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Received gift as promised. Excellent customer service and trustworthy company. Highly Recommended!!!
 - Sudesh Nair

Recommended. Tips for the applicants, please do email RinggitPlus by using the registered email with ringgitplus and provides the evidences (credit card ending with 4 digits number, proof of card activation and transaction) when you already fulfil the requirements to claim the gift and wish to redeem your gift faster. By the way, thanks RinggitPlus for the free gift 🎁👍

Charlie Sia
I just received my gift from RinggitPlus when i applied for HSBC credit card, although the phone model i received different from the original, but RinggitPlus representative very fast response through email and phone call to solve the problem. Oh.. they even apologized and send me a token 2 GSC Voucher. Overall i very happy with their service and how they responded to me. Thank you RinggitPlus..
 - Muhammad Syafiq Havana
 - Jimmy Tiew
Its a good platform to compare and apply credit cards.
 - Siti Khalijah
Recommend. From application to receive the free gift in 5 weeks. Incredibly fast. Although there is some misunderstanding during gift claimed but it solved within a day. Good job. 😀
 - Sao Yan
I apply for rhb credit cards and just got the Acer tablet. very nice and happy to use.
when redeem promo code for some technical problem but rp send me gift in fast time. is reliable!!
thanks ringgitplus!
 - 高雄妹
yess very go for all customer and make yours life easy to get information about money. TQ
 - Alzarhari Abu Bakar

Received gift as promised in less than 30 days from card activation. minimal follow-up required. Quick responses from customer service team.

Marc Jonathan Paul
Full of financial tips ranging from personal financial management to investment. Plus from time to time RinggitPlus offer interesting sign up gift. Their staff really helpful and very responsive.
 - Muhammad Fitri
very fast respond, i was actually trying my luck to contact someone via their FB then within 5 mins someone called to provide assistance. recommended service! tip top!
 - Loo Zheng Dao
The best! The gift arrived 24 hours after contact with ringgitplus!
 - Sheeging Ling

Even though RMplus missed my name for the gift code after 1 month but after I messaged them they responded quickly, provided me with the group code and now the gift arrived in only 4 working days! Good customer service!

Alvin Ong Chin Seng
Prompt response and pro advise from admin!
 - Ben Lim
faster service & prompt response. nice to recommend to all.
 - Yi Jia Lok

From card application, approved until redeem of gift all aspects from RinggitPlus are doing well. The prompt response to my inquiry is very impressive and in detail. The service provided to me was excellent. Keep it on!

Sky Siew
The process of my application through Ringgit Plus was very easy, they assist me from A to Z and it was so convenient.
 - Abdillah Fauzi
Excellent service provided while contacting with the staff via facebook. Free gift also delivered as the expected time. High recommended.
 - Joey Heng
Right now...Im also waiting for ringgitplus to help my credit card application...hopefully will be succesful... by the way... very good service and high recomended... and good customer service.... if my credit card application succesful ringgitplus you are best....
 - Chaq Fiez Sawamura

Most informative and educational site about financial products, insurance and IoT (internet of thing). The site are so user friendly and informations can be found just tips of the finger. The promotions offered are awesome and unbelievably. It make me feel excited every time I come to the site.P/S: Just received the Khind Multicooker. Thank you Ringgitplus.

Jason Te
Very good customer service. Prompt reply. Highly recommended.
 - Jian Xiang
Customer service are fast, efficient & always give perfect answer to you when you encountered any issue. Very recommended for those who want to apply any bank cards through RinggitPlus!
 - JS Chong
Contacted Ringgitplus via facebook messenger and the staffs attended to me promptly, not to forget friendly as well! This is definitely a five stars experience
I have received the free gift in return as promised of my successfully sign up the credit card with Ringgitplus. Feeling thankful for your great services.
 - Neo Chew
Good content.. It gives lot of information and tips to help people to resolved financial problem. Customer service also are good and very friendly.
 - Mohamad Fadhil
Overall process took awhile. It's also taken that Customer must follow-up on their item progress status.
However, Ringgit Plus is Excellently Efficient and Fast in replying their email.
Thumbs Up!
 - Tay YH
Sangat bagus untuk mengetahui maklumat dan informasi terkini berkaitan kewangan.
 - Nor Amira Abd Rahman
Great service from Ringgit Plus, and I’m very satisfied.. already received free gift which is Tefal 5 in 1 cookware from them
 - Cahaya Mataku
Finance one stop center...everything about finance is it...
 - Mpiz MFikri
the process on applying credit card is easy and redemption on gift just simply on email. Great service!
 - Voo WoonTeen
I ,Yii Sin Chai applied Alliance credit card approved in April and after 1 month approval date received email on the free gift, thru RinggitPlus website my free gift has been fulfilled. Fully recommended to deal with RinggitPlus, a trusted n helpful company. Thank You very much RinggitPlus especially Diana, the coordinator representative.
 - Max Yii
Great to receive my luggage although they left out my code. Great courtesy from the staff to speed up my redemption.
 - Ong Sze Ping
Thank you Ringgitplus, received your gift on 15 May 2018 at 1:50PM.
1. 21 Feb 2018 apply for Standard Chartered CC through Ringgitplus.
2. 21 Mar 2018 received card, activate & swipe for petrol
3. 14 May 2018 received unique code and claimed RinggitPlus gift
4. 15 May 2018 received my gift.
Thank you so much Ringgitplus
 - Rosli Shafiee
Application done smoothly and the customer service is good too. Keep it up.
 - Arjen Tee
I received my gift huawei mediapad T3 7. They send me the unique redemption code after 5 weeks my credit card approved . Thank you for the nice gift.
 - Ying Yap
I have missed out my email for the free gift after i apply citibank credit card on 11.11.I pm their customer service on Facebook for the issue and they immediately help me to redeem the gift and I already received the gift(Huawei T3, sengheng Rm50voucher, OneXOX free sim card, ringgitplus powerbank and 1year insurance on the phone. The customer service is friendly and kind Thank you very much Ringgitplus.
 - Weii Wen
Join the corporate giants or jump into the startup scene? @RinggitPlus gives us the lowdown on what fresh graduates can expect when working in a big company or a startup
 - TalentCorp Malaysia
Cash advance ni point dalam tweet @ikarbertweet. Mengeluarkan duit dari kad kredit (interest tinggi!).
Selain dari terjerat dari tak bayar kad yang diswipe boleh juga terjerat tak boleh bayar cash advance ni.
Berapa interest? Boleh rujuk website bank atau RinggitPlus.
 - Kewangan Graduan
Great services and fast response when i was faced problem for claiming my gifts. They did responsed within 1 day to settle my problems. I will recommend to my friends to apply through RINGGITPLUS. AWESOME!!
 - Chong Li Yah
Loving RinggitPlus “bot”. Try apply their loans/cards/insurances. The responses macam ada personal banker asking you
 - Izuddin Helmi

Thank you #ringgitplus for the free gift

Law San Jin
Applied Citibank credit card and received my free gift. Thanks ringgit plus. Applied on end of Dec 2017, approved on 2nd week of Jan 2018, received free gift on 24 Feb 2018, without making any phone call or sending any email to remind them about the free gift.
You just need to wait patiently for the gift to reach you. In the T & C stated redemption code will reach you within 45 days after card approved and it's true. I received the free gift just 2 days after the redemption process.
 - Tiky Ning
Thumbs up for RinggitPlus, I loved their service, always worked efficient for all the emails. I had applied 3 cards via RinggitPlus, and received 3 great gifts from RP. 1 Air Fryer, 1 Pressure Cooker & 1 Halogen Oven. All gifts received fast & good condition. Appreciated for all the arrangements, thanks!
 - Jackie Leong

Just received all these free gifts for free. Thank you @RinggitPlus

Good Service. Applied credit card with simple steps. Fast approved. Diana is very responsive to my email and very helpful. I get my free gift very fast. Highly recommended Ringgit Plus.
 - Wang Jiun

Although it's wayyyyy late. Finally I received it. Thank you RinggitPlus☺️☺️☺️

Linda Wong

Ringgitplus is my personal financial consultant :) The promo is great and and the gift delivery was fast !!! Not only make me happy but also my kids :)))

Desmond Lim

Jirnexu's bringing Malaysia’s insurance to the digital age

Allan Tan
Using RinggitPlus to apply Credit Card, is very convenient. Easy to use, approved fast, and I had a very good services from Diana. Her responds was very fast on my queries! Thanks RinggitPlus.
 - Ck Tey
Thank you for the promise gifts..Got it today.. parcel arrived safely.
 - Michelle Chong CY

Did u get any free gift applying credit card?
Luggage? Umbrella?
Out jor loh

I get a halogen oven, power bank, cash voucher, prepaid sim card with RM10 credit, Huawei Media Pad, FREE INSURANCE fr RHB Insurance

How many cards I apply? 2 only. Maybank n Std Chartered
Get your card from RinggitPlus

Emily Goay

I apply the HSBC card on Dec 2017 and get the card on Jan 2018 and receive the complimentary gift today without any hassle. This is my second Tablet receive from RinggitPlus. Thanks RinggitPlus!

Chloe Cheah
Alot ppl complain about the free gift etc. It is understandable that the gift may be abit slow but it's a free gift after all. I received it after 1 month which is acceptable cause I didn't pay anything for it but most importantly, I received it with good condition! Thabks ringgitplus!
 - Adrian Lyk
very helpful every time i email to their customer service.. for me its very super easy step to apply credit card what u need is only click & filled up everything. its take a weeks to get the credit card. thank you for your service. its take some times to redeem the gift but they claim it is due to bank issues. i have no problem to wait as long as i still can redeem the gift. thumbs up to the whole team..
 - Nhydayah CP
Ingin menikmati kemudahan, tentang pengurusan perkhidmatan kewangan, Persendirian, syarikat ,$$ $$, ada, klik saja
 - Hartini Sidik
Personally a fantastic webpage to solve your financial doubts.
 - Dinesvaren Krishnan
Good Service and super helpful customer service. They are really fast with their email replies. They were very helpful when i called them about my application status. Now I'm waiting for my gift :)
 - Vani Palathammah
Based on my experience, Ringgit plus is one of the best platform n easy for me to apply credit card. I apply maybank credit card n already receive my gift as their promise.. Thanks a lot to ringgit plus.
 - Muhammad Syafik
Based on my personal experience, this is fine. The way the system gets free gifts. I am very satisfied.
 - Emma Ng
I have been a customer of ringgitplus over the years. Recently I applied to open an account at Kuwait Finance House and received RM 70 gift voucher in no time. Keep it up Ringgitplus.
 - Joseph Chandra

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Synergize Global
Fast approval from banks and usually comes with freebies. Absolutely convenient and recommended.
 - Yong Kai-Loon
I always apply new credit cards with RinggitPlus. The obvious reasons are fantastic free gifts, hassle free application and fast approval. So far, I have received 2 Huawei tablets, Blackberry Z10 phone and Samsung J2 Prime phone. Who would give me these gifts besides RinggitPlus?
 - Cody Au Yong
Awesome,received my free gift perfectly,although it was abit late,but everything goes as promised,prompt email replying my enquiries,goodjob ringgitplus,keep the good work going and thanks for the nice powerbank as well,can I hv another powerbank for free?hahahaha
 - Khinwui Voon
I applied Citibank credit card thru Ringgit Plus. It's very easy step by replying email to the Customer Service staff. As promised they will deliver the gift to me after 21 days redeemed the gift online. Today I have received two gifts from Ringgit Plus - Acer tablet and power bank. Yes we have to wait for quite sometimes to get our gift delivered. Be patient la...after all it's free! :) thank you!!!
 - Jovy Siew Mei

Received the ACER Iconia Talk 7 today, Thank you very much #satisfiedwiththeserviceprovided #reliableplatform

Elaine LiYing
The RM50 Touch n Go & Smart Tag free gift got from the UForLife insurance is very #value.
 - Michelle Ho

Many thanks for free RM70 AEON vouchers for opening Kuwait Finance House savings account. Hope to see more promotions from RinggitPlus.

Cody Au Yong

Thank you RinggitPlus for impressive gift... make my day

Fadzil Mmg
Applying card on Aug, received free gift on Oct. Thanks you!
 - Xiao Pin Low
Helpful information for both new and seasoned credit card applicants. Seasonal gifts are a great bonus too although it is difficult to choose only one bank when there are many other interesting offers at the same time.
 - Einra Anaxur
Get gifts when u apply through RinggitPlus! I loved mine!
 - Mal Sivam
Very helpful and is a must have website for you to go through!! Thumbs up!!
 - Edmund Chow
The service is excellent. I got my credit cards. I've claimed my Halogen cooker and it was sent within a week.
 - Fatin Daratul Ain
I recently applied for a credit card via ringgit plus. The process was very efficient and simple. Keep up the good work there.
 - Norfolk Park
Received the free gift within a month after activation of card, helpful staff and prompt reply, very good.
 - Tan Rachel
Great place to make fast and easy comparison for different products (credit cards, insurance, you name it). What's more? You normally get a freebie too by applying for a product through RinggitPlus! I have to say their services and offers have not failed me so far so I will continue using RinggitPlus.
 - YungKeong Yap
I gain a lot of reward by sign up with ringgit plus, example credit card application, opening FD account bank account and etc. I wish to see more upcoming awesome reward from Ringgit Plus.
 - Calvin Lee
ringgit plus is an informative portal that helps a lots in finding financial information from loans, insurance, and etc. Keep giving the tips and trick in financial management that might help a lot of people out there. Thanks.
 - Siti Arefah
Convenient for people who are busy. No need go to bank, no need to afraid of tricky agents who apply extra cards for you silently. Gifts provided are better than agents offer. Can be done at home.
 - Capry Lim
Been using 2 credit cards and other cost saving method which suggest from the blog so far so good. Recommend to everyone to use this as a tool to choose the right credit card that you want. It is every convenient to apply and you will get those free gives in a month. Above are my own experience.
 - Willy Tan
Ringgit Plus provides a very good platform for comparison of life insurance, credit cards, personal loans etc. A bank which has rejected my credit card application a few times has recently approved my application through Ringgit Plus. TQVM Ringgit Plus for the gift came together with this credit card.
 - Chan Hon Wai
RinggitPlus is an awesome channel providing one-stop center for us to view, compare and apply for credit cards, with free gifts!! I have been recommending RinggitPlus to my frens and family and will continue to do so. Thanks!
 - ‎Janet Ling‎

ChatBot is the result of a collaboration between RHB and financial comparison website, enabling users to apply for personal loans with RHB at any time of the day and obtain results for eligibility within a day via SMS.

The Malaysian Reserve

RHB, RinggitPlus introduce ChatBot to facilitate personal loan applications

Digital News Asia
ChatBot embraces technology that enables and RHB to offer a “conditional approval” feature that allows consumers to know whether they are eligible for the loan quickly and without the need to submit a full application.
Guys, read on finance to manage ur finances. Ringgitplus etc is a good site. About credit card..
 - Joanne Kely
I had received 1 Huawei Tab and 1 Robot Vacumm Cleaner in year 2015 when applying credit card through RinggitPlus website The quality is good & their service is very good. I will continue to support ringgit plus. Thanks ringgit plus.
 - Chingkooi Lee
Cosmo kongsikan pandangan berguna dari yang boleh bantu kamu buat keputusan yang kena dengan gaya hidupmu.
 - Cosmopolitan Malaysia
had received 1 Huawei Tab in year 2015 when applying credit card through RinggitPlus. The quality is good & my kids still happily use them till today.I also received ringgit plus petronas card worth RM300 in year 2015. It's worth it, getting free gift while you are spending.They are very nice, responsible, helpful and patiently.I also use the website before applying for mortgage financing, to get the rough idea on the rate and monthly instalmentI will continue to support ringgit plus.
 - Tan Michelle
Highly appreciated Ringgit plus as a educational platform allowed me choose the right credit card -Citibank cash rebate card. By the way, regarding the free gift redemption - Lenova tablet &power bank have been chasing more than 2 times for the outcome, many thanks for the wonderful customer service managed to solve this issue immediately, and delivered on time as promised. Great job Ringgitplus
 - Selly Hoh
I applied for maybank cc recently and was impressed with the service. Most of my contact with them were through emails which includes the application forms, follow-up etc. i got my cc within a week of form submission and got the free oven yesterday. it takes 1mth+ for the gift claiming but its all worth it. the oven is under my expectations but hey its free and my mom's happy with it, so no complaints here. anyway, thanks for the gift and keep up the good work!
 - Fafa Mya
My 1st experience with RinggitPlus when applying HSBC Amanah credit card during Hari Raya promotion end up very well. All the process was smooth and I've enjoyed the free gift as promised (air fryer + power bank). The support was helpful also. Good job! Well done!
 - Arifin Mohd Sidin
Hi ringgitplus, I have received the free gift (halogen cooker). Your service is just getting better and better. Thank you and looking forward to applying for the third time!
 - Ng Kwong Jee
I had received the items from Ringgitplus and their service is good!
 - Wallis KayEe
TIP URUS KEWANGAN UNTUK GRADUAN. Berbaloi untuk saya SHARE. Tak dapat saya sangkal yang infografik daripada RinggitPlus ni memang kemas, informatif dan comel. Tapi ada sebab lain kenapa saya nak sangat SHARE benda ni. Kau rasa, apa sebabnya? Hehe. - HF
 - Harith Faisal
My experience with RinggitPlus experience was awesome and excellent; love it very much
 - Kevin Yuen‎

Nak Cari Pinjaman Murah? Saya nak rekemenkan satu website ni. Nak cari pembiayaan yang murah? Takaful murah? Refinance? Cari kad kredit? Ha. website ni bagi banyak maklumat pasal produk yang berkaitan dengan kewangan

HamizulHazrin Hasani

got my powerbank already. very fast. thanks ringgitplus! and thanks Diana for attending to my queries.

Ahmad Hamzah Mat Daud‎
Assuming infos all correct, I think ringgitplus website is really informative to help Malaysians to better manage their finances. Go See!
 - ‎Joanne Kely‏

Thanks to RinggitPlus for the gift as promised. I strongly recommend if you plan to apply any financial facility, please do so from RinggitPlus web. The step very simple, no hassle, good customer service, and the best part is they always offer amazing gift compare with the bank itself. Better to have something than nothing!

Azilah Ahmad

Dear RinggitPlus, thanks for the free gifts

Anne Tan

RinggitPlus thanks for the beautiful pinky Samsung J2... Great and hassle free financial service Thanks again

Chee Siang
Thanks RinggitPlus, I have received my Samsung J2 for applying HSBC Amanah credit card, This is the 4th gift I got for applying credit cards with RinggitPlus. Keep up the good work and hope to see more promotions in future.
 - ‎Cody Au Yong
I have applied hsbc amanah credit card through @ringgitplus. Within one week, the application is approved. After around one month, I haven't received the free gift. I called hsbc helpline and ringgitplus respond within two days. I receive my free dyson fan within one week. I am truly grateful and really a pleasant experience applying credit card through ringgitplus. Thanks so much.
 - ‎Dylan Ting

We have a live proof of concept in RinggitPlus. So, we built the technology platform to solve the problem of how to help consumers get any product, anytime, anywhere

The Edge Markets

#thankyou #ringgitplus #exclusiveoffer
Apply your credit card with RinggitPlus & get a free tablet

May June July‎

I made a call today to your CS department. Your rep Thilag made my day. Friendly and courteous with quality support.

Luke Zero-x

Item is finally arrived. Thanks Ringgit plus

Ken Yeoh

Awesome, I love RinggitPlus service. Whenever I have any question email to RinggitPlus, they will reply me promptly.

Jovan Yeow

Thanks for the easy credit card application and I received the Dyson table fan. I recommend ringgit plus!

Steve Lim
Ni pulak website free utk buat comparison takaful, fixed deposit, loan, credit card dll
1) @RinggitPlus
2) @iMoneyMY
3) @CompareHero_my

Alhamdulillah. Pagi hari dah dapat alat SmartTAG percuma siap ada kad Touch 'n Go percuma dalam ada RM50. Dah jimat dalam RM170 dah. Nak tahu kenapa percuma??? Sila tanya. Terima kasih #RinggitPlus dan #UForLife

Afendy Pay
Thanks, Ringgitplus for your prompt shipping of my freebie! ... #greatshinobiwar #narutoshinobi #ShinobiPlague
 - Darko

Kepada yang masih mencari kerja. Jangan segan silu buka websites ni ehh. Ranked by RinggitPlus. Good job @MauKerjaMY !

Aiman Wafiy

"A minimalist budget cuts out the excess and focuses on what you truly need to live and thrive but because you cut out so much extras; there is ample room to re-prioritise your money where it brings you the most fulfillment."" #lessismore #minimalism Via: RinggitPlus

Minimal Hut
That's right, we have free meals at @Piktochart all day err day! Check out this articble by @RinggitPlus!
 - Wilson Moy

Urus kewangan anda dengan RinggitPlus ! . . banyak info menarik mengenai kewangan di Ringgitplus . Nak buat loan pun boleh ! . baca di sini : [+]

Ubaidullah Ismail

Abis je uni, semua graduan akn bersama2 menjadi zombie kepada hutang (unless u been sponsor by PAMA Bank). The Walking Debt. #ringgitplus #teamcimb #debt #lost

Fendy Jufry

Oh my Pets!Have you ever thought of making money from your pets?Here are some fun & exciting ways on cashing in from your cuddly pets.(credit to: RinggitPlus)

Ambil Peduli

Eh, ada kawan-kawan saya dalam #ringgitplus! #KucingHappyKata

XpressApply by RinggitPlus - they have made it really easy to apply for a credit card. via @ringgitplus
 - Wah Li Lian

Received my gift today. Good helper overall. Especially cleaning under my cupboard & bed. Other area still prefer hand cleaning. #ringgitplus #robotvacuum #freeone


TQVM ringgit plus for the great vacation..😄 #ringgitplus #avanigoldcoast

M.k. Ahmad‎

Tepek sini..sbg tanda kenang2an...tq RinggitPlus

Fiza Hud

At this rate, I think pregnant lady vacuum also faster. Anyway thanks #ringgitplus


Thank you ringgit plus to delivery my I-robot vacuum as promised after my HSBC credit card been approved. Happy with their services.. Good and professional

Rose Tiong‎
@dyiela90 Try buka RinggitPlus[dot]com then compare travel insurance kat situ. For me AXA is the best :)
 - Liya | backpackingMY

Tq RinggitPlus..cantik trolley bag

Nik Nor Aty
  • Trolley Luggage
  • Successfully Applied For OCBC FD

Syukut dapat la trolley luggage dari RinggitPlus

Nik Nor Aty
  • Trolley Luggage
  • Successfully Applied For OCBC FD

Received this free gift from Ringgitplus after 2 months of approval of my Citibank credit card. After seeing the review from this page, i know that I need to call up and follow up with them from time to time to make sure the gift is ready or not. Make effort to call them or email to them. There is no free lunch. Anyway, I received my gift and I hope they really could improve their service. Lastly, thanks Ringgitplus.

Cheong Shing Mun‎
Easy Payment Plans in Malaysia Explained … via @ringgitplus interesting topic...
 - ho yoke sim
cuppa stuff: ringgit plus, a plus indeed … 2 @ringgitplus
 - cuppa_stuff

谢谢 #ringgitplus 送我Rm200 #thebodyshop 的e-voucher~哈哈哈哈6月的礼物 感谢

The credit card approval free gift delivery process was a bit sluggish, but the corrective action was fast & remarkable...! Thank you very much for your prompt response
 - Ariff Khaled

Have received the free gift upon HSBC Amanah Credit Card approval within estimated time of arrival...! Thank you very much :)

Ariff Khaled‎
Worth read this! 6 Part-time Ways to Make Money! … via @ringgitplus
 - sai

Thanks #ringgitplus for the free gift...

Come on #iRovaK6 it’s time for a grand opening! #RinggitPlus #vacuumcleaner #smart #sensor #intelligentrobot
 - Fabian Mark
@RinggitPlus thanks coz exsapt me and letter I going submitted my application form. Thanks again for your cooperation,
 - sammy

One last lap before I take you to higher ground! Jom! #RinggitPlus #iRovaK6 #vacuumcleaner #smart #sensor #intelligentrobot

Fabian Mark Peter

Thanks ringgit plus free gift Dyson Fan for getting my Maybank infinite credit card approved.

Yurika Ying
@RinggitPlus thank you! Your web is a great source for financial info, wish you all the best!
- Haroon Shoukat Ali
@RinggitPlus thank you! Your web is a great source for financial info, wish you all the best!
- tigerbhaiz

1. The website is very well done. It gives a lot of information, presented in a neat and really good to understand manner, making it easy for the customer.

2. Their customer service seems really good as of now. I wrote an email regarding some enquiries and I got a call real soon to address my questions.

3. The xpress application feature is AMAZING!! I applied for the Maybank credit card using this, and the very next day, I got a call and an email from them, where they had already completely filled in my application according to my entries in the app, and all I had to do is sign, attach the supporting documents, and send my final application via email! This is the BEST!! I HATE going to the bank and queuing up and having to deal with the SLOW banking people or frustrating people taking long time on simple things before me, and wasting my time. This way, I just sat conveniently at my place, got the whole thing done online, including supporting docs, and now it seems by final application with supporting documents is already on its way to Maybank. GOOD STUFF!

4. As soon as they received my email with completed application, I immediately got an sms with the Lazada voucher code. So that was all good. Now I am just hoping, I get the other voucher offer as advertised, as soon as my card application gets accepted, as I have read the terms and conditions and I meet all of them so far.

- Jacqueline Che had recently got this new deal where you would get a iRova Robot Vacuum Cleaner if you get a New HSBC Credit Card. Just got my little robot vacuum in the mail! I barely got time to clean or sweep the floor so this totally perfect!

Moe Nasrul

I received my robot vacuum. Just to post out here to let others know the item is delay but at last I received. My delay less than 2 weeks. Thanks

Atterin Cheong

Thanks RinggitPlus for the Gift

Soon Ph
  • Starwars Contest

Awesome! I got the 3D Steel R2-D2! Thanks @ringgitplus

  • Starwars Contest
Hmm I think I wanna help RinggitPlus out with this one. For those who says the offers in RP are scams. Well I applied HSBC cc and Citibank cc. I did get my Huawei Tablet and Samsung Galaxy V Plus. So I don't think the offers are scams...
- Alex Tang

Everybody loves free stuff I am a subset of everybody Hence I love me some free stuff hahaha Thanks #RinggitPlus


Thanks you #RinggitPlus for the RM300 Petronas Gift Card & 2 TGV Movie Passes!! Can't wait to tell my friends and family on how I #GetMore at Btw can I #GetMore again!

Piggy Wong

Tq #RinggitPlus just won an Apple TV!


Received my i-rova k6 from RinggitPlus! Thank you RinggitPlus for the awesome customer service!

CY Yong
Hi Diana, Thank you very much for escalating to Public Bank. I will let you know when I receive the Unique Code from PB. I’d like to express my gratitude for your good service. Your response to me has been prompt and helpful. Please pass my compliments to your supervisor.
- Alexis via email
Thank you very much for your quick response. I am very satisfied with your service. Thanks again. Have a good day.
- Ken Moh via SMS 019-3398XXX

Guess what reached the office today... Thank you #RinggitPlus!! I'm now with in the samsung family too :)


Thanks. Received already. Yesterday received call and today received gift. Your guy are so efficient. ‪#‎RinggitPlus‬ 

Franky Wong

On behalf of my mother, thanks Diana from #RinggitPlus for their prompt service! ?Received the phone within a week after submitted the redemption code from Citibank. Please have more attractive gifts in future ? Will not hesitate to apply through RinggitPlus again.

Kelly Wong

I don't normally get free Apple products, but when I do it's never an iPad or a MacBook. #freebie #appletv #apple #ringgitplus #makemyday #potd #awyeah #hellyeah #sweet #likeit 

Kok Meng
Thank you RinggitPlus for sending out so fast my BlackBerry phone. This was my second credit card application with you. Hope to see more credit card promotions in future and l will always support you.
- Cody Au Yong

After all the hassle with HSBC application (the bank itself), finally receive my AppleTv from RP. Upon receiving the code, claim and GDEx delivery within a few days! Thanks for following up with HSBC, RinggitPlus team!

Amanda Wong

Got the Huawei Mediapad from Ringgitplus yesterday on my approved Citibank Credit Card.

Singer Lina

Thank you for the Apple TV ringgit plus... I had my doubts i will get it since the promotion ended last month. Fast delivery with no hassle!

Jagendran Balakrishnan

Thanks Ringgit Plus for the free gift. #RinggitPlus #huawei #tablet


Apply credit card melalui Ringgitplus...kalau approved dapat tablet ni.. Thankyou #Ringgitplus..

Yusri Hashim

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Thank You!

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Ms Gan received the BlackBerry Z3 from RinggitPlus

Tan Yen Gee received a gift from RinggitPlus

Ramakrishna and Lakshi Kanthan won Lenovo Smartphone and Huawei Tablet!

Wow! just receive Dyson Cool Fans from RinggitPlus Lebih Raya Trivia Contest! more thanks! - feeling great.
- Sky Cheng

Just received Lenovo 369i, UOB credit card promo. Thank you, RinggitPlus!

Mok Fork Chuan

Hi Diana! I just want to inform you, I've already got my Apple TV! Thank you for your great service! I am so happy!

- Email from Emylia Shafina Salehuddin

I got it. Although there is some problem in the redemption process, but thanks to Diana solved it. Thanks Ringgit Plus! Will continue support!

Jullia Chan
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For UOB Fixed Deposit

I received my Huawei tab today! Thank you very much and special thanks to Diana. Keep up the good work

- Sathish Kumar
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For UOB Fixed Deposit

Thank you I just received my Apple TV just now. To be fair. Their reply and action very fast.

Angel Kong

I received my luggage trolley bag and medkleen air ionizer for deposit in ocbc, received lazada code for mbb2 card. So far, I'm happy with these gift. Thanks to RinggitPlus. I didn't go for the Sony power bank promo as i know it was only for new customer.

- Wan Jia

I want to praise your male colleague for helping me to do the setting of Huawei tab. I spoke to him this morning and he is knowledgeable with the settings. Prior to this, I made 2 calls to Huawei customer service and they were unable to help. He solved my problem and saved my time of going to Huawei customer service center. Sorry, I didn't manage to get your staff name.

- Cody Au Yong

RinggitPlus should hire more staff like u is so courtesy and helpful.

I will continue to support ringgitplus because the website is informative and value for money when apply from ringgitplus

- Email from Lim

Previously got free tab, additionally got free TGVCinemas movie passes. Thanks ringgitplus.Get more by apply at

Ariel Eiffel

Alhamdulillah. I'm applying HSBC Amanah cc last month and already receiving this tablet for free after the card approved. Seems a great deal considering the freebies without any condition

Ariel Eiffel
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card

As per our teleconversation earlier, I am happy to inform you that the aircon installation was completed on 25 Feb 2015 (Wed). Many thanks for your great help and follow through!

I'd also like to thank Mr. Ken (the aircon installer from D Trade), for his great service and professionalism!

Kindly convey my thanks and compliments to him on my behalf as well.

- Email from Eric

Thanks RinggitPlus for the free gift. Fast delivery and good customer service! Well done!

SzeMein Fong
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card
I really appreciate that you got the issue resolved in such short amount of time. I haven't got such an excellent service for a long time in Malaysia now. Thank you again and have a good day.
- SMS from Teow Wai Chet

Thank you Ringgitplus. So happie :D

Pang Nam Wee
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card

Received Huawei MediaPad today. Thanks RinggitPlus.

Boon Aun
Hi, thank you for ringgitplus. I have received Huawei Tablet by today.
Sally Chang
Thanks ringgitplus. I just received the Huawei tablet today. Ringgitplus was efficient ...
Felicia Oh

Thank You ringgitplus and citibank. Wishing you all the best.

Ky Thoo

Early CNY gift! Thanks to RinggitPlus! #RinggitPlus #GiftcardPetronas

Chong Loong Goh
  • Petrol Gift Card
  • High returns and free gift with Mach FD at RinggitPlus!

I received the gift card, save and get more from RinggitPlus for your money!

Lo Kok Hooi
  • Petrol Gift Card
  • High returns and free gift with Mach FD at RinggitPlus!

Received today! Nice! Tq RinggitPlus! Free one ma...go apply credit card with

Jullia Chan
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card

Awesome gift from!!! Thank you very much

Adam Yap
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card

Thank you RinggitPlus, I really love you! - Khew Shu Jing

Cari satu yang ada kadar faedah yang munasabah (check out untuk saranan yang wajar) yang boleh beri kamu pulangan ganjaran atau rebat untuk yuran tahunan.
thx ringgitplus, finally i got my Huawei tablet!
Jeff Phan
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card
thank you Ringgitplus! I received my huawei tablet in less than 24 hours!!
Liew Fy
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card
I just received my Huawei Tablet from RinggitPlus today. The deal is real. Thanks RinggitPlus!
Daniel Chong
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card
Hi RinggitPlus thank you for the fast delivery and i have got my Huawei Tablet...
Tay Nguang Zheng
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card
Thank you for the delivery of the exclusive gift! Great job!
King Cheong
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For OCBC Credit Card

Thanks, my family& I got this by depositing FD in OCBC. hahahaaa

Wan Jia

wow!!my new toy arrived. thanks to rm+ for FREE Huawei Mediapad with super fast action and delivery. impressed (my details and address sent on 5 Dec and tab arrived now, delivered by Gdex)

Iry Lee
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card

Finally get my tablet. Thanks RinggitPlus

CK Toh
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card

Received Huawei Mediapad today. Thanks

Boon Aun
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card

I just received today. Tq Ringgitplus for the fast delivery, which is within a week after sent the activation code.

Shahdani Ramdzan
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card

Many Thanks :) RinggitPlus are Santa Claus :)

EI EL Toketsu
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card

It's quite a surprise as they said it could take four weeks to deliver, but only four days for me.

Bryant Chan
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card
Thank u RinggitPlus! I received my Huawei Tablet in 24 hours.
Yk Koay
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card

Got the Tab today. Thank you RinggitPlus

Darrel Tian
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For HSBC Credit Card
Thanks Ringgit Plus....Today received my Huawei Media Pad.
Wong Li Hoon
  • Huawei Media Tablet and MalayMail Gr8 Deals
  • Successfully Applied For OCBC Credit Card

Bagus betul laa website ni.

Faridd Luqman

Search for for the best banking product. #BukanAdvertisement

Good effort Ringgit Plus. Keep it up!