EZTakaful EZCergas

Enjoy the benefits of having guaranteed acceptance and coverage with the EZCergas. You get to have affordable premiums with fixed rates and you won't need to worry about needing a medical exam.

EZTakaful EZCergas
Accidental Death
Not covered
Permanent Disablement
Not covered
Medical Expenses
Not covered


What makes this insurance policy stand out?

Cover Type
  • For Individual
  • For Family
  • For Couple
Maximum Entry Age
Protection up to 65 years
Worldwide Assistance
Coverage Anytime Anywhere


How much you can claim for EZTakaful EZCergas

Hospital AllowanceThis is a cash benefit if you're admitted to the hospital due to an accident.
Flexifrom RM100 up to RM500 per day

How to Claim

Who do I contact if I have a question or emergency?

In the event that you need to make a claim with EZTakaful, please keep in mind a few key procedures you may need to take note off. 

Major and Minor Accidents

Firstly, you will need to contact EZTakaful immediately via the hotline and inform them of what has occurred whether it be fatal or not. Request that they send you a 'Claims Form' to fill in. 

You will need to compile a list of the following documentation to attach to the claims form before you submit it;

  • Copy of your NRIC
  • Copy of Driver's license (for road Accidents)
  • Police Reports (where applicable)
  • Medical Report and Physician Reports
  • Original hospital bills and receipts
  • Written notice stating the facts of the Accident in detail

Once you have everything together, head on over to the nearest EZTakaful branch no later than 14 days from the date of the incident. 

In the event of Death

As the steps above, you will need to contact EZTakaful and procure a 'Claims Form' immediately. After which, the operator might request that you or an appointed family member of the deceased be present at the post mortem examination of the Participant, accompanied by a representative or insurance agent from EZTakaful. 

Submit a copy of the post mortem report, a written notice stating the details of the event that lead to the death and the resulting injuries, along with the claim form, to either the nearest branch or the agent appointed to you. You will also need to include a copy of the Participant's NRIC and driver's license. 

You can contact EZTakaful via these channels:

  • Hotline: 1 300 82 0010
  • SMS to 39993: ez<space>w<space>your name<space>
  • Whatsapp: +6017 3526122


Minimum Entry Age
At least 6 months of age
Maximum Entry Age
At most 60 years of age
Maximum Renewal Age
At most 65 years of age

More Information

What is the EZCergas about?

EZTakaful’s EZCergas is a personal accident takaful protection plan made to be more affordable, more useful and with great coverage for everyone that takes up the plan. The plan allows you to also take up some additional coverage and customize your protection details.

What does it cover then?

The plan will cover hospital and medical treatments as well. You will receive a daily hospital income benefit, double for the use of the ICU and even a post-hospitalization benefit.

There are other benefits that might be useful to you and you can add on when you decide to buy the plan. First option is Dengue and Malaria Daily Hospital Income Benefit, to allow for treatment if you are hit with one or both of these diseases. Following that, you there is the optional coverage for motorcycle accidents, if you find yourself to be a little unlucky on the roads.

Next up, there is an optional protection for accidental major surgery, this is in the case that you require a surgery that does not fall within the parameters of the stand-alone plan. Finally, the plan offers you the option of taking up an added benefit for outpatient cash for emergency treatment. When you go to buy your insurance, you can either select all these options or two of them as you see fit.

Who is eligible for this protection?

The plan is open to any Malaysian over the age of 18 with a maximum entry age of 60. This plan is not limited to individual applicants and will accept the application for families, single parents with kids and even couples.

Any child added under a combined protection will need to be between 6 months and 23 years of age, provided they are still full-time students. There is no limit to the number of children you intend to cover.

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