MaxisONE Home 50Mbps

A home broadband plan that promises super fast, super furious download and streaming speed, all in the name of unlimited data! Plus, to satisfy your binge-watching experience, it comes with a free access to iflix up to 5 devices!

    • Free Broadband Router
    • Free Modem
    • Free Installation & Activation
    • Unlimited Download Quota
    • 50 Mbps Maximum Speed
  • Contract PeriodMonthly Fee
    24 monthsRM 232.14


How much and how fast can I stream and download?

Broadband Type
Maximum Speed
50 Mbps


What makes this internet plan stand out?

Free Installation And Activation
Free Modem
Free Broadband Router
Unlimited iflix access up to 5 devices
Unlimited voice calls to local mobile and landlines
Free Maxperts consultation
Chromecast device with additional RM1
Aztec Home Plugs set with additional RM1

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Installation Fee
Registration Fee
RM 530 applicable only for non-Malaysians
Activation Fee
Early Termination Fee
RM 530


What comes free in the box?

Broadband Router

Frequently Asked Questions about MaxisONE Home 50Mbps

Things you might want to know

Why should I get MaxisONE Home 50Mbps?

If you want to stream HD movie in a split second without interruption and buffering, welcome to the world of fastest Internet only at 50Mbps.

With Maxis not having quota limit in place currently, imagine the freedom of will and choice you have in your grip right now – especially when there is an unlimited access to iflix up to 5 devices.

Do I get unlimited voice calls from this plan?

Good news to those who like to chat on the phone like forever as there is an unlimited free call for you. But this is only applicable to all local mobile and fixed lines.

How long is the contract and what happens if I terminate prematurely?

Once you have signed up for this plan, you will be contracted for 24-month, in other words, 2 years.

In the event you wish to terminate this service for another provider within the contract period, Maxis will not hesitate to fine you RM500.

Is there other promotion I should know?

As a matter of fact there is, especially for MaxisONE plan customers. Just by adding RM1, you can add a Chromecast device and also a WiFi extenders (Aztech Home Plugs set).

Is there installation fee for my new fiber service?

The good thing about MaxisONE Home plan is that you don’t have to pay deposit to register for the fiber broadband plan. Except if you’re an expat, a RM500 deposit is required for registration.

The installation fee, meanwhile, will be absorbed by Maxis as part of your package. The relocation fee of RM200 is also waived for you should you moved into your new house within the contract period.

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