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Lonpac Secure Protector

Sometimes life brings you unwanted surprises, without warning. That's why you should protect yourself with Secure Protector - a Personal Accident Insurance which offers you 24/7 worldwide protection at a competitive price.

    • Up to RM1m Accidental Death Benefit
    • Up to RM1m TPD Benefit
    • Up to RM12000 Medical Expenses Benefit

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What makes this insurance policy stand out?

  • Cover Type
    for individual, couple and family
  • Maximum Entry Age
    protection up to 80 years of age
  • Renewal Bonus
    10% increase of sum assured up to 100% First sum assured


How much you can claim for Lonpac Secure Protector

  • Accidental Death
    The coverage amount paid to your closest family members if you die in an accident.
    from RM50000 up to RM1000000
  • Permanent Disablement
    Cash payout following an accident if you can't work any longer or perform day to day tasks.
    from RM50000 up to RM1000000
  • Temporary Total Disablement
    Cash compensation if you are unable to work temporarily because of total disability.
    from RM100 up to RM600 Optional
  • Medical Expenses
    What's covered for your medical treatment and services if you're involved in an accident.
    from RM3500 up to RM12000
    • Dental And Cosmetic Surgery
      Total cover for dental treatment and reconstructive surgery for injuries that are accident related.
      from RM5000 up to RM10000
    • Ambulance Fee
      For the ambulance ride to the hospital and paramedics who arrive on the scene.
      from RM2500
    • Medical Evacuation Or Repatriation
      Insured cost for emergency medical evacuation, or return of mortal remains if you pass away while traveling abroad.
      from RM10000
    • Funeral Expenses
      What your insurer will cover for your funeral if you pass away in an accident
      from RM5000
    • Bereavement Benefit
      Cash benefit to your family for death from viral diseases, such as dengue, malaria and JE, as determined by the insurer.
      from RM5000 up to RM100000
    • Hospital Allowance
      This is a cash benefit if you're admitted to the hospital due to an accident.
      from RM30 up to RM225 per day, up to 180 days
    • Post Mortem Report
      For the cost involved in determining the cause of death of the policyholder.
      from RM500
    • Home Nursing
      How much you can claim for home nursing care, if certified by a hospital following an accident.
      from RM3000
    • Alternative Medical Treatment
      In case you'd prefer to seek treatment from a registered traditional medicine practitioner.
      from RM500
    • HIV Due To Blood Transfusion
      Insured coverage if you contract HIV as a result of a contamintated blood transfer.
      from RM5000 up to RM100000
    • Kidnap
      Cover benefits provided by the insurer if policyholder is kidnapped.
      from RM25000
    • Personal Liability
      Coverage if you're required to pay for damages to another person's property and their injuries.
      from RM50000 up to RM300000
    • Snatch Theft
      For damage and loss of personal belongings if you're a victim of snatch theft.
      from RM500
    • Prostheses
      Total cost covered for purchase of artificial limbs if you lose your arms or legs in an accident.
      from RM1000 up to RM5000
    • Impotency Or Infertility
      Compensation to policyholder if an accident causes damage or loss of reproductive organs.
      from RM50000
    • Temporary Partial Disablement
      Partial compensation if you are temporarily only able to perform limited work after an accident.
      from RM50 up to RM300 Optional
    • Travel Expenses
      Travel reimbursement for family members to visit you while in the hospital.
      from RM2000 up to RM5000
    • Miscellaneous Benefits
      Lonpac Secure Protector also provides the following benefit:
      Modification of Lifestyle Expenses
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How much your premiums may cost

  • Office Admin

    Loni has her 9 to 5 job but also an e-commerce business as a side hustle. She wants to be adequately protected from any unfortunate events that may arise.

    Suggested PremiumRM171.00
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  • Budget Planner

    Pax is a fresh graduate with a long-term budget plans. He wants to have a PA insurance to keep additional costs at bay.

    Suggested PremiumRM182.00
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  • Assembly Line Worker

    With elderly parents to care for, Ong wants to be financially protected in case of a work accident.

    Suggested PremiumRM297.00
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Actual premium rates will be determined by Lonpac Insurance Berhad and may vary from what is suggested based on age, sex, occupation, lifestyle habits and other factors.

How to Claim

Customer Service Hotline
Lonpac Claims Hotline


Am I eligible to apply for this insurance?

Minimum Age
At least 30 days of age
Maximum Age
At most 70 years of age
Maximum Renewal Age
At most 80 years of age

Frequently Asked Questions about Lonpac Secure Protector

Things you might want to know

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Hence it's why you should protect yourself with Lonpac Secure Protector - a 24/7 worldwide Personal Accident Insurance protection.

Tell me about Lonpac Secure Protector.

Renewable up to 80 years old, this is an annual policy which gives you 24-hour worldwide insurance protection against injuries, disabilities or death caused by accidents.

You can either take this personal accident policy for yourself, your spouse or your family.

What are the coverages?

The types of coverage varies from different insurance companies but usually includes:

  • Accidental death;
  • Permanent total or partial disablement;
  • Temporary total or partial disablement (optional);
  • Medical expenses
  • Personal Liability (Territorial Limit: Malaysia)
  • Corrective surgery
  • Hospitalisation benefits; and 
  • Funeral expenses

What are the other benefits?

Other than covering death and medical expenses, there is also bereavement benefits due to Dengue Fever, Malaria and Japanese Encephalitis.

There are also additional benefits as well as special extended coverage that comes with no additional premium. 

Do note that duration of coverage is of one (1) year with an annual renewal needed.

In terms of renewal, you get 10% Renewal Bonus up to 100% of your Original or First Sum Assured.

What are the key terms and conditions?

  • Full Disclosure - You must fully disclose all facts that are important in the application form such as, health information, occupation and number of policies owned. This enables the insurance company to consider your application properly. You will also need to update your insurance company for any change of occupation as this will affect your risk profile.
  • Cash-Before-Cover basis - This policy is a cash-before-cover product whereby full premium must be paid before the effective date of the policy.
  • Overseas Accident - Only Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement Benefits will be payable if you reside outside of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei for more than 90 consecutive days.
  • Claims - you must notify Lonpac Insurance Berhad within 14 days of the accident in order to file a claim.

Of course, the above mentioned terns and conditions is non-exhaustive so please refer to the full policy contract.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any individuals aged between 18 to 70 years old when applying for this insurance policy. This policy is renewable up to the age of 80 years.

If you have dependent children, they must be unmarried from 30 days to 18 years old, OR up to 23 years old  who is studying full-time.

How to cancel the policy?

Your PA insurance policy can be cancelled at any time by giving a written notice to Lonpac Insurance Berhad.

Reimbursement of  your premium would be based on the conditions stipulated in your contract.

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