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Zurich Personal Sentinel V2

Stay protected from nasty accidents with comprehensive cover from Zurich. No more worries about those costly medical bills, and enjoy weekly financial support if you aren't able to attend work for extended periods due to injury.

    • Up to RM1m Accidental Death Benefit
    • Up to RM1m TPD Benefit
    • Up to RM15000 Medical Expenses Benefit


What makes this insurance policy stand out?

  • Cover Type
    for individual
  • Maximum Entry Age
    protection up to 75 years of age
  • Renewal Bonus
    10% increase of sum assured up to 50% Sum assured for accidental death and permanent disablement if you don't make any claims


How much you can claim for Zurich Personal Sentinel V2

  • Accidental Death
    The coverage amount paid to your closest family members if you die in an accident.
    from RM50000 up to RM1000000
  • Permanent Disablement
    Cash payout following an accident if you can't work any longer or perform day to day tasks.
    from RM50000 up to RM1000000
  • Temporary Total Disablement
    Cash compensation if you are unable to work temporarily because of total disability.
    from RM50 up to RM500 up to 52 weeks
  • Medical Expenses
    What's covered for your medical treatment and services if you're involved in an accident.
    from RM5000 up to RM15000 Inclusive of cashless hospital admission, traditional treatment, medical and post mortem report, ambulance fee and treatment for malaria, dengue fever & JE
    • Double Indemnity
      For death that occurs using public transportation you get double the accidental death benefits.
      from RM100000 up to RM2000000
    • Cash Relief
      Emergency cash benefit to your family if you pass away in an accident, this is on top of accidental death coverage.
      from RM5000
    • Hospital Allowance
      This is a cash benefit if you're admitted to the hospital due to an accident.
      from RM80 up to RM250 each day, up to 120 days if hospitalised more than 48 hours due to accident
    • Kidnap
      Cover benefits provided by the insurer if policyholder is kidnapped.
      RM30000 RM5000 for necessary expenses and RM25,000 reward for information
    • Temporary Partial Disablement
      Partial compensation if you are temporarily only able to perform limited work after an accident.
      from RM25 up to RM250 up to 52 weeks
    • Miscellaneous Benefits
      Zurich Personal Sentinel V2 also provides the following benefit:
      Referral Emergency Assistance Program
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How to Claim

Customer Service Hotline


Am I eligible to apply for this insurance?

Minimum Age
At least 1 year of age
Maximum Age
At most 65 years of age
Maximum Renewal Age
At most 75 years of age

Frequently Asked Questions about Zurich Personal Sentinel V2

Things you might want to know

What is the Zurich Personal Sentinel V2 about?

Life can be unpredictable. Despite playing it safe and being prepared with savings, all it takes is one accident and you may end up paying hefty hospitalisation bills that could throw you off-balance and threaten your financial outlook for months to come.

Zurich Personal Sentinel V2 provides you with one of the most comprehensive accident coverage available in the Malaysian market, safeguarding you and your family from financial difficulties in case of accidental death or loss of income due to hospitalisation and permanent disability.

What are the main benefits of this policy?

The policy comes with a card for Cashless Admissions into any of Zurich panel hospitals in Malaysia. So, in case you’ve been hospitalised, there’s no need to fork out your own money and face anxiety over the uncertainty of getting reimbursed for claims.

Medical expenses such as hospital room and board, outpatient and surgical treatment due to accident are also covered in the policy. The policy also provides cash as income replacement, but only if you’ve been hospitalised for more than 48 hours. The limit for the daily hospital income benefit is up to 120 days.

As with any Personal Accident insurance policies, accidental death and accidental permanent disablement is covered. What’s interesting is that the policy also covers accidental permanent dismemberment, and covers expenses for cosmetic or dental surgery, prosthesis, wheel chair, and even permanent disability to genitalia.

The policy also pays double of the Principal Sum insured for death or paralysis due to an accident while you’re a fare-paying passenger on any public transportation, total paralysis due to any accident, or death due to fire at own residence.

Will I be covered in case of kidnappings?

The bad news is, if you’re kidnapped by a terrorist organisation like Abu Sayyaf off the waters of Sabah, you won’t be covered. For non-terrorism related cases however, if your family member is covered, the policy pays a lump sum of RM5,000 or which you can use to hire a private investigator. A reward of RM 25,000 will also be offered for information leading to the recovery of the insured person.

After one year from the day of kidnapping, if the insured person has not been recovered, the Principal Sum will be paid in full.

Will I get any incentive if I didn’t make any claim for the year?

You’ll receive an annual renewal bonus of 10% on the Principal Sum Assured, up to a maximum rate of 50%.

Who is eligible to apply?

The Personal Sentinel Version 2 provides comprehensive coverage for any Malaysian between 1 to 65 years old. Renewal is available up to 75 years old, subject to the approval of Zurich.

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