BE

Salaried applicant working abroad:

  • Copy of MyKad (front and back)
  • Tax assessment form of the specific country; OR
  • Latest 3 months pay slips AND bank statement; OR
  • CPF statement

Commission Earner:

  • Copy of MyKad (front and back)
  • 6 months commission statement AND Bank statement; OR
  • EPF / CPF statement if working abroad; OR
  • Tax assessment form of the specific country if working abroad


  • Copy of MyKad (front and back)
  • Business Registration Certificate for Sole Proprietorship / Partnership of more than 2 years
  • Form 9, 24 and 49 for Private Limited Company; AND
  • Audited balance sheet and Profit and Loss; OR
  • Latest 6-months bank statements; OR
  • EPF Statement

Foreigner working in Malaysia:

  • Copy of Passport (front and back)
  • Valid work permit; AND
  • Latest 3-months bank statement; OR
  • Tax assessment from home country

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