Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6

Celcom FIRST Plan Apple iPhone 6

Find your iPhone 6 moment with a Celcom FIRST mobile plan that fits your budget and 4G LTE needs. Best prices for the 2 year contract on the 16GB and 64GB iPhone 6.

    • Monthly fee from RM85
    • Save up to RM2031 on phone
    • Unlimited calls to all operator
    • Unlimited SMS to all operator
    • Up to 30GB data


All you need to know about this mobile plan

  • FIRST Platinum
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    Unlimited call
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    Unlimited SMS
    to all operator
  • FIRST Gold
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    Unlimited call
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    Unlimited SMS
    to all operator
  • FIRST Blue
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    50 mins
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    50 SMS
    to all operator
  • First One
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    60 mins
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    60 SMS
    to all operator
  • First Gold Plus
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    Free SMS

Cost of Ownership

How much exactly does it cost to own this phone

PlanPhone CapacityContract PeriodApple iPhone 6
Discounted Price
Upfront FeeMonthly Fee
FIRST Basic 8516 GB24 monthsRM1728RM650RM85
FIRST Basic 8564 GB24 monthsRM2158RM650RM85
FIRST Elite16 GB24 monthsRM668RM1700RM235
FIRST Elite64 GB24 monthsRM1088RM1700RM235


What makes this phone bundle plan stand out?

Phone Specifications
Internal Memory
  • 16 GB
  • 64 GB
Battery Size
1810 mAh
Screen Size
4.7 inch
Rear Camera Resolution
8 Megapixels
Front Camera Resolution
1.2 Megapixels
1 GB


There are always fees but how much are they?

Early Termination Fee
  • RM1500
  • RM500 for selected plans
Foreigner Deposit

Frequently Asked Questions about Celcom FIRST Plan Apple iPhone 6

Things you might want to know

Capture the best moments of life with the amazing iPhone 6. And with the nation’s best service provider at your side, you’ll stay connected to friends and family with the fastest 4G LTE for quick photo, video sharing and Apple FaceTime anywhere you go. What’s more, you’ll also get complimentary data at Celcom WiFi hotspots across Peninsular and East Malaysia.

Why should I get a Celcom iPhone 6 smartphone plan?

It’s all about bigger savings with a postpaid smartphone plan. Get an iPhone 6 at a discounted price when you sign up for a 2 year contract with Celcom. Choose your ideal plan – either the FIRST Basic 85 which come locked and ready with the Optimiser, or grab the FIRST Elite with superpacked call, sms and data for two sim cards – all of this is just one plan!

What extra benefits come with this plan?

Complimentary WiFiPlus

All plans come with complimentary WiFi Plus data from Celcom. For FIRST Elite you’ll get 3GB for each line (that’s a total of 6GB altogether!) and 2GB for FIRST Basic 85. To start surfing just enter a WiFiPlus Zone, open your browser and key in your ID and Password at the login page.

Celcom Optimiser

More is better, that’s why Celcom is ready to treat you with extra data, or call time & SMS. Exceed any of these quotas each month and Celcom Optimiser will automatically kick into effect. Here’s how much extra treats you’ll get:

FIRST Basic 85 Optimiser

  • 3GB Internet + 3GB WiFiPlus; or
  • 600 call minutes + 600 sms to all networks

FIRST Elite Optimiser

  • 2GB Internet + 2GB WiFiPlus; or
  • Unlimited call minutes + sms to all networks

iPhone 6 Discount

Pay less on your brand new iPhone 6 when you buy it with Celcom. The Celcom FIRST Basic 85 plan gives you a discount on your 16GB iPhone 6 and 64GB iPhone 6 at RM1831.70 and RM2287.50 respectively with GST included.

Sign up for FIRST Elite and pay only RM708.10 for the 16GB iPhone 6, and RM1153.30 for the 64GB iPhone 6 after GST!

How much do I have to pay to register?

To walk off with your brand new iPhone 6 and Celcom postpaid plan you’ll have to pay both a discounted device price and upfront fee. Notice that you’re paying a lot more upfront fees for the FIRST Elite plan? It’s all good, cause’ this amount will be rebated back to you fully over the first 10 months of your contract including the GST charges paid for the upfront fees.

What happens if I cancel my contract early?

This course of action is never advisable. But in case you’ve decided to cancel your smartphone plan, Celcom will charge you an early termination fee based on the number of months remaining on your contract and the FIRST plan you’ve chosen. Any upfront fees that you’ve paid will also be forfeited.

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