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OAC Junior Protector Personal Accident Insurance

Your kids' life is precious. Protect your kids from accident is never too early.

    • Up to RM100k Accidental Death Benefit
    • Up to RM100k TPD Benefit
    • Up to RM5000 Medical Expenses Benefit
    • Refund On Early Cancellation
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What makes this insurance policy stand out?

  • Cover Type
    for child
  • Maximum Entry Age
    protection up to 23 years of age
  • Worldwide Assistance
    24-hour assistance
  • Renewal Bonus
    5% increase of sum assured up to 25%


How much you can claim for OAC Junior Protector Personal Accident Insurance

  • Accidental Death
    The coverage amount paid to your closest family members if you die in an accident.
    from RM50000 up to RM100000
  • Permanent Disablement
    Cash payout following an accident if you can't work any longer or perform day to day tasks.
    from RM50000 up to RM100000
  • Temporary Total Disablement
    Cash compensation if you are unable to work temporarily because of total disability.
    Not Covered
  • Medical Expenses
    What's covered for your medical treatment and services if you're involved in an accident.
    from RM2500 up to RM5000
    • Ambulance Fee
      For the ambulance ride to the hospital and paramedics who arrive on the scene.
      from RM up to RM200 per accident
    • Bereavement Benefit
      Cash benefit to your family for death from viral diseases, such as dengue, malaria and JE, as determined by the insurer.
    • Cash Allowance At Government Hospital
      Extra cash if you're involved in an accident and admitted to a public hospital.
      RM50 per day, up to 60 days
    • Home Nursing
      How much you can claim for home nursing care, if certified by a hospital following an accident.
      RM100 per day up to 60 days
    • Alternative Medical Treatment
      In case you'd prefer to seek treatment from a registered traditional medicine practitioner.
      up to RM50 per visit up to RM500 per accident
    • Prostheses
      Total cost covered for purchase of artificial limbs if you lose your arms or legs in an accident.
      up to RM5000
    • Miscellaneous Benefits
      OAC Junior Protector Personal Accident Insurance also provides the following benefit:
      Guardian allowance
      Reimbursement of examination fees
      Textbook allowance
      Academic achievement award
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How much your premiums may cost

  • Budget Planner

    James does not have steady income and he spends only when necessary. He's looking for a basic personal accident plan for his 12 months old baby.

    Suggested PremiumRM148.40
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  • Office Admin

    Tess is comfortable with her job now. She's ready to purchase a PA insurance to protect her 15 years old son from unexpected accidental injuries.

    Suggested PremiumRM212.00
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Actual premium rates will be determined by Overseas Assurance Corporation (Malaysia) Berhad and may vary from what is suggested based on age, sex, occupation, lifestyle habits and other factors.

How to Claim

When you want to make a claim from Overseas Assurance Corporation Malaysia, you can notify them at 1300131088. The OAC customer service representative will advise you on the course of action.

Alternatively, you can email OAC at [email protected] to submit your completed claim form and supporting documents for speedy claim.

  • Medical report completed by the attending physician
  • Completed e-payment form
  • Copy of front page of savings account book or bank statement showing account holder name and account number

On top of that, OAC requests the following documents for each type of claim.

For medical expenses claim, you will need to submit original medical bills and receipts.

For motor vehicle accident claim, you're requested to submit copy of police report and valid driving license at the time of accident

For death related claim, here's the requested documents.

  • Copy of death certificate
  • Copy of post mortem report
  • Copy of marriage certificate or birth certificate
  • Copy of insured person and claimant's Identification Card (IC)
  • Letter of administration for death related claim above RM100000 and no nominee on policy
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Am I eligible to apply for this insurance?

Minimum Age
At least 1 year of age
Maximum Age
At most 23 years of age

Frequently Asked Questions about OAC Junior Protector Personal Accident Insurance

Things you might want to know

What is the OAC Junior Protector all about?

As the name suggests this is a personal accident insurance plan offered by OAC for the purpose of protecting the younger generation of clients. The Junior Protector is made to help parents protect and cover children from the time they are one, until they can sustain an insurance policy themselves.

Who can apply for this policy?

Since this is a plan for children the minimum age is 1 year. So parents have can only purchase the plan for their child after they have turned a year old. Protection will continue until the child has reached the age of 18, or if they are still studying full time, can opt for an extension to the age of 23.

What does the policy cover?

Similar to a regular personal accident plan that adults purchase, this one covers death and permanent disablement, medical expenses and treatment, even if you wanted to try for Sinseh or some other traditional treatment. Similar to when someone is in hospital, some policies offer a child care reimbursement benefit. With the Junior Protector, there is a guardian benefit to take the edge off, when a parent or guardian needs to put work on hold to look after a child in hospital.

The policy will offer reimbursement for the purchase of a prosthesis should it be needed. Along with that, if in any case the child insured was caught in an accident that also jeopardized their school supplies and text books, the policy offers reimbursement for the repurchasing of the textbooks.

Perks of the policy?

As an incentive for your child to do better in school, this policy aims to award them at every turn. As long as you have already had the policy for a year before they turn 12 then at every exam there will be a gift reward. For all the A’s they get at either the UPSR, PT3, SPM and STPM they will receive reward money ranging from RM50 to RM200, according to the table below;

Level Maximum Subjects Minimum Reward (RM)
5 5A's 50
PT3 8 7A's 100
SPM 10 8A's 150
STPM 5 4A's 200

Finally, this policy comes with a No Claim Bonus, where for every year that no claims have been made there will be a 5% increase to the capital sum insured. This sum will increase steadily up to a maximum of 25%.

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