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Bank Rakyat Personal Financing-i Public

Get finance up to RM200,000 and repay as long as 10 years with competitive floating profit rate. Eligible for those working in the government, GLC and public sector.

    • Financing up to RM200k
    • Up to 10 years tenure
    • Unsecured Islamic Financing
    • Takaful insurance required
  • Borrow: RM 
    How Long: years
    My monthly income: RM  

    Monthly repayment: RM-

    Profit rate p.a.: -%

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Profit rates

How much the bank charges you based on your financing amount & financing period

Financing ValueFinancing PeriodYour IncomeProfit Rate
RM5000 - RM20000012 to 120 monthsmin. RM120003.7 - 4.24% p.a.

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Profit Rate / APR
from 3.7% p.a. to 4.24% p.a. , depending on financing amount and period
Stamp Duty
0.5% of total amount borrowed
Late Payment Charge
1% from current outstanding amount
Mode of Payment
You must pay your financing installment by salary deduction.
Optional takaful insurance with this financing


Are you eligible for this personal financing?

Minimum annual income
Minimum age
18 years old
Maximum age
60 years old
Who can Apply
  • Malaysians
  • Government employee
  • GLC employee
  • Public Listed Company employee

Frequently Asked Questions about Bank Rakyat Personal Financing-i Public

Things you might want to know

Who can apply for Bank Rakyat Personal Financing-i Public?

This personal loan is open to Government employees, government-linked companies and publicly-listed companies with minimum three months employment. If you do not fall into the category do not try apply as you will be disappointed.

How much money can I borrow?

Subject to the outcome of a successful credit check you can borrow up to RM200,000. The profit rate charged to this personal financing is based on the loan instalment payment types you so chose. That means, it is varied, either with fixed or floating profit rates.

In this case, the indicative profit rate for payment types via Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa and Salary Deduction, bundled with Takaful protection plan, are as follows:

TenureProfit Rate (Floating)
12 - 36 months BR + 3.12% p.a.
48 - 120 months BR + 3.65% p.a.

Note: Current Islamic Base Rate is 3.85%

If you decide to go without the Takaful protection plan, an additional rate of 1.5% will be charged over the current profit rate. 

How much does it cost to apply for Personal Financing-i Public?

There are no processing fees for this loan. You only have to pay for the Government Stamp Duty which is 0.5% of the loan amount and a RM30 Wakalah Fee. The Bank will ask you to sign up for Takaful plan - you can also include the one time premium for that in your loan.

What do I need to apply for this personal loan?

You don't need a guarantor or any extra security. The documents you'll have to provide are:

First time applicant

  • Copy of MyKad (front and back)
  • Latest 3 months salary slip
  • Latest 3 months bank statement of salary crediting account

And any one of these:

  • Confirmation Letter from your Employer
  • EA form

For Returning customer

  • Copy of MyKad (front and back)
  • Latest 3 months salary slip

How do I get my hands on the money?

Bank Rakyat will process your loan as fast as they can, that may take a few business days. The money you are borrowing will be transferred to the account of your choice once all documents are finalised.

How do I pay the money back?

You have three options to pay your monthly installment. You can choose Angkasa Service Bureau (Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa), auto salary deduction or auto deduction from the saving account where your salary is credited. 

When you sign up for this loan, you'll need to sign a letter allowing the bank to deduct automatically.

Can I pay my Bank Rakyat personal loan off early?

Absolutely. There will be no penalty and Bank Rakyat even give you a rebate for the interest charged to the loan amount when you settle your loan earlier then agreed.

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