CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan

Get fast cash at low rates. Apply online now to enjoy low rates from 5.88% p.a. & up to RM1,000 Cashback! Campaign period: 1 Mar 2022 till 31 Aug 2022, unless stated otherwise.

CIMB Cash Plus Personal LoanFast Approval & As Low As 5.88% p.a.
Interest Rate
from 5.88% p.a.
up to RM100k
up to 5 years
Loan Type
Unsecured Loan
Min. Income

Loan calculator

Interest rates

Based on your loan amount & loan period, the interest rates are as low as the following

You borrowLoan periodYour incomeInterest Rate
RM2,000 - RM100,00024 to 60 monthsmin. RM24,0005.88% p.a.* - 14.88% p.a.*

Fees & Charges

Interest Rate / APR
As low as 5.88% p.a.*,  subject to the Bank's approving criteria
Processing Fee
Stamp Duty
Early Termination Fee
Late Penalty Fee
 1%  from current outstanding amount, p.a. on the instalment amount in arrears from the overdue date


Minimum Annual Income
Minimum Age
  • 21 to 58 years old
Who can apply
  • Malaysians
  • Salaried employee
  • Self-employed

More Information

CIMB Cash Plus Loan Cashback Campaign FAQs:

For a limited time only, eligible applicants of CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan will receive a guaranteed cashback amount worth up to RM1,000 when they apply online via CIMB Bank's website through self-serve submission only.

This campaign runs from 1 March 2022 to 31 August 2022, subject to campaign's terms and conditions.

The cashback amount will solely be determined based on the loan disbursed amount as follow:

ChannelSubmission RequirementLoan Disbursement TierCashback
CIMB Bank Website and Personalised Live Link*Self-serve submission onlyRM20,001 – RM50,000RM300
CIMB Bank Website and Personalised Live Link*Self-serve submission onlyRM50,001 and aboveRM1,000

Who is qualified for this promotion?

This campaign is open to new customers only

The following are persons or categories that are not eligible for this campaign:

  • Individuals below 21 years of age upon application; and/or
  • Existing CIMB Cash Plus personal loan customer; and/or
  • Permanent and/or temporary staff or employees of CIMB Bank and their immediate family members; and/or
  • Representatives and/or agents of CIMB Bank and their permanent and/or contract employees and/or their immediate family members; and/or
  • Non-individual entities including but not limited to sole-proprietorships, partnerships, charitable/non-profit organisations/societies, corporate and commercial customers, public listed and private limited companies, clubs, associations and co-operatives

How can I participate in this campaign?

If you are eligible, you can participate in this cashback campaign with the following criteria:

  • Apply and upload the completed documentation for CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan during the campaign period by using the digital form at CIMB Bank's website (; and
  • To complete the application online, follow the steps mentioned therein. Upon reaching the 'Upload Documents' section in Step 3 of the application process, upload the required documents as listed in the page, by choosing 'Add Your Files'; and
  • For the avoidance of doubts, you may need to select and click on 'Upload Later', upload the required documents within 24 hours of submitting the application form to qualify for and to meet the Participating Criteria under this campaign; and
  • CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan amount has been fully approved and fully disbursed within the campaign period by CIMB Bank to your CIMB Conventional/Islamic Current or Savings Account or other Bank's Current or Savings Account. You must open a CASA/CASA-i with CIMB Bank/CIMB Islamic Bank if the CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan approved and disbursed amount is more than RM29,900; and
  • You have paid the first instalment of their CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan before the due date.

Which personal loan can I apply for?

You can apply for:

  • CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan

Where can I reach out to you for more information?

For any questions, please get in touch with us via email at [email protected]. We're happy to help!

What purpose can CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan be used for?

In this day and age, money is important, and to some extent, brings happiness. 

Believe it or not, your dream can be financed with a personal loan; be it a new business venture, home improvement and renovation, capital for personal investment or your child's education pursuit. 

CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan makes it nearly possible for you to achieve any of those, and even more - as long as it is reasonable for the bank to consider, as much as it is manageable for you too.

How much money can I borrow from CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan?

You can borrow up to RM100,000 with this unsecured CIMB personal loan, with the minimum amount you can apply is from RM2,000. 

For existing CIMB customers with a monthly gross income of RM30,000, you may apply for up to RM300,000, subject to eligibility criteria.

The interest rate offered by CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan is fixed, ranging from as low as 5.88% p.a.* to 14.88% p.a.*, which is equivalent to effective interest rates of 10.65% p.a. to 24.51% p.a., with repayment terms of up to 5 years.

It is important to keep in mind that the interest rate assigned and loan approval is subject to the bank's approving criteria.

What are my monthly obligations for this CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan?

Your monthly instalment payment will begin on the 4th of the following month if loan is disbursed before 15th of the month. 

For loan disbursed after 15th of the month, the first instalment payment shall be the 4th of next month. Example below:

  • Disbursed on 1st to 15th of March - falls due on 4th of April
  • Disbursed on 16th to 31st of March - falls due on 4th of May

You must make your monthly instalment through deduction from your CIMB Current / Savings Account via Standing Instruction.

There will be a late penalty fee of 1% p.a. from current outstanding amount per annum on the instalment amount in arrears from the overdue date.

Can I fully settle my CIMB personal loan early?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, you can pay your CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan off before the end of the financing tenure at zero cost. 

All you need to do is inform CIMB of your intention in writing one (1) month prior to the early settlement.

Why should I get CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan?

If you want to reach your goals sooner than you have planned, CIMB can help expedite your dream via its hassle-free application process. 

Once you have submitted all required documents, CIMB may take a few business days to process your application, approve and transfer the money into your CIMB bank account.

Plus point: you will receive a 100% disbursement, meaning there is no processing fee on this personal loan. 

What documents do I need to prepare for this CIMB Cash Plus Personal Loan application?

First, you need to be at least 21 years old and have a minimum monthly income of RM2,000 to qualify for this CIMB personal loan. 

On application, you will be asked to provide supporting documents:

Salaried Employee (fixed and variable income):

Employer Fixed Income Variable Income (Basic + Allowances)
  • Latest 1 month payslip, OR
  • Latest EPF statement with minimum 6 months contributions
  • Latest 3 months payslip, OR
  • Latest EPF statement with minimum 6 months contribution
  • Latest 3 months payslip, AND
  • Latest 3 months salary crediting bank statement, OR
  • Latest EPF statement with minimum 6 months contributions


Type of self employmentIncome documents
Sole Proprietor
Private Listed Company (Sdn Bhd)
  • Latest 6 months company bank statements, AND
  • Business Registration Document (such as Trading License/Company Search/Partnership Agreement/Professional Practising Certificate)

Am I qualified to apply for CIMB personal loan if I'm blacklisted?

Depending on your credit history with other financial institutions because all these information (outstanding credit card, personal loan, home loan or car loan debts) will be captured in CCRIS / CTOS (a system that collect credit information on borrowers, not blacklisting them).

Assuming you have poor credit standing due to irregular payments, the best course of action would be to break the habit and start making your payments on time to avoid future hurdles.

CIMB is more likely to approve your personal loan application if you can show that you are managing your personal finances, rather than accumulating more debt.

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