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XOX Fat Data Plan 5GB

Pay less for more, with this 5GB prepaid internet plan. Get this 5GB sim card for anyone of your mobile devices and experience smooth streaming for 30 days. Auto renew your plans for hassle-free management.

    • 5GB Free Data on Activation
  • Package PriceFree Data on ActivationExpires Within
    RM30 for SIM card only plan 5GB30 days


What makes this mobile broadband plan stand out?

Broadband Type
Maximum Speed
depending on your device
Maximum Top-Up Quota
  • Auto Renewal Feature

Other Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Frequently Asked Questions about XOX Fat Data Plan 5GB

Things you might want to know

What is the Fat Data Plan 5GB?

XOX Fat Data Plan is an all-new mobile broadband plan available by way of a SIM card to be used in your mobile device. It offers you exceptional internet for a small prepaid fee and can last you 30 days.

Don’t wait around for Wi-Fi all day so you can use your tablet, get this sim card and use it anytime, anywhere.

How much data do I get?

This particular plan allows for you to have 5GB at RM30 a month. However, that’s not all, if you need to have more data, or you want an upgrade, you can purchase data Add-Ons for a small fee.

These Add-Ons or reloads, range from RM3 to RM50 depending on how much data you want to top up over the 5GB monthly data pool. Any additional data purchased will last the same amount of time as your monthly subscription.

Which means that, if you have this plan that comes with 5GB a month and 2 weeks into your subscription you decide to top up your data, it will last the remaining number of days for of your subscription month.

3S XOX Season Pass Offers

You can also purchase the new Season Pass Offers where you can:

- Subscribe when you really need it,

- Store your unused data, and

- Share to your loved ones

  • 20GB for RM100
  • 30GB for RM150
  • 50gb for RM250
  • 10GB + 333 minutes for RM80
  • 20GB + 333 minutes for RM130
  • 999 minutes for RM90

How do I renew the prepaid plan?

There are a couple of ways you can continue your plan, both will require for you to contact the SMS service with your subscription code option.

The first option is, when you purchase the Sim Card and Plan from XOX, activate the auto-renewal feature that allows for the plan to renew and charge your card the same amount at the end of every subscription month.

Another option is if you would like to continue with the current monthly subscription, then you will need to send an SMS request and will need to credit the same monthly fee that you’re currently subscribed to.

In this case, the amount is RM30. If you would like to change your plan to a higher monthly plan or a weekly plan, then you will need to request that service via SMS as well.

XOX Fat Data Plan add-on


Can I carry forward data?

If you have leftover data from the previous month it will be burn when the new month begins, or when your subscription ends. This rule also applies to Add-On data, it will expire at the end of the subscription month along with the monthly amount.

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