MaxisONE Go WiFi 138

No fiber internet? Just plug and play your 4G Home Modem and tether your 138 plan to enjoy lightning-speed broadband connection. Get 4G MiFi Modem at a discount when you're constantly on the go and overseas. Continue browsing using domestic data in 9 ASEAN countries for just RM10 for a day!

    • 65GB Data Quota
    • 150Mbps Maximum Speed
  • Monthly FeeData QuotaContract Period
    RM138 with SIM card only 65GBno contract
    RM138 with M7350 LTE Mobile WiFi 65GB12 months
    RM138 with Huawei B315S-22 65GB12 months


What makes this mobile broadband plan stand out?

Broadband Type
Maximum Speed
Throttled Speed
Data Quota

Other Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Modem Price
  • RM199 for M7350 LTE Mobile WiFi retail price without Maxis plan
  • RM339 for Huawei B315S-22 retail price without Maxis plan
Advance Payment
  • RM138 with SIM card only plan will be refunded in the next bill
Extra Deposit For Foreigners
Early Termination Fee
RM100 Administration Fee, excluding the cost for remaining months left on tenure
Data Top-Up Fees
Top-Up FeeData QuotaExpires Within
RM55GB1 day
RM1010GB7 days

Your Devices

What comes in the box?

  • Modem
    You can choose any one of the following modems
    ModemBroadband TypeMax SpeedMax Sharing Devices
    M7350 LTE Mobile WiFi4G LTE150Mbps up to 10 devices
    Huawei B315S-224G LTE150Mbps up to 32 devices

Frequently Asked Questions about MaxisONE Go WiFi 138

Things you might want to know

For heavy download users whose main internet purpose include HD video streaming, online gaming and cloud applications, you may want to read on about MaxisONE Go WiFi 138 plan.

What’s so great about MaxisONE Go WiFi 138?

Compare to basic fiber home broadband plan from Maxis, MaxisONE Go WiFi 138 has an edge over the former for its value-for-money and faster speed. With an average download speed of up to 30Mbps (with SIM card only), this plan gives you even bigger data quota of 65GB at RM138 per month.

Moreover, you can choose to pair it with a simple plug and play device to surf at a faster speed of 150Mbps and share it with more people.

Which devices should I get?

If you are prone to be out and about, get a 4G MiFi Modem (M7350 LTE Mobile WiFi) for personal use due to its compactness, which can fit into your pant pocket nicely. Plus, it can also signal WiFi strength up to 10 devices!

For homeowners, whether in a high-rise tower or landed property, a 4G Home Modem (Huawei B315S-22) can deliver smooth WiFi connection to a maximum 32 devices – especially if you are located in Maxis’s 4G network coverage.

Both modems boast a maximum speed of 150Mbps, which quadrupled the speed of SIM card only plan, and has a 12-month contract. But if you want to ditch the contract altogether, you can purchase the devices separately at retail price.

Can I use this service while traveling overseas?

The best part about this plan is that you can utilize your local data based on the plan you have signed up to surf the world wide web while overseas – just activate your Data Roaming service beforehand.

To top it off, Maxis gives you a flat rate of RM10 per day of Data Roaming when you travel within 9 ASEAN countries, namely Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia and Laos. Say bye-bye to steep roaming and unexpected bill charges.

However, this plan does not support voice and SMS.

Are there hidden fees and charges?

For any MaxisONE Go WiFi plans without a device, there is an Advance Payment you are subject to, which is refundable in your first bill cycle. Non-Malaysians have to dig deeper into their pockets as the deposit is RM500.

There is a penalty of RM100 for early termination, in addition to the commitment fees for the remaining months left in the contract that you need to clear before walking out of this Maxis broadband plan.

How do I check my data usage?

You can check your internet data usage via Maxis Online Account or UMB (*100#). You can also check via MyMaxis App, where you can also replenish your data needs by purchasing a time-based pass.

Who can apply for MaxisONE Go WiFi 138?

Anyone of 18 years old and above can apply. This plan is also available for existing Maxis users who wish to upgrade their postpaid and Pocket WiFi plans, except for Maxis Wireless Broadband customers.

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