Celcom FIRST Gold Internet

Take internet with you wherever you go! Get hold of Celcom 4G LTE PortaWiFi 2.0 compact router and experience the speed of 4G LTE, you'll never turn back. Carry forward your unused data up to 6GB a month, only with Celcom!

    • Free Modem
    • 18GB Data Quota
    • 75Mbps Maximum Speed
    • Upfront Fee Rebate
  • Monthly FeeData QuotaContract Period
    RM100 with 4G LTE PortaWiFi 2.0 18GB12 months


What makes this mobile broadband plan stand out?

Broadband Type
Maximum Speed
Throttled Speed
Data Quota
Free Modem
Upfront Fee Rebate
  • RM25 for 10 months with 4G LTE PortaWiFi 2.0

Other Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Modem Price
  • RM265 for 4G LTE PortaWiFi 2.0
Activation Fee
  • RM106 with 4G LTE PortaWiFi 2.0
Extra Deposit For Foreigners
Early Termination Fee
*inclusive of 6% GST

Your Devices

What comes in the box?

  • Modem
    ModemBroadband TypeMax SpeedMax Sharing Devices
    4G LTE PortaWiFi 2.04G LTE75Mbps up to 10 devices

Frequently Asked Questions about Celcom FIRST Gold Internet

Things you might want to know

Surf your heart out with a mobile broadband plan that’s also packed with Celcom WiFi data. You’ll be making waves with super fast internet speeds on the go, wherever you go – so you’re always ahead!

Sign up online today and get a free 4G LTE Portable WiFi device. Link up your PC, Mac, tablet and smartphones all in one single device and plan.

How much does Celcom First Gold Internet cost?

Don’t let the math confuse you. You’ll pay an activation fee of RM106 and upfront device fee of RM265, including GST, when you first sign up. Each month onwards, just pay your monthly bill of RM106 for your First Gold Internet plan.

Is the Portable Wifi Modem really free? What’s the device fee?

You’ll get a free 4G LTE PortaWiFi device from Celcom that’s worth RM389. After you’ve paid the upfront fee, Celcom will rebate all RM250 back you over the next 10 months. That’s RM25 every month!

How much internet data do I get?

Celcom First Gold Internet comes with 18GBs of data each month so you can make all the waves you want on the internet. From 1am – 7am you’ll have a 12GB quota, while you’ll have 6GB for surfing any other time of the day.

But wait! Celcom is throwing in an extra 1GB of free for surfing each weekend. This extra data in does not carry forward – but if you’re counting with me, that’s a total of 22GB of data each month for just RM106!

Free Celcom WiFi data?

Yes, it’s true. Celcom First Gold Internet also comes with 18GBs of complimentary WiFi at hotspots around you. Similar to your data quota, you get 12GB from 1 to 7am, and another 6GB for surfing throughout the day.

How do I top up my Celcom data online?

Burning up your data quota on streaming videos and online gaming? You can easily top up your data with Celcom Max Up by dialing *118# to purchase 1 GB for just RM21.20.

Alternatively, you can text MAXUPEXTRA1GB and send to 28882. These online data top ups will be charged to you in your monthly bill from Celcom.

Why should I choose Celcom 4G LTE?

In case you’re wondering if you should try Celcom 4G LTE for yourself, besides boasting to be the ‘undisputed No. 1’ option in Malaysia, Celcom also has wide 4G and 3G coverage across the nation. Check out Celcom network coverage for yourself.

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