Apple iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 6s

Celcom FIRST Plan Apple iPhone 6s

Enjoy the best iPhone 6s deals with Celcom when you bundle it with a postpaid plan, including rebates for the first 10 months! Get complimentary Celcom WiFi at hotspots around Malaysia.

    • Monthly fee from RM80
    • Save up to RM2141 on phone
    • Unlimited calls to all operator
    • Unlimited SMS to all operator
    • Up to 30GB data


All you need to know about this mobile plan

  • FIRST Platinum
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    Unlimited call
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    Unlimited SMS
    to all operator
  • FIRST Gold
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    Unlimited call
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    Unlimited SMS
    to all operator
  • FIRST Blue
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    50 mins
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    50 SMS
    to all operator
  • First One
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    60 mins
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    60 SMS
    to all operator
  • First Gold Plus
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    Free SMS

Cost of Ownership

How much exactly does it cost to own this phone

PlanPhone CapacityContract PeriodApple iPhone 6s
Discounted Price
Upfront FeeMonthly Fee
FIRST Platinum16 GB24 monthsRM1668RM1100RM150
FIRST Platinum64 GB24 monthsRM2098RM1100RM150
FIRST Platinum128 GB24 monthsRM2518RM1100RM150
FIRST Gold16 GB12 monthsRM2638RM150RM80
FIRST Gold64 GB12 monthsRM3068RM150RM80
FIRST Gold128 GB12 monthsRM3488RM150RM80
FIRST Basic 8516 GB24 monthsRM2138RM650RM85
FIRST Basic 8564 GB24 monthsRM2568RM650RM85
FIRST Basic 85128 GB24 monthsRM2988RM650RM85
FIRST Elite16 GB24 monthsRM1058RM1700RM235
FIRST Elite64 GB24 monthsRM1478RM1700RM235
FIRST Elite128 GB24 monthsRM1908RM1700RM235


What makes this phone bundle plan stand out?

Phone Specifications
Internal Memory
  • 16 GB
  • 64 GB
  • 128 GB
Battery Size
1715 mAh
Screen Size
4.7 inch
Rear Camera Resolution
12 Megapixels
Front Camera Resolution
5 Megapixels
2 GB


There are always fees but how much are they?

Early Termination Fee
  • RM1500
  • RM500 for selected plans
Foreigner Deposit

Frequently Asked Questions about Celcom FIRST Plan Apple iPhone 6s

Things you might want to know

Double up on the fun with a brand new iPhone 6s and a Celcom postpaid mobile data plan. You’ll get savings on your new Apple smartphone purchase, plus a great selection of Celcom plans to choose from. Need something budget, sign up for Basic 85. Or simply go all premium with extra everything with the FIRST Platinum plan.

How much do I have to pay to sign up?

Look out for 3 different numbers when you’re signing up for the Celcom FIRST and iPhone 6s bundle plan, they are: device price, upfront fee and monthly payments.

Monthly payments will determine your financial commitment each month for the entire contract period. While a more expensive plan will give you better discounts on your iPhone 6s price, you should actually plan to use all the extra data, talk time and sms that you’ll get with your plan.

For the other two numbers - lower device price is good, higher upfront fee is good. You’ll have to pay both these amounts at registration – and the total will add up to about the same, regardless of which plan you choose. The only difference is your upfront fee will be fully rebated back to you at the end of the day.

Does the Celcom Optimiser apply for all FIRST plans?

The Celcom Optimiser is a free special feature that is only available for the FIRST Elite or FIRST 85 plan. It works as follows. If you finish utilising all your Data or Talk & SMS each month, you’ll get an Optimiser top up for only one of the mentioned categories. Here’s the Optimiser features that comes with your Celcom postpaid plan:

FIRST Basic 85 Optimiser (one of the below each month)

  • 3GB Internet data + 3GB Celcom WiFi data
  • 600 Call Minutes + 600 SMS to all networks

FIRST Elite Optimiser (one of the below each month)

  • 2GB Internet data + 2GB Celcom WiFi data
  • Unlimited Call Minutes + unlimited SMS to all networks

What happens if I use up all my data?

Go easy on your social media feeds and downloads or you’ll have no more data bytes left for the surfing essentials. If you’ve signed up for FIRST Elite or FIRST 85, your data Optimiser will kick in first with 2-3 extra GB depending on the plan you’ve chosen. Once your data is down to zero, your internet speeds will be slowed down to throttle speeds.

How does the upfront fee rebate work?

Once you’ve paid the upfront fee and completed your first billing cycle, Celcom will rebate one-tenth of the amount each month for 10 months. You’ll get the total amount you paid back to you, including GST. This rebate will be credited to your monthly bill each month; no cash rebates will be given by Celcom.

What happens if I cancel my contract early?

Your Celcom FIRST Plan Apple iPhone 6s plans come with a two year contract for all plans. If you decide to cancel your postpaid plan early, you’ll be required to pay termination fees of RM1500. You’ll also forfeit any balance remaining on your upfront payment.

Can I register for a supplementary line with this smartphone plan?

For an additional Celcom postpaid sim card to share the data with a family member, you can sign up for Celcom FIRST Elite plan. With a monthly commitment of RM235 a month, you’ll get an extra line with 3GB of data, 200 minutes and 200 sms each month.

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