Digi Broadband 45 Postpaid

Take your internet wherever you go with Digi's 4G mobile broadband. Broadband for the light user with 8GB data all packed in an affordable bundle and price!

    • 8GB Data Quota
    • 150Mbps Maximum Speed
  • Monthly FeeData QuotaContract Period
    RM45 with Huawei E5577s 8GB12 months
    RM45 with Huawei E5785 (LTE-A) 8GB12 months


What makes this mobile broadband plan stand out?

Broadband Type
Maximum Speed
Throttled Speed
Data Quota
  • 7GB Streaming Quota

Other Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Modem Price
  • RM108 for Huawei E5577s (RM9 paid over 12 months)
  • RM108 for Huawei E5785 (LTE-A) (RM9 paid over 12 months)
Advance Payment
  • RM45 with all broadband plans
Extra Deposit For Foreigners
Early Termination Fee
RM200 flat Administrative Fee + RM9 device price X remaining months
Data Top-Up Fees
Top-Up FeeData QuotaExpires Within
RM2520GB30 days

Your Devices

What comes in the box?

  • Modem
    You can choose any one of the following modems
    ModemBroadband TypeMax SpeedMax Sharing Devices
    Huawei E5577s4G LTE150Mbps up to 10 devices
    Huawei E5785 (LTE-A)4G LTE150Mbps up to 16 devices

Frequently Asked Questions about Digi Broadband 45 Postpaid

Things you might want to know

What’s great about DiGi Broadband?

Having trouble finding a WiFi spot? It’s probably time to get your own DiGi Broadband Postpaid plan! Enjoy affordable internet on-the-go where ever you go with DiGi’s wide network coverage.

Sign up for a DiGi MobiFi modem and share your broadband connection with multiple devices.

How much does this mobile broadband plan cost?

For just RM45 a month, you’ll get 8GBs of base data for all your internet surfing and uploads. A plan advance payment of RM45 will be rebated to you in your next bill.

Enjoy fast DiGi 4G LTE speeds with an Huawei E5577s  and Huawei E5785 LTE-A modem for RM108, which is payable monthly at RM9 for 12 months. You will also need to pay a Device Upfront Fee of RM100 upon signing up this plan.

How do I reload my data online?

To get a data top up online, sign in to DiGi Connect or go to DiGi OCS – Online Customer Service. There’s no limit to your data top ups each month, but be warned that none of your data quota will be carried forward into the following month.

Who should I contact for technical assistance?

If you’re facing any disruptions to your network and service, contact DiGi’s Customer Service Hotline at 016 2211 800 or email to [email protected]

Do I have to pay a deposit? Are there any termination fees?

For all broadband plans that come with Huawei modem, you are bound to a 12-month contract, upon which an early termination penalty will be charged if you terminate the plan prematurely.

Non-Malaysians will have to place any additional deposit of RM100 to sign up for this plan.

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