UOB Personal Protection

Stay safe even when you travel! Enjoy 24-hour worldwide coverage and hospital income benefits up to 365 days in a policy year - so come what may, you'll live see another day!

UOB Personal Protection
Accidental Death
up to RM200k
Permanent Disablement
up to RM200k
Medical Expenses
up to RM7.5k


What makes this insurance policy stand out?

Cover Type
  • For Individual
Maximum Entry Age
Protection up to 70 years


How much you can claim for UOB Personal Protection

Accidental DeathThe coverage amount paid to your closest family members if you die in an accident.
from RM50k up to RM200k 
Permanent DisablementCash payout following an accident if you can't work any longer or perform day to day tasks.
from RM50k up to RM200k 
Medical ExpensesWhat's covered for your medical treatment and services if you're involved in an accident.
from RM3k up to RM7.5k 
Dental And Cosmetic SurgeryTotal cover for dental treatment and reconstructive surgery for injuries that are accident related.
from RM1k up to RM2k 
Funeral ExpensesWhat your insurer will cover for your funeral if you pass away in an accident
from RM3k up to RM5k 
Hospital AllowanceThis is a cash benefit if you're admitted to the hospital due to an accident.
from RM50 up to RM100 each day, up to 365 days
Rehabilitation BenefitExtra reimbursement to help cover some of the costs while you recover.
from RM1k If hospitalised for more than 7 consecutive days
Travel ExpensesTravel reimbursement for family members to visit you while in the hospital.
from RM1k up to RM1k RM200 per week

How to Claim

Who do I contact if I have a question or emergency?

Of course it is not the easiest thing in the world to make an insurance claim, but regardless, it is easier than paying off painfully high hospital and medical bills. 

Therefore to aid you in making your claims, and hopefully easing the burden slightly, here is a list of necessary documents that you will need to make your insurance claims with UOB. Before that however, you will need to make a call to UOB insurance hotline and have them give you a claims form to complete, as well as a list of documents to have over the one provided here;

  • You will need to have a certified copy of your NRIC
  • Medical and Hospital Reports
  • Physician Reports
  • Police Report if it is applicable 
  • Original Bills and Receipts from the hospital
  • Bank and Credit Card statements
  • Written account of the incident that lead to your accident
  • A completed claim form

Once you have everything you need together, either hand them off to your insurance agent or head on over to the nearest UOB Branch. 


Minimum Entry Age
At least 18 years of age
Maximum Entry Age
At most 70 years of age

More Information

What does the UOB Personal Protection do?

Well, as the name suggests this is a personal accident protection plan that you can pick up to alleviate your personal protection against some of the most inevitable yet dangerous incidences. This policy comes with 24hr worldwide coverage and a hospital income up to 365 days a year!

Aside from that, you make the decisions with this policy as it comes with 3 different plans to choose from. Each with varying stages of protection and range of premiums. So pick the plan that works best for you and your budget.

What does the policy cover?

The policy will cover all of the basics, which includes death and permanent disability. These however, are not the only possible outcomes of an accident, therefore regardless of the severity of an accident the policy will offer you a medical expenses cover. So this will be protection and financial backing for those minor injuries with sprains and fractures or breaks, etc.

Another good thing about the plan is that it also to a certain extent covers reconstructive dental and cosmetic surgery for the accidents that might affect your facial structure. Should you require rehabilitation for an injury or disability, you can count on the policy to offer you a cover for that too.

However, should you meet an untimely death, the policy will provide a certain amount of cover, for funeral expenses to ease up of your family’s expenses.

What about premiums?

There are a lot of factors that go into the calculation for a premium rate, age, weight, health status, financial status and even marital status can play a part. Therefore, you will need to have a sit down with your insurance agent to work out an exact number. That being said the premiums for this Personal Protection is calculated on an annual basis and is affordable.

Who can apply for this plan?

It is open to any individual over the age of 18, so all you have to do is hit that ‘Apply Now’ button on the screen. The plan will continue to cover you till the maximum age of 70 when it will expire.

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