P1 ToGo 59

An on-the-go Mifi internet plan with 5GB data for casual users. Easy on the wallet with installation fee completely waived and free internet for first month. Have access to fast and seamless internet anywhere!

    • Free Modem
    • 5GB Data Quota
    • No Upfront Fee
    • 1Mbps Maximum Speed
    • Monthly Auto Debit Rebate
  • Monthly FeeData QuotaContract Period
    RM62.54 with MF 230 5GB24 months
    RM62.54 with MX 230 5GB24 months
    RM30.74 with UH 235 5GB6 months
    RM30.74 with UT 235 5GB6 months


What makes this mobile broadband plan stand out?

Broadband Type
Maximum Speed
Data Quota
Free Modem
choice of MF 230, MX 230, UH235 or UT 235 portable modem
Monthly Auto Debit Rebate
  • 5 % off your bill for 24 months
  • No Upfront Fee
    • Free internet package delivery to your home
    • Extra RM50 discount for online registrations for monthly fee above RM50

    Other Fees & Charges

    There are always fees but how much are they?

    Registration Fee
    RM53 paid over 5 months
    Activation Fee
    • RM106 with All modem paid only after your first month
    Extra Deposit For Foreigners
    Early Termination Fee
    RM200 , extra RM100 if terminated within 12 months
    Data Top-Up Fees
    Top-Up FeeData QuotaExpires Within
    RM31.803GB30 days
    RM15.901GB30 days
    RM10.600.5GB30 days

    Your Devices

    What comes in the box?

    • Modem
      You can choose any one of the following modems
      ModemBroadband TypeMax SpeedMax Sharing Devices
      MF 2304G1Mbps up to 6 devices
      MX 2304G1Mbps up to 8 devices
      UH 2354G1Mbps up to 1 device
      UT 2354G1Mbps up to 1 device

    Frequently Asked Questions about P1 ToGo 59

    Things you might want to know

    What is P1 ToGo 59 all about?

    Reliable public Wifi hotspots in Malaysia are hard to come by won't you agree? For those in need of fast and affordable on-the-go 4G internet, P1 has got the answer for you.

    With the P1 ToGo 59, you'll get access to up to 1Mbps internet speed with 5GB data for all your browsing, downloading, and social media needs - say goodbye to slow loading screens all for an affordable price that's hard to beat!

    Awesome! What other fees do I need to pay?

    Your first bill will include a one-time activation fee of RM106, RM53 registration fee charged as RM10.60 for your first five monthly bills, and any prorated fee based on your subscription date.

    How long is my contract with P1?

    With the two year broadband plan you'll get to pick either the MF 230 or MX 230 modem - they last for hours throughout the day and have greater reach! If a plan with shorter contract period is what you're looking for, pick the UH 235 or UT 235 USB dongle that comes with only 6-month contract.

    For plans with 6 months contract, you'll lose the benefits of free one month internet and RM50 discount for online purchase but on the flip side, your subscription fee will be marked down by RM31.80 on a monthly basis!

    Will I get a free internet modem?

    Definitely, and with lifetime warranty to boot! You get to choose from four different modems - the MF 230, MX 230 MiFi modem or UH 235, UT 235 USB dongle.

    Depending on your needs and budget, you can pick a modem that has longer battery life, OSX compatible if you own a Mac, or one that's pocket-size that you can bring along anywhere you go.

    Your Mifi modem battery and power adaptor will both have 3-month warranty. Will you get to keep them if you decide to cancel your plan? Tough luck - you must return your modem and accessories to P1!

    So can I cancel my P1 ToGo 59 plan anytime?

    Yes. However, there is an early cancellation fee of RM200. For 24 months contract, there will be an extra fee of RM100 if you want to cancel within the first 12 months. If you cancel after this period, there won't be a fee.

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