Digi Broadband 30 Prepaid

Experience seamless internet with Digi Broadband, packed with 10GB basic internet and free 10GB data for Stream FREE, for as low as RM30. Pair the sim card into your mobile, MiFi or even home device to enjoy unlimited entertainment.

    • 20GB Free Data on Activation
  • Package PriceFree Data on ActivationExpires Within
    RM30 for SIM card only plan 20GB30 days


What makes this mobile broadband plan stand out?

Broadband Type
Maximum Speed
depending on your device
Maximum Top-Up Quota

Other Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Data Top-Up Fees
Top-Up FeeData QuotaExpires Within
RM3020GB30 days
RM6044GB30 days

Frequently Asked Questions about Digi Broadband 30 Prepaid

Things you might want to know

What can I get from DiGi Broadband 30 Prepaid?

Digi Broadband 30 Prepaid enables you to access the internet at a data quota of 20GB for RM30 per month. The internet data is comprised of 10GB basic internet and a 10GB Stream Free for 24 hours a day.

Don’t worry about getting your prepaid account barred as your plan will be automatically renewed every month, provided you have sufficient credit balance at the end of your 30 days validity.

Do I get voice call and SMS / MMS using my broadband subscription?

Unfortunately no. This prepaid broadband plan can only be used to surf the internet via pay-as-you-go basis.

However, you can make unlimited internet voice call via social apps such as Whatsapp, Face Time, Skype and many more when you purchase the Internet Top Up at RM5!

Is there internet data top-up for this Digi Broadband Prepaid plan?

There are 3 types of Internet Top Ups you can purchase:

  • RM5 unlimited VOIP
  • RM25 for 20GB all-in internet usage

How to check my credit balance and perform reload?

To check credit balance and perform reload, you can visit Digi website or alternatively by respectively dialing *126# or *128# then select ‘Reload’.

How would my data quota be deducted?

Your internet data quota will be deducted in the order as follows: VOIP, Internet Top Up, Stream Free and lastly Base Quota.

Where do I go to report for technical issues?

If you’re facing any disruptions to your service, you can always contact DiGi’s customer service helpline at 016 2211 800. Similarly, you can send an email report to [email protected]

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