Yes Super 98 Postpaid

Share your bigger and faster 4G broadband internet connection with friends and family. Get a free modem for upgrading or subscribing to Yes 4G Broadband to enjoy bigger and faster internet!

    • Free Modem
    • 38GB Data Quota
    • 20Mbps Maximum Speed
    • Upfront Fee Rebate
    • Monthly Auto Debit Rebate
  • Monthly FeeData QuotaContract Period
    RM98 with SIM card only 38GBno contract
    RM98 with Huddle XS 4G LTE 38GB12 months


What makes this mobile broadband plan stand out?

Broadband Type
Maximum Speed
Throttled Speed
Data Quota
Free Modem
Huddle XS 4G LTE
Upfront Fee Rebate
  • RM98 for 1 month with Huddle XS 4G LTE on your Advance Payment
Monthly Auto Debit Rebate
  • RM5 off your bill for 18 months
  • Other Fees & Charges

    There are always fees but how much are they?

    Modem Price
    • RM0 for Huddle XS 4G LTE
    Advance Payment
    • RM98 with Huddle XS 4G LTE will be rebated in the first month
    Activation Fee
    • RM100 with Huddle XS 4G LTE
    Extra Deposit For Foreigners
    Early Termination Fee
    RM98 Monthly Commitment Fees x remaining months on contract

    Your Devices

    What comes in the box?

    • Modem
      ModemBroadband TypeMax SpeedMax Sharing Devices
      Huddle XS 4G LTE4G LTE20Mbps up to 10 devices

    Frequently Asked Questions about Yes Super 98 Postpaid

    Things you might want to know

    Can't move on from the latest season of your favorite TV Series? Can't wait for the upcoming sequel next month? Well, you should be the first in line for it with YES 4G broadband plan, one of Malaysia's faster internet service providers with expansive LTE coverage.

    How does this plan work?

    You will get a total internet data of 38GB that is fully riding on Yes 4G LTE network for only RM98 every month. To get your hand on this super internet plan you need to sign up with Yes and get yourself a Yes ID.

    You Yes ID will become your passport into the world of wireless mobile broadband. From there, you'll receive a free Huddle XS 4G LTE to pair up with your 38GB-worth of 4G LTE data.

    How to pay for my monthly bill?

    There are many ways to do so at your convenience: online banking or cash payment over-the-counter. But, if you opted for an auto-billing service with locally issued credit cards, you are entitled to an RM5 rebate for every billing transaction.

    What are the fees and charges I should be mindful of?

    Good question. For all Yes 4G postpaid plans with high-speed internet, there is an Advance Payment of one (1) month commitment fee that is chargeable to you. You will get your money back, of course, by way of rebate, which will be credited into your first billing cycle.

    For a plan that is bundled with a WiFi device, it will be binding to a 12-month contract with Yes and an activation fee of RM100.  Non-Malaysians interested in signing up must deposit extra RM100, which is refundable upon contract expiration.

    Now, if you want to change your mind by terminating the plan while still within the contract period, you are subject to pay off the commitment fee for the remaining months left.

    Does my area have coverage?

    Well with a broadband modem it technically doesn’t matter. However, if you’d like to be super sure, head on over to the Yes website to check out their coverage map to get a better idea.

    Can I use my own modem?

    Sure, you might be able to depend on its compatibility. But since you get a free device with this deal anyway, why take the risk?

    Who do I contact for issues?

    Yes, the website comes equipped with a full range of support options should you need assistance with your device or network. So, feel free to email or call them for any questions or queries you might have.

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