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OAC Lady Protector Personal Accident Insurance

Get all-in-one personal accident insurance plan that also covers lady benefits - pregnancy, childbirth, infertility and sexual harassment.

    • Up to RM200k Accidental Death Benefit
    • Up to RM200k TPD Benefit
    • Up to RM5000 Medical Expenses Benefit
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What makes this insurance policy stand out?

  • Cover Type
    for lady
  • Maximum Entry Age
    protection up to 70 years of age
  • Worldwide Assistance
    24-hour worldwide assistance
  • Renewal Bonus
    10% increase of sum assured up to 50%


How much you can claim for OAC Lady Protector Personal Accident Insurance

  • Accidental Death
    The coverage amount paid to your closest family members if you die in an accident.
    from RM50000 up to RM200000
  • Permanent Disablement
    Cash payout following an accident if you can't work any longer or perform day to day tasks.
    from RM50000 up to RM200000
  • Temporary Total Disablement
    Cash compensation if you are unable to work temporarily because of total disability.
    Not Covered
  • Medical Expenses
    What's covered for your medical treatment and services if you're involved in an accident.
    • Dental And Cosmetic Surgery
      Total cover for dental treatment and reconstructive surgery for injuries that are accident related.
    • Funeral Expenses
      What your insurer will cover for your funeral if you pass away in an accident
    • Hospital Allowance
      This is a cash benefit if you're admitted to the hospital due to an accident.
    • Home Nursing
      How much you can claim for home nursing care, if certified by a hospital following an accident.
    • Alternative Medical Treatment
      In case you'd prefer to seek treatment from a registered traditional medicine practitioner.
      from RM80 per visit up to RM800 per accident
    • HIV Due To Blood Transfusion
      Insured coverage if you contract HIV as a result of a contamintated blood transfer.
      from RM2500 up to RM10000
    • Major Burn
      Total insured cover if you suffer 2nd and/or 3rd degree burns in an accident.
      from RM up to RM10000
    • Personal Liability
      Coverage if you're required to pay for damages to another person's property and their injuries.
    • Snatch Theft
      For damage and loss of personal belongings if you're a victim of snatch theft.
    • Weekly Benefit
      Extra cash payout if you are unable to work while you recuperate after an accident.
      from RM100 up to RM250
    • Miscellaneous Benefits
      OAC Lady Protector Personal Accident Insurance also provides the following benefit:
      Death due to childbirth or pregnancy
      Twin prosperity bonus
      Sexual harassment
      Maternity risks
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How much your premiums may cost

  • Fresh Graduate

    23 years old Camily has just started working in an international company. She's ready to get herself a basic personal accident insurance to protect herself from unexpected accidental events.

    Suggested PremiumRM222.60
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  • Young Entrepreneur

    Jess is a successful founder of a start up company. She think it's time to protect herself financially against personal accident events.

    Suggested PremiumRM473.82
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  • Homemaker

    Mabel is ready for pregnancy. She's looking for a lady personal accident plan that also covers pregnancy benefits.

    Suggested PremiumRM306.34
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Actual premium rates will be determined by Overseas Assurance Corporation (Malaysia) Berhad and may vary from what is suggested based on age, sex, occupation, lifestyle habits and other factors.

How to Claim

Notify Overseas Assurance Corporation Malaysia at 1300131088 whenever you need to make a claim. OAC customer service representative will guide you on the following steps.

Alternatively, you can email OAC at [email protected] to submit your completed claim form and supporting documents for speedy claim.

  • Medical report completed by the attending physician
  • Completed e-payment form
  • Copy of front page of savings account book or bank statement showing account holder name and account number

Additionally, OAC requests the following documents for each type of claim.

For medical expenses claim, you will need to submit original medical bills and receipts.

For temporary disablement claim, OAC requests a copy of medical certificate.

For motor vehicle accident claim, you're requested to submit copy of police report and valid driving license at the time of accident

For death related claim, here's the requested documents.

  • Copy of death certificate
  • Copy of post mortem report
  • Copy of marriage certificate or birth certificate
  • Copy of insured person and claimant's Identification Card (IC)
  • Letter of administration for death related claim above RM100000 and no nominee on policy
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Am I eligible to apply for this insurance?

Minimum Age
At least 16 years of age
Maximum Age
At most 60 years of age
Maximum Renewal Age
At most 70 years of age
Who can Apply
  • Malaysians
  • Permanent residents

Frequently Asked Questions about OAC Lady Protector Personal Accident Insurance

Things you might want to know

What about the Lady protector is special?

Aside from it being a personal accident protection plan just for women, this insurance policy is made to be straightforward with no frills and clear as day in what it offers. The policy is keyed to provide protection not just against ordinary run of the mill accidents, but potentially harmful and unplanned dangers that either specifically or more often affect women.

So what does it cover?

As with all OAC personal accident policies, this one will protect you ladies in the case of accidents and permanent disability, with high funeral expenses reimbursement should it come to that and a road-side assistance programme if you ever get stranded with a malfunctioning car.

Other than that though, the Lady Protector offers financial coverage and protection for Maternity risks, HIV Infections, Infertility, Major Burns, corrective Cosmetic and Dental Surgery, Snatch Theft and Sexual Harassment. All of these covers come with either a lump sum compensation payout or a reimbursement.

Are there any other benefits?

Sure there are. All employed ladies under this plan will have weekly benefits of up to RM250 for temporary or total permanent disability, for maximum of 52 weeks, to help take the edge off. It also comes with a ‘Twin Prosperity’ benefit, where if you are a mum about to conceive twins, then you will get a cash bonus of RM1,000 when they are born.

Ladies, you will also have the benefit of a hospital confinement allowance if you find yourself stuck under hospital arrest. Now finally, this policy comes with a No Claim Bonus, where for every year that no claims have been made the capital sum assured will increase by 10%. The maximum increase will be at 50%, so approximately 5 years, before it stagnates.

Who is eligible for this policy?

Obviously, the policy is only open to the female population of Malaysia. It is open to Malaysians and permanent residents residing and working in Malaysia. Remember to have a chat with OAC or your agent about the occupations excluded from the policy coverage to avoid any disappointment later.

The minimum entry age is 16 years old, so, parents who want to purchase this policy for your daughters, please take note of this. The maximum entry age for this plan is 60 years old, after which you can continue to renew the policy for another 10 years to the age of 70.

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