TIME Broadband 1Mbps

Enjoy the most affordable home internet with TIME Broadband. Get a free modem when you apply, and don't pay a thing for installation and registration!

    • Free Modem
    • Free Installation & Activation
    • 1 GB Download Quota
    • 1 Mbps Maximum Speed
  • Contract PeriodMonthly Fee
    24 monthsRM 40.28


How much and how fast can I stream and download?

Broadband Type
Maximum Speed
1 Mbps
1 GB


What makes this internet plan stand out?

Free Installation And Activation
Free Modem

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Installation Fee
Registration Fee
Activation Fee
Early Termination Fee
RM 500
Stamp Duty Fee
RM 10


What comes free in the box?


Frequently Asked Questions about TIME Broadband 1Mbps

Things you might want to know

Why sign up for this home internet plan?

Enjoy internet from the comforts of your home with TIME Broadband 1Mbps. You’ll get stable ADSL connection for all your basic internet needs – web surfing, emails, social media and the occasional streaming.

What’s my data quota and broadband speeds?

TIME Broadband 1Mbps comes with 1GB of data for download and uploads – that’s more than enough data to stream more than 200 songs! Plus you won’t have to pay extra even if you exceed your quota limit.

Get fast broadband speeds up to 1Mbps. When you fully utilise the 1GB quota your internet will be throttled to 384kbps.

How do I save with TIME Broadband?

Your monthly fees are affordable at just RM40.28 each month, inclusive of GST. Once you sign up, you’ll also get a free optical modem from TIME and internet cables.

You’ll have to pay a one month’s advance fee when you register, but that’s it! There are no registration or activation fees for this plan. And you won’t have to pay for installation either.

Can I cancel my contract early?

This plan comes with a 24-month contract. As long as you pay all your bills each month you've done your part.

However if you decide to cancel your contract early you’ll have to pay an hefty early termination fee of RM500!

Does this plan come with the Boost feature?

TIME’s Boost gives you an extra 2Mbps Boost of internet speed for up to 4 hours per day. Unfortunately this feature is only available for the 6Mbps and 12Mbps broadband plans.

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