Maybank Personal Loan

Borrow up to a maximum of RM100,000 with low fixed instalments for up to 6 years. It's easy to apply, there's no need to pay any processing fee!

    • Financing up to RM100k
    • Up to 6 years tenure
    • Unsecured Loan
  • Borrow: RM 
    How Long: years
    My monthly income: RM  

    Monthly repayment: RM-

    Interest rate p.a.: -%

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Interest rates

How much the bank charges you based on your loan amount & loan period

You BorrowLoan PeriodYour IncomeInterest Rate
RM5000 - RM2000024 to 72 monthsmin. RM300008% p.a.
RM20001 - RM5000024 to 72 monthsmin. RM300007% p.a.
RM50001 - RM10000024 to 72 monthsmin. RM300006.5% p.a.

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Interest Rate / APR
from 6.5% p.a. to 8% p.a. , depending on loan amount and period
Processing Fee
No Fee
Stamp Duty
No Fee
Early Termination Fee
RM200 or 3% of remaining amount, whichever is higher
Late Penalty Fee
1% from current outstanding amount


Are you eligible for this personal loan?

Minimum annual income
Minimum age
21 years old
Maximum age
60 years old
Who can Apply
  • Malaysians

Frequently Asked Questions about Maybank Personal Loan

Things you might want to know

How much money can I borrow?

Sign up for Maybank’s Personal Loan and you can borrow anything from RM5,000 to RM100,000. The repayment terms are quite easy, you can choose anything from one to six years to pay back the amount you've been lent. 

Be aware that all of the Maybank Personal Loan applications are credit checked before approval, the bank will decide how much you can borrow based on your income and expenditure.

Top Tip: If you decide to take a Maybank loan your application form is considered to be acceptance of the offer made by Maybank. So, when you ask a loan of RM50,000, and Maybank chooses to lend you RM25,000, you cannot cancel the agreement and must take the loan of RM25,000.

How much does this Maybank personal loan cost?

There are no processing fees for this Maybank loan. What's more there are no Stamping Fees. Optional personal care insurance is available.

What do I need to apply for this Maybank loan?

No guarantor or security is required to apply for this loan. You will need to provide some supporting documents.

Salaried Employee

  • Copy of NRIC (front and back).
  • Latest BE Form with official tax receipt.
  • Latest three month’s salary slips.
  • Latest six month’s current or savings account statements.


  • Copy of MyKad (front and back).
  • Business Registration Certificate or Operating License.
  • Last 6 month’s bank statements.

How do I get my hands on the money?

Generally Maybank process loans quite quickly and you should get approved within 48 hours. When you get the green-light of approval the money you are borrowing will be transferred to your Maybank current or savings account. If you don’t have a Maybank account you’ll need to open one.

How do I pay the money back?

Repayments start about a month after you’ve received the money, Maybank will confirm the schedule for payments will be set out in your financing letter. 

You can make repayments for your Maybank loan through online banking; cash or cheque in the post; at a Maybank branch; telephone banking; and Standing Instruction.

Can I pay this bank personal loan off early?

You can pay everything off before the end of the loan term. Maybank will charge you RM200 (or 3% of the loan amount, whichever is greater) as an early termination fee.

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