REDTone 4G HomeLite 68

For light users in Labuan and Lahad Datu territories, enjoy freedom to surf online with REDtone home broadband solution at only RM68 per month! Gone are the days where you need to take turn to use the internet when you can go wireless now.

    • 15 GB Download Quota
    • 1 Mbps Maximum Speed
  • Contract PeriodMonthly Fee
    24 monthsRM 68


How much and how fast can I stream and download?

Broadband Type
Maximum Speed
1 Mbps
15 GB


What makes this internet plan stand out?

No wiring required, just plug and play!

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Installation Fee
RM 53 for indoor installation
Registration Fee
Not Applicable
Activation Fee
RM 106 one-off charge and non-refundable
Early Termination Fee
Not Applicable


What comes free in the box?

REDTone USB Modem

Frequently Asked Questions about REDTone 4G HomeLite 68

Things you might want to know

Riding on the next generation technology, REDTone 4G provides internet access to home users in East Malaysia through wireless broadband at affordable prices.

Which areas does REDTone 4G HomeLite 68 cover?

This plan is only available in Labuan and Lahad Datu presently. But you can always check out REDTone’s coverage areas from time to time.

What can I get from this plan?

Catering to light users, REDTone offers 1Mbps download speed with 15GB fair usage threshold, i.e. monthly data quota.

Is there a warranty on REDTone USB Modem?

Your equipment will have a shell life of 12 months from the date of activation of service. Mind you that the warranty only applies to manufacturing defect, not after it has slipped out of your hand and scattered on the ground. For technical faulty, REDTone will replace your device at no additional cost.

How much will the installation cost me?

The standard installation fee is RM50 for an indoor unit, subject to the cabling not exceeding 10 meters from device’s entry point to the premise. If you want to set up an outdoor unit, a standard installation fee of RM150 will be applied.

How long is the subscription period?

You can subscribe for a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 24 months. If you decided to terminate the service within the contract period, you are liable to pay the subscription charges for the remaining months.

Where can I pay my monthly bill?

Through an omni payment channels authorized by REDTone such as bank transfer, cash, cheque, credit card, auto-debit or even over the counter.

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