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XOX Fat Data Plan 10GB

Get more stream time with 10GB per month when you have the XOX Fat Data Plan. This broadband sim card comes with minimal commitments and a lot of internet for any mobile device. Sign up for your plan today.

    • 10GB Free Data on Activation
  • Package PriceFree Data on ActivationExpires Within
    RM50 for SIM card only plan 10GB30 days


What makes this mobile broadband plan stand out?

Broadband Type
Maximum Speed
depending on your device
Maximum Top-Up Quota
  • Auto Renewal Feature

Other Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Frequently Asked Questions about XOX Fat Data Plan 10GB

Things you might want to know

What is the Fat Data Plan 10GB?

The XOX Fat Data Plan 10GB is a mobile broadband plan that gives you 10GB of data for a 30-day period at a small fee. It is a prepaid plan that will leave you with no lasting commitments if you choose not to have any.

How much do I have to pay?

With this 10GB monthly plan, you will have a prepaid fee of RM50. Since it is a flexible system you can choose not to renew the plan at the end of the month, or continue with another plan from XOX. Simply make your changes via the SMS provider.

You can also purchase the new Season Pass FAT Welcome Deals within 10 days after the activation of the prepaid plan:

  • 10GB + 10GB for RM50
  • 10GB + 333 minutes for RM50
  • 5GB + 100 minutes for RM30
  • 333 minutes for RM30

In addition, you can also choose to switch your plan to either a weekly or daily plan as well if that would suit your needs better.

Can I buy more data?

Sure, you can, the Fat Data Plan 10GB comes with some cool data Add-Ons that you can purchase to boost your surf time. You can purchase internet from RM3 to RM50 depending on how much you want.

Remember though, that the Add-On Data purchased will expire the same time as your regular monthly data. Which means if you are subscribed with 5GB for 30 days and on day-20 you purchased more data. Then your new data purchase will expire in 10 days just as your subscription would.

Can I carry forward data?

Unfortunately, since this is a prepaid plan, the data is limited to the 30 days, monthly subscription, which will not allow for data to be carried forward. So, remember to try and finish all your data before the month is out.

How do I renew the plan?

There are a couple of options when it comes to renewing your plan, first, you can select an auto-renewal feature where the service can auto-deduct your fee and revive your plan every month.

Or, you could use the SMS guide to switch plans to something else, maybe a weekly or daily plan.

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