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TM Streamyx 1Mbps

Stay connected with a steady and reliable internet connection with Streamyx broadband. Save more with free one month subscription, along with free modem and phone.

    • Free Modem
    • Free Home Phone
    • Free Installation & Activation
    • Free Voice Calls
    • Monthly Auto Debit Rebate
    • Unlimited Download Quota
    • 1 Mbps Maximum Speed
  • Contract PeriodMonthly Fee
    24 monthsRM 116.60

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How much and how fast can I stream and download?

Broadband Type
Maximum Speed
1 Mbps


What makes this internet plan stand out?

Free Installation And Activation
Monthly Auto Debit Rebate
RM 2 off your bill
Free Voice Calls
TM lines only
Free Modem
Free Home Phone

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Installation Fee
Registration Fee
Activation Fee
Early Termination Fee
RM 350
Stamp Duty Fee
RM 10


What comes free in the box?

Home Phone
DECT phone

Frequently Asked Questions about TM Streamyx 1Mbps

Things you might want to know

What do I get by subscribing to TM Streamyx 1Mbps?

The TM Streamyx 1Mbps comes with a free WiFi modem, free TM WiFi ID, free cordless phone, free calls to TM fixed line nationwide, and a flat rate of 10sen/min to all mobile and other fixed lines within Malaysia.

Do I enjoy more benefits by registering online?

Yes, you definitely do! When you register online, the RM75 activation fee and RM88 installation fee are waived. There are no upfront payment and charges. This is the same when you walk in to TM Point to register. 

Besides an absolutely zero registration fee, TM will also help you register your phone line and Streamyx together. Lastly, no charges are imposed for the delivery of your modem. 

Since most people are working during PosLaju delivery hours, TM can arrange for PosLaju to deliver to your workplace or wherever convenient.

If I’m subscribing to TM Homeline together with Streamyx BlockBuster Deals, what are my initial charges?

Your first Telekom bill will consist of the following charges-RM75 Streamyx activation fee

  • RM88 installation Modem fee (waived if applicant chose self-installation modem)
  • RM10 Streamyx Stamp Duty fee
  • 1st and 2nd month subscription fee advance payment.
  • Call usage (if any)
  • RM75 deposit for fixed line
  • RM10 stamp duty for fixed line
  • RM50 connection fee for fixed line
    Cash Wiring charge of RM30 when Telekom contractor comes to install phone line for you.

If I’m subscribing to TM Homeline together with Streamyx BlockBuster Deals, when can I start enjoying the inclusiveness of TM Homeline rental for it?

You can start to enjoy it on the next bill date of your TM Homeline after the activation of Streamyx BlockBuster Deals service.

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