Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

U Mobile iPlan Apple iPhone 6s Plus

U Mobile offers the fastest mobile network of up to 10GB for iPhone 6s Plus. What's more - unlimited calls to all networks is made available.

    • Monthly fee from RM40
    • Save up to RM2174 on phone
    • Unlimited calls to all operator
    • Up to 10GB data


All you need to know about this mobile plan

  • i40
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    40 mins
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    20 SMS
    to all operator
  • i60
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    60 mins
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    30 SMS
    to all operator
  • i90
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    Unlimited call
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    45 SMS
    to all operator
  • i130
    Data Quota
    Free Voice Calls
    Unlimited call
    to all operator
    Free SMS
    65 SMS
    to all operator

Cost of Ownership

How much exactly does it cost to own this phone

PlanPhone CapacityContract PeriodApple iPhone 6s Plus
Discounted Price
Upfront FeeMonthly Fee
i4016 GB24 monthsRM2245RM240RM40
i4064 GB24 monthsRM2520RM240RM40
i40128 GB24 monthsRM2945RM240RM40
i6016 GB24 monthsRM2125RM360RM60
i6064 GB24 monthsRM2400RM360RM60
i60128 GB24 monthsRM2825RM360RM60
i9016 GB24 monthsRM1885RM600RM90
i9064 GB24 monthsRM2160RM600RM90
i90128 GB24 monthsRM2585RM600RM90
i13016 GB24 monthsRM1525RM960RM130
i13064 GB24 monthsRM1800RM960RM130
i130128 GB24 monthsRM2225RM960RM130


What makes this phone bundle plan stand out?

Phone Specifications
Internal Memory
  • 16 GB
  • 64 GB
  • 128 GB
Battery Size
2750 mAh
Screen Size
5.5 inch
Rear Camera Resolution
12 Megapixels
Front Camera Resolution
5 Megapixels
2 GB


There are always fees but how much are they?

Early Termination Fee
  • Upfront payment rebate will be forfeited or subscriber to refund device pro-rated subsidy

Frequently Asked Questions about U Mobile iPlan Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Things you might want to know

The ever beautiful and technologically superior iPhone 6s Plus is now bigger and better than ever with its 5.5” HD retina screen, 12 megapixel camera and all-powerful A9 processor. Don’t miss another beat when you connect your Apple smartphone with a U Mobile postpaid plan, and get a great discounted price with a bundled plan!

How does the U Mobile iPhone 6s Plus discount work?

For customers who decide to buy their iPhone 6s Plus together with a U Mobile phone plan you’ll get a special price on your smart phone purchase. Choose from 4 different postpaid plans ranging from RM40 to RM130 a month and get a discount up to RM1125 (based on retail price for 128GB model) on your phone once you sign a 2 year contract.

How much do I have to pay upfront? Will I get my money back?

Upon signing up you’re required to pay the subsidised iPhone 6s Plus price and upfront fees (both depend on the U Mobile phone plan you picked!) including 6% GST charges. After that, you’ll get monthly rebates on the upfront fees that you’ve paid over the next 24 months so you get back all the upfront fees that you paid originally.

For example if you paid RM240 in upfront fees, U Mobile will rebate RM10 in your bill each month over the next 24 cycles. You’ll get all RM240 back and the GST charges that you paid originally.

Can I use Easy Payment Plan to buy my iPhone 6s Plus?

If you own a credit card and have enough credit limit, you can definitely swipe your iPhone 6s Plus charges instead. To qualify if this purchased can be enrolled into an EPP plan, check with your bank to find out your rates and the repayment plan that is offered!

Alternatively you can sign up the UPackage plan by U Mobile and pay off your phone in monthly instalments over 2 years. This saves you having to pay a huge chunk of cash upon registration, but you’ll end up paying slightly more for your iPhone 6s Plus at the end of the day.

What happens if I cancel my contract early?

To enjoy this great deal you’re required to sign a 2 year contract with U Mobile. Besides the payments you make upon registration, you are also required to maintain your postpaid plan for two full years and make all your monthly payments, after which you can keep your iPhone and decide to cancel your plan if you’d like.

If however you opt to cancel your U Mobile iPlan before the contract period is over, U Mobile will prorate all charges that you owe based on the number of days remaining on your contract.

Can I choose my iPhone 6s Plus colour?

Yes, you can pick the iPhone colour of your choice when you register for this smartphone postpaid plan. This is subject to availability of U Mobile’s inventory.

What happens if I exceed my call limit for i40 or i60 plan?

These plans come with a fixed number of call minutes to all networks, up to 60 minutes of talk time. If you exceed your call minutes for the month you’ll be charged on a per usage basis according to the rates offered by U Mobile. All call minutes that are not utilised cannot be carried forward to the next month.

Do I have to pay extra if I exceed my data quota?

U Mobile iPlan comes with up to 10GBs of data. As long as you have not exceeded this limit you’ll be surfing at fast U Mobile 4G LTE speeds – up to 75 Mbps, and 10 Mbps on average. Once you’ve hit your quota for the month your speeds will be slowed down tremendously, in accordance to U Mobile’s Fair Usage Policy. No extra charges will be imposed if you use up your data quota.

How I top up my mobile data online?

In case you overshoot your data usage for the month, U Mobile offers data top up plans so you can get back to the surfing speeds that you need. Subscribe to a booster plan for just RM10 and get an extra 1.5GB data for 3 days! Log in to your U Mobile account or dial 1318 from your phone to get started.

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