Telekom Malaysia

TM Unifi Advance 30Mbps

Stay ahead of the others with Unifi blazing fast 30Mbps internet speed! Stream you favourite HD YouTube videos seamlessly and enjoy FREE HyppTV channels to the fullest.

    • Free Modem
    • Free Home Phone
    • Free Installation & Activation
    • Unlimited Download Quota
    • 30 Mbps Maximum Speed
  • Contract PeriodMonthly Fee
    24 monthsRM 139


How much and how fast can I stream and download?

Broadband Type
Maximum Speed
30 Mbps
TV Package Included


What makes this internet plan stand out?

Free Installation And Activation
33 Total Channels Including
  • Bloomberg TV
  • Travel Channel HD
  • Channel News Asia
  • Euronews
  • Astro Awani
Free Modem
Free Ethernet Cable
Free Home Phone
Free TV Set-Top Box
HyypTV decoder and remote

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Installation Fee
Registration Fee
Activation Fee
Early Termination Fee
RM 500


What comes free in the box?

Ethernet Cable
Home Phone
DECT phone
TV Set-Top Box
HyypTV decoder and remote

Frequently Asked Questions about TM Unifi Advance 30Mbps

Things you might want to know

Special Bonanza Campaign Promotion

From now till the 31 December 2017, sign up for Unifi Advance 30Mbps at only RM139 a month for the first 24 months of your contract. Plus, with the special Bonanza you wont have to pay any installation fees either.

Hurry up and apply before this promotion ends!

What is so great about TM Unifi Advance 30Mbps?

If you hunger for Flash-like internet download speed and unlimited data quota to satisfy all your late night movie cravings, TM Unifi Advance 30Mbps is just the right plan for you! Make full use of the luxury given to you and stream as many movies or songs as you want at a whopping offer of RM199 a month excluding GST.

You'll also get a DECT phone for free which is a cordless phone that let you walk around aimlessly with while being on the phone like you always wanted to.

What about the upload speed?

This internet plan equips you with 30Mbps download speed and 10Mbps upload speed. Unless you constantly need to put videos or files with enormous size online, the upload speed is more than enough to serve an ordinary internet user.

What other benefits do this package offer?

This plan also comes with free HyppTV Set-Top-Box that allows you to watch channels from finance to fashion to travel all day long! At a monthly fee of RM199, your Unifi Advance plan is bundled with HyppTV Aneka or HyppTV Varnam TV or HyppTV Ruby pack. If you would like to have an upgrade on the TV channel variations, fork out a little extra and go for Jumbo Pack.

Is there any charges aside from the monthly fee?

You are on your luck! There is supposed to be an installation fee of RM212 but it's waived for now until further notice and no advance deposit is required. Not just that, internet equipments worth RM1000 will also be yours at no costs.

Who is eligible to apply for this internet plan?

Malaysian or foreigner, you are always welcome to apply for TM Unifi Advance 30Mbps and the deposit of RM1000 is completely waived for a foreigner! However, non-Malaysians have to subscribe to this internet plan by visiting the nearest TMpoint and not through UniFi portal.

How long is the contract period?

You will enter into a 24-month contract when your subscription is successful. Bear in mind that if you terminate your subscription after 12 months, you'll have to pay a penalty fee of RM500 and additional of the remaining months of HyppTV pack monthly subscription fee if you terminate before 12 months into the contract.

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