Apple iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 6s

Maxis iValue Plan Apple iPhone 6s

Crazy over iPhone but find it hard to afford? Get iPhone 6s from Maxis at a great discount right away when you bundle it with Maxis iValue mobile plan. Pay less and enjoy more!

    • Monthly fee from RM50
    • Save up to RM1939 on phone
    • Up to 6GB data


All you need to know about this mobile plan

  • Maxis iValue Simple
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    200 mins
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    100 SMS
    to same operator
  • Maxis iValue 1
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    333 mins
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    1000 SMS
    to same operator
  • Maxis iValue 2
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    667 mins
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    1000 SMS
    to same operator
  • Maxis iValue 3
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    1500 mins
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    1000 SMS
    to same operator

Cost of Ownership

How much exactly does it cost to own this phone

PlanPhone CapacityContract PeriodApple iPhone 6s
Discounted Price
Upfront FeeMonthly Fee
Maxis iValue Simple16 GB12 monthsRM2844RM150RM50
Maxis iValue 116 GB12 monthsRM2460RM300RM100
Maxis iValue 216 GB12 monthsRM2295RM465RM155
Maxis iValue 316 GB12 monthsRM2010RM750RM250
Maxis iValue Simple64 GB12 monthsRM3269RM150RM50
Maxis iValue 164 GB12 monthsRM2885RM300RM100
Maxis iValue 264 GB12 monthsRM2720RM465RM155
Maxis iValue 364 GB12 monthsRM2435RM750RM250
Maxis iValue Simple128 GB12 monthsRM3694RM150RM50
Maxis iValue 1128 GB12 monthsRM3310RM300RM100
Maxis iValue 2128 GB12 monthsRM3145RM465RM155
Maxis iValue 3128 GB12 monthsRM2860RM750RM250
Maxis iValue 116 GB24 monthsRM2160RM600RM100
Maxis iValue 216 GB24 monthsRM1830RM930RM155
Maxis iValue 316 GB24 monthsRM1260RM1500RM250
Maxis iValue 164 GB24 monthsRM2585RM600RM100
Maxis iValue 264 GB24 monthsRM2255RM930RM155
Maxis iValue 364 GB24 monthsRM1685RM1500RM250
Maxis iValue 1128 GB24 monthsRM3010RM600RM100
Maxis iValue 2128 GB24 monthsRM2680RM930RM155
Maxis iValue 3128 GB24 monthsRM2110RM1500RM250


What makes this phone bundle plan stand out?

Phone Specifications
Internal Memory
  • 16 GB
  • 64 GB
  • 128 GB
Battery Size
1715 mAh
Screen Size
4.7 inch
Rear Camera Resolution
12 Megapixels
Front Camera Resolution
5 Megapixels
2 GB


There are always fees but how much are they?

Foreigner Deposit

Frequently Asked Questions about Maxis iValue Plan Apple iPhone 6s

Things you might want to know

What is this Maxis iValue Plan Apple iPhone 6s all about?

One of the many reasons that is stopping you from getting a brand-new-shiny iPhone 6s is the price, your are definitely not alone. This Maxis bundle plan is here to help you achieve your Apple fan boy dream by giving huge discount on the phone price!

This offer is exclusively for people who sign up for Maxis iValue Postpaid Plan and purchase the phone in a bundle from Maxis. If you are planning to get rid of your old laggy phone, this is the right time!

How much can I save from this plan compared to getting a phone separately?

The amount of discount given on your iPhone 6s varies according to the phone's capacity, mobile internet plan and contract period i.e. 12 months or 24 months you select. For Maxis iValue plan, you can choose between iValue Simple (only available with 12 months contract), iValue 1, iValue 2 and iValue 3.

The rule of thumb is the better the plan you subscribe to and longer the contract period, the more the savings you can get. Here's an example of how much you can save on the phone by bundling it with each mobile internet plan below assuming that you pick iPhone 6s 64GB and 12 months contract period:

Retail price: RM3699

Maxis iValue Plan Discounted Price (RM) Amount saved (RM)!
iValue Simple 3269 430
iValue 1 2885 814
iValue 2 2720 979
iValue 3 2435 1264

Is there any fees other than the phone price?

It goes without saying that there will be a monthly recurring fee for the Maxis iValue Postpaid Plan you subscribe to.

Apart from that, there's also an upfront payment required at the point of registration which ranges from RM150 to RM1500. The upfront fee will be reimbursed to you over 5 months.

Am I allowed to carry forward any unused data to the following month?

No, all data that is not utilised at the end of each billing cycle will be forfeited automatically.

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