EZTakaful EZCover

Personal accident cover for you and family with no medical examination required and guaranteed acceptance. Extra add-on coverage for traffic accidents, snatch theft and emergency cash for hospitalisation.

EZTakaful EZCover
Accidental Death
up to RM525k
Permanent Disablement
up to RM525k
Medical Expenses
Not covered


What makes this insurance policy stand out?

Cover Type
  • For Individual
  • For Couple
  • For Family
Maximum Entry Age
Protection up to 75 years
Worldwide Assistance
Coverage Anytime Anywhere


How much you can claim for EZTakaful EZCover

Accidental DeathThe coverage amount paid to your closest family members if you die in an accident.
from RM100k up to RM525k 
Permanent DisablementCash payout following an accident if you can't work any longer or perform day to day tasks.
from RM100k up to RM525k 
Temporary Total DisablementCash compensation if you are unable to work temporarily because of total disability.
from RM50 up to RM250 per week up to 104 weeks

How to Claim

Who do I contact if I have a question or emergency?

Personal Accidents include a huge range of incidents including death. There a couple procedures that you might want to keep in mind when making your insurance claim to EZTakaful. 

Claims for Major and Minor Accidents

  • Contact EZTakaful immediately at their hotline and request for a 'Claims Form' 
  • You will be required to fill it out with supporting documents regarding the Participant and the injuries sustained. 
    • Copy of Identification 
    • Copy of driver's license in case of road accident
    • Police report for road accidents if applicable
    • Written notice stating the injuries sustained from hospital or doctor who attended to the Participant.
  • All of these documents must be delivered to your EZTakaful operator within 14 days of the accident for you to be able to make a successful claim. 

In the event of Death

  • Again contact EZTakaful Immediately, inform them of your loss, and procure a claims form from them. 
  • Your EZTakaful operator might request a family member to be present at the Post Mortem examination for the Participant
  • Submit to them a copy of the examination results, a written notice stating the details of all the injuries sustained, a police report if applicable, copy of Participant's identification and driver's license.

You can contact them via;

  • Hotline: 1 300 82 0010
  • SMS to 39993: ez<space>w<space>your name<space> 
  • Whatsapp: +6017 3526122


Minimum Entry Age
At least 6 months of age
Maximum Entry Age
At most 70 years of age
Maximum Renewal Age
At most 75 years of age

More Information

What is EZCover all about?

Life is precious and preserving it is no easy task, so looking to an insurance plan that will both protect you and your family without breaking the bank is entirely useful.

You can customize the plan to fit your needs, and the needs of your family as well with 4 different 

What are the coverage benefits?

First of all, you’ll need to understand what you’re looking for in an insurance plan, this one works for everyone from students getting out of college to families with kids in college.

With the basic package, you will be covered for Accidental and Total Permanent Disability. If you were to upgrade to a Premier Plus package then the coverage amount increases to about RM500,000 in whichever circumstance.

You are also covered fin the case of Temporary Total Disability where you will receive a weekly benefit of RM50 to RM250 for living expenses. This is of course in the case that your disability hinders you from earning an income.

How much coverage do I get for Optional Benefits?

So if you needed extra coverage, maybe because of your living conditions, or working environment or even your day to day travel you can pick up extra coverage for a little extra charge and there you have it, more coverage.

Add-on CoverageMinimum (RM)
Maximum (RM)
Traffic Accidental Death and TPD Protection50,000
Emergency Cash for Accidental Hospitalisation2501,250
Theft & Snatch Accidental Death and TPD50,000
Aviation Accidental Death and TPD200,000

If you have a job in construction or some other equally dangerous occupation there is the option of getting quick cash for emergency hospitalization. Or for the businesswoman who travels to world to meet clients, some extra travel coverage might come in handy.

If you live in a high-risk area or are worried about being mugged, then some snatch theft accident protection would be a good option. Lastly, for those of you who are either new to driving or spend a lot of time on the road, then a traffic accident protection maybe useful to you.

What do I need to apply?

There are a couple of conditions that you may need to meet before you can apply for this coverage plan. Its only available to those of you between the ages of 18 and 70, it is renewable after that for another 5 years to the age of 75.

Couples who’d like to pick it up can enroll if they meet the same criteria. If you have children, then depending on the plan, they add an additional 50% to your monthly premium. For a child under your care to be covered, they need to be at least 6 months old to a max age of 23.

There are no medical examinations required for this product, and your acceptance is guaranteed, the monthly contributions will not increase with your age.

How do I get in touch with EZTakaful?

Well you could hit that apply now button on this screen to get the coverage that you need. However, if you have any enquiries about the coverage details then you can always contact their customer service at 1 300 82 0010.

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